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Saturday, April 30, 2011

November 7, 1953

Sat  Nov 7,  53

Dear Folks

I got a letter (3) tonight with the pictures.  I only got 3 sets.  You didn't say whether you kept a set or not.  I will wait before I send a set in case I get another one in the next few days.  I didn't realize that would cost so much.  I'll send the money for them.

What did you think of the 17 gun salute by the cannons and the pictures of General Clark and General Hull.  I thought they were good.      


I didn't have to stand inspection today.  I worked on the tent all day.  Tonight the flu on our stove stopped up and smothered the fire out.  The stack filled up with smoke and after it cleared out a little we opened the lid on the stove and then let the extra oil burn.  We clean the stove every 3 or 4 days and we never had any problems with it until they had us put in dampers.  We had to clean the stove in the dark out side.

Time sure passes fast anymore.  We no sooner start Monday till another week-end goes by. 

Sounds like the Hodsons are just like they always were.  Don and I use to have a lot of fun in the old Buick.  I often think of the things we use to do.  You have a lot of time to think over here.

That 240 engine is quite an engine.  Sounds like it is quite the job.
I am glad to hear that Richard got an extension.  If he went to Stoneman he would be coming to the Far East, may be Japan, Korea, or some other island close around here.  About 90% come to Korea though.

What did Margie say when she called.  I haven't heard from her in a long time.  Guess she is waiting for me to write.  She didn't think I wrote enough.

I was sure glad to get my boots.  I ate the cheese and crackers last night.  They sure were good.

Don Underwood was lucky to fly over  He probably went to Japan, Camp Drake or Sasabo.  He could stay in Japan but probably will come over here.  I hope I can fly back when  go home.

I think the packages you send is a good deal that they don't get broke or opened.  Hope you put a pint in the next one you send.  I know it would get here OK.  Some the guys get them OK.  Keith use to get a half pint in basic all the time.  Don't worry about what you say in your letters about the plant because I burn the letters every week or two.  I don't like to throw them away but I get so many I can't keep them.

I am going to try and get some Xmas cards to mail home but it may be awhile getting there.  I have to wait till I go to the 9th Corps rest center or Seoul.  I guess I will have to work tomorrow all day.  Not much more to say.  So I will close.  I am sending the picture back that I don't want.
Love, Ted

November 6, 1953

Nov 6, 1953  Wed

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a big box today with all my boots in it.  I got everything.  It arrived in good shape.  The box wasn't dented a bit and had never been opened.  I put my boots on first thing.  I liked the black shoe polish you sent.  I am going to eat the cheese and crackers tonight.  I am well fixed now on shoe polish, cigarettes, shorts.  I sure liked the spice cake you sent in the other package.  It was fresh too.  I finished it today.

One of the guys got a radio today so we have music now.

I stayed in today and worked on the tents and helped with the floors in one of the tents. Tonight we are having a black out.  There were enemy planes reported over the Punch Bowl on the coast so we have to black out.  Tomorrow morning we have an inspection and then we have to work on the area all day Sat and Sun.

It wont be long till it snows.  Seems like each day it gets a little colder.

I haven't seen Zink but that one time.  I got a letter from Martin the other day.  I think I will write him tonight.  I got my pictures back that I took on the way over and some after I got here.  I think some of them came out good.  It takes good pictures once in a while.  I am sending these pictures and some other ones in a separate envelope.  These were taken when I was on a pass to Po-chan.  I took them of a family by their house. 

Well I didn't get my mail today other than the packages so I will close for now.  I will write again soon.
Love, Ted

Friday, April 29, 2011

November 5, 1953

.Thur  Nov 5, 1953

Dear Folks

I got a letter from Dad this morning.  I enjoyed reading it very much.  This morning we had PT and close order drill.  The platoon Sgt called on me to drill the platoon for awhile.

The weather is nice today and it is fairly warm. 

This morning just before noon we had a drawing for critical items.  Camera, watches, fountain pens etc.  I was lucky and got a Shaffer pen.  It sells for $10 in the states and I got it for $5.25.  My other one just about came apart.  It writes nice.  I also got a sewing kit.  They had a Lord Elgen watch for $45 that sells for $71.50 in the states plus your tax, 20% sales tax.  Everything here is tax free.  I might buy a good one before I come home.  If you would like anything let me know.  I'll try to buy something.  They just get a few things in and the people who want them put their names in a hat for what ever they want.  They had a Icona Camera for $106.  It is German made and is about the best you can buy but it was to much money for me.  It would probably cost $200 in the states.  I am going to wait for awhile.  I can still use the little one and the others guys when I get some film.

There is going to be a parade this afternoon.  I don't know what else we are going to do. 

This is the stationary Margie sent.  It is nice paper.  I haven't written Tucker yet as I haven't been able to figure out just what to say to him, but I am going to write one before long.  Well I think I will close now for awhile.  I will finish this evening.  May be before long I will get another letter. ------

Well we had our parade this afternoon and the new Col talked to us.  He is a fairly young man.  His name is Col. Ben Sternburg.  He has only been in the army for about 15 years and is a full Col. 

I found out tonight that my platoon Sgt turned in my name for PFC.  I should know in about two weeks.

No mail came in tonight.  I am looking forward to getting my boots.

I went to the show tonight and saw The Colgate Comedy Hour with the Ritz Bros.  It was all TV, no movies.  They had Jack Webb, Kay Star, Corene Calvert on the show.  You might have seen the show.  Also Martin Kane was on next. 

Well I don't have much more to say.  I don't know what we will do tomorrow.  This week has sure gone fast.  Hope the rest go as fast.  Well I will close now.  I'll write again tomorrow.
Love, Ted

                                                                                                                Ritz Brothers

Thursday, April 28, 2011

November 4, 1953

Wed  Nov 4,  53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I go a letter last night and a letter today and 2 packages.  The spice cake sure was good.  I was glad to get the pipe and the Rum & Maple.  I got the shaving lotion OK and the candy etc.  I liked all of it.  The envelopes were nice too.  I am well fixed for cigarettes now.

I didn't get a chance to write the last 2 nights.  Monday we did the same old thing and Monday night I went to bed fairly early because we had to get up so early Tues morning.  Tuesday we had a problem out in the field.  I got to operate the radio all day.  I told the Sgt I could operate one so I got the job.  I sat in the pits all day.  The rifle squads made some attacks and fired their rifles at targets.  We had a 50 cal machine gun in our pit and we took turns firing it.  It was a lot of fun.  We fired at a big rock about 2000 yards away.  We had 1500 rounds to fire all day.  We almost cut the rock in two by the end of the day.  The guy who set the machine gun up did not adjust the head space right and when he fired the first few rounds a round blew up in the machine gun.  He just cut his hand a little bit.  I got an idea how it feels to be in combat a little bit.  They fired rocket launchers at us and they fell about 75 yards from us.  They also fired at targets around our pit.  We were in a safe place though.

Last night when we came back in the company was going out for a night problem.  One of the Sgts sent Guthmeller and I to the 9th Corps Headquarters PX to buy Xmas presents.  I only had time to buy 2 things.  I couldn't send them air mail so it will be about 60 days before you get it.  I hope you like it and it arrives OK.  I was going to try and buy some more things to send but they ran out of order slips.  It is a mail order gift shop.  They send the orders to Japan and they will  ship them from there.  I may get to go back before long.  I hope so, they had a lot of nice things.  I looked at some China.  It was Noritake.  I think it was the same as you said.  They were all 92 piece set and the ship weight was 130 lbs.  The price was $35 to $100.  They had some pretty sets from $50 to $60.  What kind of design did you have in mind.  Gold trim, painted flower etc or what.  I would like to have some idea.  I would like to send some more things for Xmas but don't know whether I can or not.  You will be late getting what I have sent now.

The Old Man called me in and asked me if I would like to be the Troop Information and Education NCO.  There were 3 of us.  The TIE would be giving class once a week.  You know what I think of that.  We all said OK but one guy acted over enthused about it so he let him have it.  I was relieved because I didn't want it to bad.  I found out today that I am going to go to  NCO school but the Captain is going to send Guthmeller instead because he had been here a little longer than I have.  I am going next.  It will be a month or so before I go.  I hope I get to go.  Sgt Gretizie told me that Captain Book thinks McAnally and Guthmiller are petty nice boys.  It may work into something good.  Sgt Gretizie is from Sabbath, Kansas.  His brother works at Bendix.  He is going home before long, may be this month.  I told him to call you up when he gets to KC.  He said he would.  He is 27 and a farmer.  He is a nice guy.  I really like him.  You would enjoy talking to him.  Another Sgt is leaving too.  Sgt Hill.  His wife works at Sears.  He is about 24 and kind of religious.  He doesn't drink or swear.  He is a nice guy too.  He said he would call you or come by the house.  It will probably be in Dec.  Gretizie is the squad leader of the 2nd mortar squad and Hill the 3rd squad.--------

I took time out to take a shower and go to the show.  I saw "City that Never Sleeps."  I have to guard the prisoner tonight from 12 to 1.

Can you remember when you mailed my boots.  I got a package from Margie tonight that she mailed Sept 29.  She sent me some nice stationary and a big box of mixed nuts.  It sure was nice.  I haven't heard from her for quite awhile.  I don't think she liked the last letter I sent her.  I am well fixed on stationary now.  I should get my boots any day now.  I haven't got the package Jim sent yet.  I should get here one of these days.

Did I tell you that Monday I got called on during PT to give the 8 count push up.  My section leader called me.  I had to get up in front of the company and command the exercise.  I didn't mind at all and I did 10 repetitions instead of 8.  I made some of those Sgt's backs hurt for a change.  It is funny but usually when you are doing the push-ups you get tired but when you are doing them and counting them off for the company they are not nearly as hard.

We had a tetanus shot Monday also.  I sure have had a lot of shots since I have been in the army.

We put a new tent over our floor so it shouldn't leak now. 

So Richard is still at Ft. Sill.  He might be able to stay there if he is lucky.

I don't know if I will get any more advancement right now or not.  They may wait till I come back from NCO school or something.  I hope I make Sgt in the mortars.  If I was in the rifle squad I might not like it very well.  Gretizie said I should make it before I leave.

That picture I sent was taken right outside our tent.  The company area is in the background and those hills that you see in the rear are all around us.  They are small compared to the ones that you see on the front line.  I have been up there once or twice and they are a lot larger.

It seems like each night it gets a little colder.  I hope winter wont last long.  I liked the Sea Forth shaving lotion you sent.  I hope you send some for Xmas presents or rather some clothes for the kids.  Be sure and send them to the CO.  They can use it.

Well I have just about ran out of things to say.  I am sending a scarf that a Korean was selling.  I didn't buy it I pulled a fast one on him.  It's not much but thought you would like it.  I think I will drink a little shaving lotion and go to be.  I'll write again soon.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

October Recap

If you have been following this blog you may have noticed that the last few postings were annotated now and then with "note" in parenthesises.  I started doing that because when trying to recap each month there was to much to explain in detail and quite frankly I could hot remember what all I, or Dad, had written.  So from now on I will only give an over all impression of each month.

It seems like October finds Dad settling into Army life.  He is interested in making rank but doesn't see a whole lot of promise because the vacancies for advancement are less and less.  He is very eager to receive letters about what is going on back home and he is thrilled with the packages that my grandmother keeps sending especially the cookies.  He describes things like my Grandfather sending him whiskey in After Shave bottles and validates the family stories that I heard growing up and only half believed.  He makes some very interesting observations as to the Koreans.  At first they started out sort of negative but now and then there is a glimpse of real compassion for the way the ROCKs are treated by their own government.  He gives me a history lesson now and then which could be viewed and was, as what we called in our history classes "primary sources."   For instance I did not know that the Koreans, at least from Dad's perspective "chanted or sung" the letters they received, or that there was a Boy's Town in Korea.

I guess the thing that struck me the most was how many of his childhood friends had been drafted and were serving in Korea at the same time and the lengths he went to to find out their addresses and even visit them if he could.  It was really a coincidence that the guy he calls Zink stationed just down the road from him lived just four doors down from us on Lake Drive.  Also the guy he calls Sipes was the nephew of his ROTC instructor when he went to Northeast High School.   Small world even though it was  a "World Away."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

October 31, 1953

Sat  Oct 31, 1953

Dear Folks

It rained all last night and this morning.  We didn't have an inspection.  We got paid instead.  I got $334.  I figured about 344 but that was close enough.  I put 200 in the Soldiers deposit.  It will draw 4% and I get what ever I have when I get discharged.  I paid off what I owed and still have about 100 left.  I might send some of it home later this month. 

We drew the rest of our winter clothes this morning or rather part of it.  I got a liner and hood for my field jacket, a pair of suspenders, wool pants, pile cap and that is about all.  We still have to draw our parkas and hoods and boots etc.  I found out that I am on guard duty tonight so I guess I will be a busy man.

The mail hasn't come in yet so I will wait till I get some before I finish this letter so I can answer it -------

It is Sunday night.  I didn't do much today.  After I got off guard at 6 AM I ate breakfast and went to bed and slept till noon and then I washed out a few things.  I just go a letter from you dated Oct 26 and also one from Jim.

Did you ever get the pictures I sent of the USO show or the ones I sent to be developed yet or is it to soon.

I think this week they are going to change the mortar squads around. I think right now I will be first ammo barer and then in a week or two when the old guys rotate home I will be gunner or asst gunner.  I don't know for sure yet.  You have to wait 4-6 months for corporal and then 8 months for Sgt.

I got a letter from Jan the other day.  It was a nice letter.  Said she joined the church etc.  She sent a picture of Abe and his horse that was in the paper and a picture of her and her mother that was in the paper. (note: he is talking about my mother.  They had been divorced for a while and this is the first time I knew that they ever had contact.  It must have been sort of confusing for him. Mom had recently joined the Catholic church and was probably just trying to mend old hurts.  I thought about asking mom about it recently but decided to let sleeping dogs stay put.  That was then and this is now.)

So they haven't found the money yet. (note: I think he must be referring to the Greenlease ransom money.  Only half of it was ever recovered and two policeman ended up going to jail over it.)  Sure is to bad.  Some one is having a good time with it.  If I had found it I would of helped myself and sent the rest back.

That's funny that letter was not post marked.  I think I mailed it the same place I mail all of them.  The mail l eaves here at 9 AM every morning.

A guy just brought back a 5th of IW Harper from Seoul.  He paid $5 for it.  That was black market price.  It only cost a little less than $2 in Japan for a 5th.  It was good whiskey.  I might try to go to Seoul on a sight seeing trip next Sunday or the week after. 

The weather was nice today.  It has been a little cool most of the day.  I am getting use to the cold now.  I don't think it has started to get real cold yet anyway.

I have been smoking my pipe most of the time since I got it.  I haven't smoke many cigarettes yet.  It was a pretty good pipe of a dollar.

I went to the PX and bought some candy bars etc today.  It seems nice to have a little money in my pocket again. There wasn't much gambling going on this month like last time.  Boy these guys are coming back from Seoul drunk.  Another one just came in. 

Well I don't know much more to say. for now.  I have to guard the prisoner again tonight.  I think I will write to Jim a letter and then go to bed.  I will write again tomorrow.
Love, Ted

October 30, 1953

Fri  Oct 30   53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

We fired the mortar today.  We left early this morning and went up next to the line to fire it.  It started raining after noon and it's rained ever since.  I didn't take my rain coat with me so I got a little wet.

Tonight I went to the PX and bought a few things.  They got a shipment in today.  I bought a box of cookies, lighter flints, a Frank Medical pipe for a dollar, gum, 5 packs of Hershey bars and two cans of Biggs pipe smoke.  If you haven't sent that pipe yet, don't need to but if you have I ca use it.  I can change off every once in awhile.  Some time you might send me that Mixture #79.

I got another letter tonight.  Sat Oct 24.  I have got the last few in about six days.  I got the $2 OK.  You just as well wait about sending that camera.  I might buy one here.  I got a letter from the people that develop my film so I should get them before long.  So I will wait and see what they look like.

So Carlin is on R&R.  Did he go once before in April.  The guys here only go about once before they go home. 

I thought that Halloween thing Snapper made was cute.  I have forgot all about Halloween till just now.

I could make some coffee here if I had any coffee.  I don't know much of anything you could send me really.  May be some pipe tobacco that I said Mixture #79 or may be a writing tablet.  Writing paper has been hard to get for some reason.  I have plenty for a while.  Envelopes are easy to get.  Well I don't know much more to say now.  I'll write again tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

October 29, 1953

Thur  Oct 29,  53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got two letters today, one at noon from Dad mailed Oct 22 and another from Mom mailed the 21 of Oct.

We didn't do much today.  It rained all night long and it cleared off today.  We worked in the area, had PT, checked our shot records and this afternoon the CO (Col. Wheller) talked to the whole combat team.  He is leaving the 5th RCT and made a farewell speech and asked for donations for the Boy's Town.

I walked down to King Company to see Zink tonight and he was on Bn guard.  I went to the guard house and talked to him.  We talked for quite awhile.  He is in the 4th platoon there like I am.  He is in a mortar position also.  He hadn't been paid yet and I loaned him $2.  He was out of smokes.  We had a good time talking.  I am sure glad he is close to me.  He said he was going to try and come up Sat and see me if he could get away and stay all day.  He has been here since the last of Sept.  He got here after I did.

I have prisoner guard tonight.  I think I will try and catch the show at 9 PM.  I don't know what is playing.

Tomorrow our section fires the mortar so we will be out tomorrow all day doing that. 

To bad they couldn't have that rain we had last night in KC. 

I guess that is quite and inspection they are having at work.

I am glad Snapper is doing OK in school.

I am sorry you are having so much trouble getting the packages to 2 lbs. all the time.  I usually look through the packages good.  I hope I have had all the packages you sent so far.  I still haven't got the one you sent to Sasabo or the one Jim sent yet.  I should get my boots before long. 

I forgot when you said that Snapper's teacher lived in back of Evelyn. (note: The teacher was Mrs. Dodd, I had here for 1st and 2nd grade. She lived behind my Great Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Jim.  Her son went to West Point I think.)  I had a teacher at Chrisman that lived a few doors down from Evelyn. Her name was Mrs. Leonard.

Well I don't have much more to say right now.  I guess.  I guess I will write a letter to Sipes and then go to bed.  The guys said they just had TV shorts at the movie tonight so I don't guess I'll go.
Love, Ted

Monday, April 25, 2011

October 28, 1953

Wed  Oct 28, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I stayed in yesterday morning till noon and then we rode out to where the troops wee. On the way I saw K Company going across the road and I thought I would look for Zink.  I saw him and he saw me.  I told him I would be down to see him one night.

We got out to where the troops were, it was about a 10 mile ride by road.  Went up on some big hill that I would call a mountain.  We had just finished with a class when a guy sitting about 10 feet from me picked up his M1 and stuck it in a guys side and fired it.  The guy jumped up and started yelling. The M1 had a blank in it and when the gun was stuck against his side it sounded like a cap gun when it went off.  Everyone thought he was just playing at first.  He wasn't hurt to bad but had bad enough.  It blew a big hole in his side and he had internal injuries.  The guy that shot him said he was just playing.  He was a corporal.  I didn't know either one of them.  They radioed for an ambulance and took him away.  That's the last I have heard about it.

We stayed out late last night and came back over the mountain trail.  It was sure dark.  I didn't have my big flashlight.  I had the little one you sent me.  It sure came in handy.

Yesterday morning I was eating some of the cookies and found the bottle of maple syrup in the bottom, I took it with me last night.  It tasted pretty good.

It has been sprinkling for quite a while now.  It stops for awhile and then starts again. 

We had two hours off this noon.  I didn't get any mail last night.  I don't know what we will do this afternoon.    I am going to try to go down to K Company and see Zink tonight.  I think I can get away.

I don't know whether or not I will be able to send anything for Xmas or not.  I hope I can.  I don't know whether or not I will be any place to get anything or not.  I am sure I will be paid this month.  I think Sat is pay day.  I have decided which pictures to send back from the ones you sent me.  I enjoy all of them but I don't have any place to keep them safe. 

Well it is about 6:30 PM now and its been raining all afternoon.  It has been coming down pretty hard.  We didn't do much of anything all day because it has rained.  We were supposed to fix up the area but we didn't get much done..  We have been working on the area building rock walls and fixing sand bags around the tents.  You would be surprised what they can do with sand bags, rocks and logs.

I didn't go down to see Zink tonight because of the rain.  I might go tomorrow night. 

There is going to be a show in the mess hall tonight.  I think I might go see it. Tonight will be a good night for sleeping. 

I got your letter dated Oct 22 this eve.  To bad you don't get some of the rain we are having tonight.  The floors are OK but one part of the tent wont quite reach over the ends.  We are going to have to cut our center poles off to make it stretch over.  We are making doors for them. 

Those pictures I sent for you to develop, some of them were taken in our company area.  You can see what kind of tents they are.  Right now there are 14 sleeping in our tent.  There should only be ten in the winter.  We got another tent in our platoon so when they change our squads around some of us will probably move into another tent.

Everything here is quiet.  We don't hear much about the war.  I think they might extend the truce for 90 more days.  I don't think it will start for awhile anyway.

I was glad to get Keith's address.  I will try to write him before long.

I went to the PX tonight and bought some envelopes and a carton of cigarettes.  So I am well supplied on smokes for awhile. 

Well don't know much more to say right now.  I went to the show and saw Law and Order.  I saw it once before in the states.  It's still raining out.  The tents leaks almost every place but where I am sleeping.  I hope it doesn't leak here tonight.  I am sending 100 yen that I got in Japan.  I have had it in my bill fold for a long time now.  Also an 10 yen copper.  It takes 360 yen to make a US dollars.  Well not much more to say now.  I guess I'll go to be.
Lots of Love, Ted

October 26, 1953

Mom  Oct 26  53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I got 2 letters tonight and 2 packages.  The packages were OK and the cookies were sure good, so was the candy.  I was glad to get the shoe polish and cigarettes.  The shaving cream came at the right time because I was just about out.  It lasts for quiet a while though.  I didn't get any mail last night. 

Yesterday I didn't do anything all day.  They asked me if I wanted to go to Boy's Town again but I didn't go.  This morning when I got up they asked us if we wanted to go and I decided I would go.  I borrowed $10 from my platoon sgt.  It was sure a nice trip.

I saw a lot of things from the truck on the way.  Boy's Town is on the outskirts of Seoul.  We rode the truck to a canal and got on a ferry and went across.  The town is a small camp with buildings.  They have a Mayor, YMCA headquarters, and a Boy Scout Troop.  The Boy's Town was started by the 5th RCT.  They donated $18,000 for it.  They have a memorial there.  It only took us an hour to go through.

We went back to Seoul and we had about 2 hours to spend there.  We went to the UN PX.  It is a big place  4 stories high.  I had two hamburgers with cheese and bacon, coffee, two pints of ice cream.

This guy I was with and I decided we would go out on the street.  We went to a Korean shop and had some pictures taken.  We talked them into 5 for $1.50.  They took to long so we walked off and left them.  They took to long to develop them.  I may get them some other time.  We went back and started back to camp.  I only spent $4.  I bought a scarf where I had my picture taken so I am sending it.

I am on company guard tonight.  We sure get a lot of guard anymore.  Company guard, that is the mess hall, supply and the Bn guard, that's the regular guard.  Our platoon has that prisoner still and we got another one now.  I don't trust the new one to much.  Our squad gets that guard every 4th night.  I get the morning off now because we are on guard.  That is OK with me because we are going out and set up in the hills tomorrow morning.  I don't know all the details yet but I think it's because the 90 days will be up tomorrow and I think they want to be ready. We wont be on the front anyway right now.  I get to ride out on a truck at noon.  I think they may extend the 90 days from what I hear.

I hope Carlin gets here before long, I would like to see him.  I don't think he is to far away from me if he is still in the IX Corps.

I thought the packages were swell and think you should take it easy.  It cost a lot to send them.  I enjoy them but it is rather expensive.  I am glad you saw the Coronation Ball (note: that was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II) and the Cisco Kid.  I heard that Leo Carrillo who played Poncho was dead.  I think he died a few months ago. 

I guess you had quite a time with Jim and Rosalyn.  They make quite a pair.  So Don Underwood is on his way here.  Didn't he get to go to OCS or didn't he want to.  I hope he is close by.  He wont know his new Division till he gets to Soul.

I don't think the pay is messed up, they just didn't get the money Saturday.  If not I will find out about it.  I wrote Mr and Mrs Sears (note:  that was my mother's mother and her husband.) a letter and thanked them for the birthday card. 

Did you say you put a 25 cents can of polish in that box.  That must have been a big can.

As far as what I need for Xmas.  I don't know of anything.  The floors help out and when it gets real cold we will have another stove in our tent.   So, it is warm in KC yet and you sleep with the doors open.  That is bout the way it is here only its not to warm.  It rained again last night or rather early this morning.  Didn't last long.  Boy you sure got the pictures back in a hurry.  I'll send them back home.  They wee good and I enjoyed them very much.  Boy I am sure glad to know that Zinks is that close to me.  I was hoping that after he finished CBR school they would send him to the 5th RCT.  K Company is in the 3rd Bn.  I am in the 2nd Bn.  They are just down the same road I am, just a few blocks.  I am going down there the first chance I get.  I like Zink and Sipes better than I did any of the rest.  I wont have any trouble seeing him.  I think I will go tomorrow night if I get back in time from out trip.  

You said you enjoyed reading about the Chiporee Sweepstakes.  I don't remember whether I sent you a copy of our paper or not but I will send it anyway.  Well can't think of much more to say now  So I think I will go to bed.  I have to get up at 1 AM for guard.  Thanks for the packages.
Lots of Love, Ted

Sunday, April 24, 2011

October 24, 1953

 Sat night  Oct. 24,  53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I thought I would write a line or two.  Haven't heard from you in a couple of days.  Maybe  I'll get one tonight. I didn't do much yesterday.  Last night I had Bn guard.  It wasn't to cold so it wasn't to bad.

This morning when I came back my section leader asked me if I wanted to go to Boy's Town in Seoul Korea.  I told him yes.  They only sent two from our company.  We went down to Regt Hdqt and there wasn't enough room on the trucks so they sent us back.  The First Sgt said we could go next time.  I am glad I didn't go today because it turned cold and started hailing and then rained hard.  I didn't have much money (20 cents).  Next time I will probably have been paid.  They send a group every week to go there and visit with children.  The Korean Boy's Town is supported by the service men here.  I think the 5th RCT has donated about $18,000 so far towards it.  These same kids will be taken to the different outfits at Xmas for a party. 

Korean Boy's Town

This afternoon we worked around the area and about 3 PM we had beer and soda pop.  It was bought out of company funds.  That is about all that is new with me.

There is going to be a show tonight here in the mess hall.  I think I will take it in.

It cleared off this afternoon but it is still cold.

I traded my pants yesterday for some new ones.  When they came back from the laundry they had some new ones in supply, so I just traded in my old ones.  I think before long we get field pants so I probably wont keep them long. ------

I just got back from the show.  It was called "Call Me Madam" with Ethel Merman and Donald O'Connor.  It was sure a good picture.

 When  I got back to the tent I got a letter dated Oct 18.  It was from Dad, Jim and Roslyn.  I sure enjoyed reading it.  Sounds like you guys had quite a time.  Jim says he sure enjoys being with you.  He says you are just like a mother to him  He said he sent a couple of packages.  I haven't received either one yet.  I hope they get here OK.   How do you like Rosalie.  I guess Snapper and Sharron have a good time with each other.  (note:  Jim was married to Rosalyn and Dad's best friend.  I am not sure how they met.  Rosalyn was a professional violin player and had a daughter by a previous marriage.  I am not sure what her name was and don't know exactly who Rosalie or Shannon were.  Jim had Rosalyn had a baby and it died.  They soon divorced.  Of all Dad's friends that is the only one I really knew and kept in contact with over the years.  More about Jim later.)

Well I haven't much more to say for tonight.  I'll close for now and write again later.
Love, Ted

Saturday, April 23, 2011

October 22, 1953

Thursday Oct 22  53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a letter tonight and the paper (Westinghouse.)  How was the coronation ball this year.  I guess it was nice.

I got a letter from Jim.  He had about the same old things to say.  Hope you take some pictures with them and send to me.

I haven't heard much about the prisoner talks.  Just a little.  I keep up on that quite a bit on my own.  It is interesting to read about what the PW's say when they come back from Red Prisons.  I know more about that sort of thing than most people do.  They have a lot that goes on in those PW camps that even the Reds no nothing about. (note:  this is one of the few times that Dad lets on that he had more knowledge than the average guy about PW's and PW Camps.  It was part of the secrete training he had while in the states and better described in my other blog, The Adventure's of Conley McAnally, that I entitled Spy Dad.)

What did JQ and Marlyn have the baby christened for.  Was it Catholic or just a regular one.

The weather is about the same now.  We have our stove in our tent now and we now have a lantern.  It really lights up the tent.  It is a presureized type.  They are cautious about fire.  We always have it off when we go to bed and someone in the tent whenever the stove is lit.

I guess you could use some rain in KC.  Sounds like it.

I wrote Lowell twice.  I wonder if I put the right address on the letter.  You said one day when you talked to Virginia that she hadn't heard from me and she should have.

I don't know why Margie hasn't called you.  I don't worry about it myself. I hear from her a couple of times a week.

They are planning a Xmas part here for Korean orphans.  They are going to have about 25 kids to each company for dinner and give them candy etc.  They asked us to have our folks at home send packages of clothes, canned goods and candy etc.  I was wondering if you had any of Snapper's clothes or any kind of clothes, if you would send them.  They asked us if we knew of any organization to ask.  I don't know of any myself.  You can mail them to Commanding Officer, Company G, 5th RCT apo  52 % PMSF.  You don't have to but if you had any you could.  Let me know, you can just send it regular. (note: I remember going through some old clothes with my grandmother and picking out clothes I thought a little Korean kid might like for Christmas.)

I didn't do much today.  We had a parade again today.  Think I will write Jim and then go to bed.
Love, Ted

October 19, 1953

Mon Oct 19, 1953 (note: first letter that day)

Dear Mom and Dad

Here are some pictures you can have printed up.  They are of the parade and the Roy Acuff show.  One of the guys took the pictures and let me have the neg.  If you will get 4 copies of each made and send to me I will send back a set and tell you what they are or you can keep a set if you like.  Send them back as soon as you can with the neg.  I want the extra ones for some of the guys here.  Let me know what the cost is.  They might blow them up a little.
Love, Ted

Mon  Oct 19, 1853 (note: second letter that day)

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

This morning we got up and did the same old thing.  We have been digging positions close here.  I think it's practice more than anything. I stayed in this afternoon and worked on the tent. We have it all finished now and our stove in. So we are all set for winter.  It is nice to have heat now.

We don't have a movie tonight till 9PM at Easy Company.  From now on the projector is a different companies now each night.  We will have it for our company every 4th night.  Our company will see the first showing and then at 9 it is for anyone who wants to go. 

I put in the pictures I sent one that a guy took at the Roy Acuff show.  I sent some neg. another guy took of the show and the parade.  They were sure good pictures.  I might buy one of those cameras if I can't get good pictures with mine.  They have Japanese cameras here and they are good ones.

I'll tell you something you might send me.  That's my pipe.  I would like to have one of the ones in my drawer.  You can just put it in a package when you send it.  Those pictures you  can send when you get them developed.  Just mail a set with your letter.  Then the next time you write put in another set.  That will save postage.

I didn't get any mail today.  Seems like it has been slow the last few days.  Well don't know much more to write now so I will close.  Will write again soon.
Love, Ted

Friday, April 22, 2011

October 18, 1953

Sun Oct 18, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I thought I would write a short line tonight.  This morning I got up early and had a good breakfast.  We started on our floor this morning and just got finished.  We still have our sides to put up yet. 

I had a visitor before noon today.  A guy that Margie and I knew.  He lived in KC and is in the 5th RCT artillery.  I got a letter from him a while back telling me he was in the NCO School and for me to look him up.  I never got a chance to so he came here.  I enjoyed talking to him.  He stayed for dinner and Dick Cantino was here for another show so we went to that.  He left about 4 PM.

We put our tent back up and then I went to the Cantino Show again.

Remember me telling you about Alberto Simone from Italy.  He really enjoyed the show and after it was over we went down and talked to him.  He sure is a friendly guy. 

When I got back to the tent I had a letter from you and one from Dad, Oct 10 and 11.  So far the cookies haven't been broke up and they are just as fresh as when you baked them.

To bad Snapper has the flue.  Hope it wont last long.

I got a letter from Margie.  I get them regular now.  Funny she doesn't call up any more.

About the camera.  Don't send the one you said took 16 pictures.  Wait and see what the 35 mm looks like.  You don't need to send film for the camera I have as I wrote for some with that $5.  Just wait awhile on it. 

I don't know what you could send me for Xmas.  I don't need anything.  I think I have told you in my other letters about all I need.  I could use some of that foam shave.  I don't like to have to much stuff as it's to hard to take care of if we ever move. 

I got the clippings Dad sent about the kidnapping.  That sure has been a bad thing in KC (note: see Booby Greelease blog on The Adventures of Conley McAnally, dated April 22.) 

I'll be glad to get the picture of you all.  You said you were in Troop G.  I am in Company G.  I remember you were in the 4th Calvary.  The 5th was a colored unit till they made infantry out of it.  It is just a regt now.

I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow.  We may go out and work with the mortars and some of us will stay in and work on the tent.  I think they will change the mortar section squad around.  I hope I make gunner.  I would like to stay in the 1st or 2nd squad.  If I got to the 3rd squad I will have to move into another tent.  I like the guys in this tent OK.  I may have to move if I want a better position.

Well I don't know much more to say for now so I will close.
Dick Cantino
Love, Ted 

October 17, 1953


24th Division Patch
Oct 17, 1953  Sat.

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

(2 our of three wasn't bad)
I got your clippings last night about the kidnapping.  That sure was a bad thing.  I hope they put all 3 of those people in the chair.

I got your letter this morning that you mailed Oct 9.  I think I am getting your letters OK now so you need not number them any more.  The weather is about the same.  The nights are not quite so cold for a couple of nights now and the days are a little warmer.

The parade we were in that day came out OK.  We never heard much about it either and you probably wont either.  I hope the war wont start either but if it does I can take care of myself.  The 4th platoon is a weapons platoon and the mortars are always in good position.  I don't look for it to much for awhile even if the 90 days are up and nothing is done.  It gets plenty cold here in the winter and we are better equipped than the Chinese.  The 5th RCT always gets 4 pt and $45 dollars a month more when the war is on.  They have always been on the front.  They are the oldest outfit in Korea now.  They came here 2nd after the 24 Div.  The 24 Div isn't here anymore.  I am not worried about the war myself so don't you.

As far as x-mas, I don't know of much here.  I couldn't hardly tell you what to send.  I think I have told you about everything I need in my other letters.

No I still have not been paid yet and my 1st Sgt said I probably wont till payday.  I spent the $5 you sent on the pictures.  I can last till payday I think.  The cigarettes you sent came at the right time.  If I had known that I wouldn't get paid last time I would have had you send me a money order, but I didn't know.  I don't know what happened to the packages you sent but I still haven't got them yet.  There isn't much I can do about it even if I asked.  I might wait a little longer.

Don will be in the army a long time if he doesn't get to OCS before long because he has to sign up for more time when he gets out of OCS.  He may just be spending time like a lot of the guys do by signing up for OCS and waiting for it and then when they get their orders turn in down.  Then they don't have much time left and they get to stay in the states.

You know that "Red" who works in the barber shop.  He is a nice guy he has a couple of kids. (note:  I am puzzled why he brings that up.  Red was Red Duncan.  He worked in the same barber shop as Johnny Collins and when Johnny left to start his own barber shop Red bought the one they had all worked in.  Red ended up buying a house across the street from us on Lake Drive and was the one who signed me up for Cub Scouts.)

I never did get the packages Jim sent.  He must have mailed it regular mail.  I hear from Jim once in a while and Margie too.  I'll send some more patches to Snapper when I get some.  They are a little hard to find here.

I haven't been drinking any beer much.  It is cold for one thing and we can't have it in the co. area anymore.

The other day I stayed in the area and worked.  I gave one of the Sgts in our platoon a drink of my shaving lotion. He is a U.S. and 26 years old.  He comes from Sabethe, Kansas. About 60 miles north of Topeka.  He is a farmer and stayed out of the draft because of his farm.  He made Sgt over here.  He reminds me of Bert's brother in Scott City the way he talks.  Kind of slow and easy going.

Yesterday we had a mortar exam for our section.  I was lucky again.  I made 196 out of 200.  I was high man in our company mortar section.  I made expert.  I was only 6 sec off of making 200.  The test is not firing but taking the fire commands and setting the mortar at different ranges in a minimum amount of time correctly.  I might get to be gunner or assistant gunner one of these days.

Last night I took in a show and this morning we had our usual Sat. inspection.  I haven't done much but write this letter since noon.  We may put our floor in today if they come in.  We get the next floor for out tent. 

The Korean boy never did get to go home. (note: the boy who was informed his mother died by letter)  He only lived 200 miles from here.  They sure do think funny.  The boy is about the best ROCK we have.  He sleeps next to me and always helps me clean my area etc.  When we were on alert that night he carried the mortar by himself and wouldn't let any one else carry it for him or help.  He came here after I did. Well I think I will stop now for awhile and write later on.  It wont go out before Monday morning anyway.  I have some wash to do and some other stuff.--------

I didn't get to much done this afternoon.  I layed around most of the time.  We got our stove this afternoon and I helped clean the preservatives off with gasoline.  We also got our floor.  We will probably start on that before long.  May be tomorrow.  We were lucky.  We got the new style kit.  They will be harder to put in but it will be better.  The floor is tung and grove and we also have siding.

We had chicken for dinner this eve.  It tasted good.  I am sending you some clippings out of the Stars and Stripes paper.  It gives you some idea what we wear.  That is not all of it though. We have thermo boots I told you about.  They just came out this year.  Those pile caps are funny looking but they should keep us warm.  They are sure getting Strack in our company.  Our Captain hasn't been here much longer than I have.  He is starting to clamp down.  He is a West Point graduate.  He probably won't be here long.  He is to good a man to keep in a company.  He will probably go to Bn HQ or Regt HQ before long.  He will probably be a general before he retires from the army.  His name is Book. (note: Dad looked up Book years later and found that he had indeed retired from the Army, lived in Texas but never did make General.)   I hope I can get some place while I am here.  I think I would like to come home a Sgt.  It is hard to make rank now that the war is over.  I have been trying my best.  I may not be here long enough to make Sgt because you have to have so much time in grade.  I have to make PFC, then Corpl first.  May be I will get  break.  I haven't had any yet so it is about time.  I try to keep my boots polished.  They shine more than the officers.  I keep a fresh shave every day and I don't horse around like I use to at work.

Well I don't know much more to say.  I guess I will close now.  I will send Martin's letter along with this.  I wrote him a letter tonight.
Love, Ted

Thursday, April 21, 2011

October 15, 1953

Thursday Oct 15, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I am at the IX Corps rest center waiting to go back to camp.  It sure is nice here.  There is a lake and everything, they ar right up in the Mountains.  They have almost everything you want.

Last night after writing you I went to bed.  The shaving lotion was OK.  I just sip on it.  I had to get up at midnight to guard the prisoner.  I just guarded him for an hour.

I stayed in the area this morning and worked on some of the tents.  We filled sand bags and stacked them around the outside to level the tents so we can put the floors in.  It reminded me of the time Dad and I piled sand bags during the flood.   (note to reader: that was the KC 51 flood where vol were asked to go down to the river near the airport and stack sand bags) At noon my Sgt said I could go on Sho-She R&R, Shoe-She means little. It's just an afternoon at the IX Corps rest center.  I borrowed a couple of bucks and left.  It's almost 8 miles from our camp.  They take so many a day from our company down in trucks. I think about the first thing I did was get a hair cut by a Korean barber.  Hair cut 25 cents, shave 15 cents.  Ask Johnny what he thinks about that.(note to reader: that was Johnny Collins our barber who cut our hair for years).  They cut funny, one barber comes along and clips your neck and another comes along after that and trims it up.  I didn't like the shave I got. He was rough and it felt like he was dry staving me.  I bought some things at the PX, they have almost everything.  Then I went to the snack bar and got a hamburger and a beer.  I didn't get any ice cream because I didn't have a cup.  They were out of cups.  That is what I was counting on mostly.  They are building a place to ski.  I always wanted to try it.  May be I will come back this winter and try it.  Right now I am just waiting for the rest of the guys to get back from what ever they are doing.

I got a letter and another package at noon today.  It had the icebox cookies and shoe polish in it.  They were sure good.  I am saving some of the cookies for later.  I was glad to get the cigarettes too.  I had almost ran out of shoe polish.  I thought that was nice to get two packages in a row like that.

I am not sure but I think we have another alert tonight.  I hope not. 

Did I tell you how the R&R works about going to Japan.  Everyone takes turns about going there.  You get 7 days from the time you get to Japan and the time going there doesn't count.  It takes about 5 months for one person to go from the time he gets to the company.  Just so many go each week from the Regt and there is about 4000.  I will probably get to go twice before I get home.  Did I tell you that in Japan they had us change our US money into military script.  I'll send some when I get some so you can look at it.  It's different in size and it's different from what you use.  There are even 5 cents in paper up to a dollar, then 5 dollar bill is bigger than a 1 dollar bill.  A 10 dollar bill is the same size as the 5.  I don't know if they make anything larger than a 10 or not.  I still used the 5 you sent.  I may have you send me 3 one dollar bills so I can send some pictures in.  About the money you have - why not go ahead and put it in the First Federal Savings and Loan so it can draw some interest.  Then when I send for some more you can just put that in too.  I don't know how much I will send home.  I may send all I can and then before I go on R&R have you send me a money order for some.  Well don't know much more to say so I will close.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

October 14, 1953

Wed  Oct 14,1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new here but I thought I would write anyway.  I haven't received any mail or packages yet. The mail has been slow for the last few days.  No one is getting any yet.  May be some will come in the eve.

It sure has been cold here at night.  Yesterday I had the afternoon off because I was on Bn guard last night.  It got down to freezing and it sure was cold on my post.  I had a wool sweater, wool shirt, fatigue shirt and field jacket and I was still cold.  I guess I will have to start wearing my long underwear.  This morning when I got off I ate breakfast and then went to bed and slept till 11:00, then ate dinner and spent the afternoon hauling floors for our tent.  The 72nd Engineers build the floors for us and we put them in ourselves.  They are made in sections and it takes 4 for one tent.  It wont be long till we have them in our tent. We will have oil stoves before long and at first we will just have one stove.  We get up a half hour later now because of the light.  So every thing is a half hour later but we keep the same time.  Instead of eating lunch at 11:30 we eat at 12:00.

I broke your ronson lighter last night.  I might mail it home before long.  I think I will buy a Zeppo.  They cost about $1.60 at the PX.

Well we go to chow in a few minutes so I will stop now and finish later. --------

I read in the Stars and Stripes paper about the Greenlease boy being murdered.  It didn't say anything about him being murdered but it said they were holding this woman for the murder kidnapping.  When did they find out he was murdered.

I got two letter and a package from you just now.  One letter was dated the 4 and another was dated the 8 Oct.  I read what you said about the Greenlease.  That is a lot of money.

I did not think that Mrs. Peak was 79 years old.  I got a letter from Jim Rountree tonight too.  Didn't have much to say, just the same old stuff.

I guess the J40 is quite a jet.  That's fast for me.

If Carlin Talant is in the 7th Corps he is in the same Corps I am.

I didn't see that picture from Here to Eternity.  I would like to see it.  I went to the show tonight and saw Fast Company. 

It is pretty cold so I guess I will get my long underwear , it helps out a lot.  I'll sure be glad when they get the stoves put in.

I just opened my package up.  Every thing was OK.  I got the shaving lotion.  I am going to keep it in my sleeping bag with me.  The candy is good and the gum I can use too.  I was almost out of smokes and I think the package couldn't have gotten here at a better time.  I got the little light.  You didn't put batteries in with it did you.  I thought I might have lost them.  Well not much more to say now.  Thanks for the packages and shaving lotion.
Love, Ted

October 13, 1953


Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a letter from you last night (Oct 12) and 3 letters today and a box.  The box was the peanut butter cookies, candy, and 5 packs of camels.  They sure were good cookies.  I like the candy too and I needed the cigarettes.  Some times the mail comes slow and then all at once I get several letters at once.  It never takes to long to get them anyway.

I haven't heard from Carlen Talant yet.  He should be fairly close by if he is in the IX Corps.  I got his letter but he didn't say where he was located.  I guess by now Richard has his orders.  I have been wondering where he will be sent.  The Army has a place for everyone but they take their time sometimes with so much red tape etc. 

Can Snapper read very much?

About that school I talked about when I first got here.  I think you might have misunderstood me.  We are training here like we did in the states but it isn't quite as bad as basic, at least it doesn't seem to be.  We have more time off.  The only school they have are the NCO schools.  Very few get to go to that.  I think most of the guys who have gone to school in the Army were picked in the states.  Just like I was picked for the Radio School in New Jersey.  I wont get much of any school now.

I am glad you have the time figured out now.  We are the same time here as Japan.

How is George Schmidt now.  How long will it be before he can go back to work.

The letters I received today were the 13, 14, 15 of Oct.(note: he probably meant Sept)  You might send some one dollar bills if you want me to send some pictures in.  I should be paid this time for sure.

Sounds like the weather is nice in KC now.

I got the clippings again on the Greenlease case.  I'll read them later.  I don't remember about the Heady woman selling boxes.  Lowell might have heard of her.   I will try to write a letter to Frank Tucker.  I don't know what to say to him much but I will try.  I would have to write a good one.  May be if I wrote one he could re write it a little bit for the paper.  You know what I mean.  It would have to sound good. (note: Frank Tucker was the editor of the Intercity News, a local paper in Fairmount)  I still haven't received Jessie's package yet.  He probably mailed it regular.  It will take a little longer.  I will be glad when I get my boots.  It wont take to long to put them on in the morning when I get up.

I guess Joe Doors looked rough with out his shave.  He has a heavy beard anyway.

So you can run around in your t-shirt.  We work around here in the day with our t-shirts some times.  Yesterday it was bad out.  Kind of cold and it rained a little.  We didn't do much yesterday. Our company had their records checked and I asked the guy when I was going home.  He looked at the date I got here and said probably Dec or Jan of next year.  He didn't know, I think he was just guessing.  They usually send you home 90 days before discharging you anyway.  He said I have 3 decorations now.  Korean, United Nations, and one other that I forgot what it was.  Everyone who serves here gets the two I mentioned.

Last night we had a movie in the mess hall.  I saw Clark Gable in Never Let Me Go.  It was sure good.  I guess you saw it because you usually see his pictures.  This morning I stayed in the area and worked on the orderly room. They moved into a new Quonset hut and I helped on the outside of it a little bit.

Well we just finished lunch and I think there is a night problem tonight.

How did you like the pictures.  This guy said I could use his camera if I wanted to.  We can't get any 120 films here though.  If you would send a couple of boxes I'll take some pictures.  He has a Jap camera and it really takes good pictures.  I think I might buy one when I get paid.  I haven't made up my mind yet------We just finished our night problem.  It's about 10 PM now.  I got some coffee at the mess hall and I drank it with some of those cookies. It sure hit the spot.  This afternoon my section leader talked to me about changing squads.  He said I might go to the third squad as asst. gunner.  It wasn't for sure. He said he would let me know.  I hope something works out.  I kind of hate to change squads but it would be a promotion. It will work out.  He also said I would get to go out and fire the mortar when we go out.  Just one squad is going a lot.  We will represent our company.  I don't know when that will be. 

Well I will close for now and go to bed. I will write more news later.
Love, Ted

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

October 12, 1953

Monday Oct 12, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad and Snapper

I got Dad's letter today along with the emery cloth.  I don't have a rifle now but I cleaned my trench knife up.  Boy it sure is pretty.  I polished the leather handles on it.  I will be glad to get the shaving lotion.  I haven't had any for a long time  (note to blog reader:  Dad was not that interested in shaving lotion.  The rules where he was was that the only kind of alcohol the you could have was beer.  My grandfather decided to clean out old after shave lotion bottles and fill them with whiskey.  This went on for a long time.)  I haven't got the package yet but it should be here any day.  I think it will make the trip OK if you put it in with cookies etc.  I knew what you meant about J.Bakers Drug Store.

How long was the plant closed.  I enjoyed the pictures of the fellows working on the house.  I could make out Herb Colburn.  He was standing on the roof with a box on his shoulder.

Not much new here.  It was kind of cold most of the day yesterday and I didn't do much.  I went to the show last night and it started raining about the last of the picture.  It was sure cold and it really rained.  More rain than I have seen most of the time I have been here.  It was clear today but it was cold.  A wool sweater under our fatigues makes it OK.  I guess before long I will wear my long underwear.

I think I will go to the show tonight.

I can tell you a little better where I am if it is on your map.  The town Ch'owon (I think that is the way you spell it).  We are in that area.  The Ch'owon Valley.  We are close to the Wyoming line.

Well I went to the show and they didn't have sound so I came back and I had some mail from you.  I got one letter that was dated Sept 16.  I am just now getting it.  The other letters were the ones you wrote Oct 6.  Did you send a bottle of shoe polish in one of the packages.  I don't know what happened but next time if it is opened I will take it back to the PM.  We are supposed to sign for insured packages.  All the other packages arrived in good shape.

I took the $5 and sent my pictures in and I'll send you some soon.

While I have been writing this letter a Korean who sleeps next to me was reading a letter and he started crying.  We didn't know what was wrong.  Sgt Con later told us his moma-san died.  It is strange they just write a letter to tell them rather than send for them.

Don't worry about me going to sleep on guard.  I don't when I am on regular guard and don't anymore while I am guarding the prisoner.  He is OK and I know how to handle him.  He is still here.  I have learned to sleep lite and I wake up at the least little noise.  It is a different kind of guard with him anyway. 

I will be glad to get that package you talk about.  It's plenty cold writing this letter.  It wont be so bad when we get our floors and stove in our tents. 

Was Mrs. Peak planning to stay in KC or jut visit.  I guess Martin hadn't got the letter I wrote him when he sent this one.  When I answer it I'll send it to you.  My letters are never opened. Some times the corner is torn a little.  Like the lennon cloth envelope was torn at the corner.  I guess they just like to look in some of them.  Don't worry about the shaving lotion.  It should get here OK if you sent it like you sent the others.

About our eggs and potatoes.  Sometimes our potatoes are concentrated and mixed with fresh potatoes.  They taste OK after you are use to them.  We have fresh eggs.  Usually we get eggs to order (or almost).  Some times they are scrambled.

I don't know much of anything you could send me to eat.  I like candy .  Some times when you send a package you might put a can of ox blood shoe polish in it.  I like to have my boots a different color once in a while.  I could use some of that new fome shave stuff.  I am almost out of it and I can't get it here.  Those little pen light batteries you can't get either.

I see you have some of those self sealing envelopes.  I like them OK.  You don't have to lick them.

Well I don't know much more to say.  I still haven't been paid yet and I am making 20 cents stretch a long way before I borrow any more.  I think by the end of the this month I will have about $340 dollars coming the way I figure it.  Are you getting Snapper's money OK.  Well I am fine and I'm glad everything is fine at home.  Will write again and thanks for the packages.
Love, Ted

Monday, April 18, 2011

October 11, 1953

Sun Oct 11, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new here, everything is about the same.  Last night was the coldest night we have had.  I don't know what the temperature was but it was cold and damp.  I slept warm in my sleeping bag and slept good. 

I just got a letter from Jim yesterday.  He didn't have much to say.  I got up this morning and went to breakfast.  They served the first meal in the new Quonset hut this morning.  It sure is nice.  It is set up almost like our mess hall in the states.  There are two Quonset huts put together.  I guess we will have turkey or chicken today.  We usually have turkey and chicken twice a week.  We had turkey Wed so will probably have chicken today.

Yesterday we had an inspection as usual and had the afternoon off.  I didn't do much but lay around all afternoon.  I washed some clothes out and have some clean clothes for a while.  Last night I went to the show again.  I saw Serpent of the Nile.  I had seen it once before but I enjoyed seeing it again.  It's nice to see a movie every night.  They usually have good ones.

They ran out of beer in our beer parlor so we haven't had any for awhile.  The old man put a stop to us having it in our tents anymore.  They are stopping us from doing a lot of things like that. 

I am glad to hear everything is going OK at the plant.  Tell the boys hello for me.  To bad they don't go on 6 days again or every other Sat.

There are a lot of jets flying around here on training flights.  They come over here almost every afternoon and dive at some hills close by and then pull out of the dive and when they go over you can't hear them until they passed by.  They really move fast.

I hope I get some mail from you today.  We have mail delivered on Sunday.  How is Snapper in school.  Hope he is learning something.  Has he started reading yet. 

Did I tell you that when the Koreans get a letter from their people they read it a lot different than we do.  They seem to chant it or something or sing it.  When you get 2 or 3 of them reading them together it sounds weird.  When I first heard them I thought they were singing or praying. 

Well I guess I will stop for awhile and perhaps finish later this afternoon.  May be I will get some mail from you.  So far you letters come in good time and I usually get 2 letters at once.  I still haven't received the package you sent to me when I was in Sasebo.  So far I have received the following packages.  Round Cookies, your birthday package, some date cookies, and some ginger cookies.  They all have gotten here in good shape.  So far I get more mail than anyone else around here. -------Well I finished dinner.  We didn't have chicken we had steak.  I haven't much moor of any thing to talk about.  I have just been laying around taking it easy.  I'll probably go to the show tonight.  I'll write you a line and let you know the news later on.
Love, Ted

Sunday, April 17, 2011

October 9, 1953

Fri 9th Oct. 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a letter and your package yesterday with my glasses, candles, and cookies.  The cookies were sure good but as usual they didn't last long.  I am set on candles now and I was sure glad to get my sun glasses.  I have had them on all day.  I could never wear them in basic.

Everything is about the same here.  Yesterday afternoon we had a parade and last night I went to the show.  This morning we trained and had another class with the mortar. This afternoon we see a ROCK demonstration on artillery.

Don't worry about me roughing it.  It isn't as bad as you might think.  We have showers in Quonset huts now and then, and this winter we will have our kitchen and chow hall in the new Quonset hut.  They are almost finished with it.  I think next week we will put floors in our tents and some oil stoves.  So it wont be to bad.

I guess the lake looks a lot different after they dug it out.

I think I told you I got a birthday card from Jim and Margie.  I guess Margie is back at her old job now.  Do you ever talk to her.  What have you heard from Jim.  Well we go to lunch in a minute and we should get some mail too, so I guess I will close for now and I'll finish later --------Well we just got back.  It was about 4 miles over and 4 miles back.  I got a taste of some of those hills here.  They are plenty steep and we just went over 2 small ones.  I got 2 letters today mailed the 2nd and 3rd.  I also got another one from Sipes.  He is the only one of the boys address' I have.  Did you ever find out what Zink's address is yet.  How about sending me Bill Anawalts address and may be Newlands. 

My package arrived in good shape.  The cookies weren't broken a bit and just as fresh as the day you baked them.  I still haven't got the package you sent to my old address.  You don't have to send a package every week because I know it cost quite a bit to send them.

I think I wrote two letters to Virginia and Lowell.  I sent one soon after I was here and another one about a week or 2 ago.  Find out what their right address is.  After I finish dinner I think I will go to the show again tonight.  Well I guess I'll close for now and write tomorrow or Sunday.
Love, Ted

Saturday, April 16, 2011

October 6, 1953

Tuesday Oct 6, 1928
(note to reader -  The above date is not a typo.  Dad put it on the top of the letter because that was the date he was born and he wrote the letter on his birthday.  He was just being funny)

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well today I am 25 years old.  Sure doesn't seem like my birthday but I couldn't expect it to too much.  I'll make up for it when I get home.

We heard the last of the Series today or I guess this morning.  I guess the Yankees are winners again this year.  I wonder if Brooklyn will ever win one. 

I got a letter from Dad today telling about the Greenlease boy.  I read about that in the Stars and Stripes.  I think I told you that in one of my other letters.

Sunday night I had to guard the prisoner.  I took him to the USO show.  After that they had a movie.  Small Town Girl. It was a good picture.

Yesterday the Mortar Sections from each company in our battalion started training with the mortars.  I am glad because I didn't remember  all of it.  I guess most of the time now will be spent that way.

We went to the show last night and saw Redhead from Wyoming.  It was a good western.  We are going to have another tonight.  The prisoner didn't get to go.  I guess I am the only one who will take him.

We have to pack a field pack and pack all of our personal stuff in our duffel bag and our clothes etc and leave nothing laying around except our cots and tents.  We will then turn in our duffel bags and march to an area a few miles away.  It is just practice.  I hate to have to pack a duffel bag.  It is hard to get everything in it.  Then we march back and get our duffel bags.  We start about 6 tonight.  They just want to keep us ready.  I don't know much more.

We had classes again this morning and this afternoon.

I have been wondering if you get my letters as you never mention it in your letters.  How long does it take to get mine.  I got one Dad mailed the 29 Sept.  It usually takes 5 to 7 days.  Sometimes they come later.  They probably get stacked up some place once in a while.  I still haven't got the package you sent to Sasebo (my old address).  Did you send one there?  I should have had it by now because I have all the mail you sent there now.  The date cookies I got the other day were sure good and so was the candy.  I'll be glad when I get paid so I can by some candy or something to snack on.  I have $1.40 besides the 5 you sent me.  I hate to spend that.  I may use that to send my pictures in.  I like my billfold to.  It sure is a pretty one.  I needed one too.  My other one was ruined by the chemicals they had in the fatigues.  I don't know why they do that because they don't put any more in there now. 

Well it is almost lunch time so I will close for now.  I'll try to write a few more lines later today before we go on the march.  Maybe I'll have more mail then.   

Oct 7  I didn't get a chance to finish writing yesterday.  We had what they call "Chiperee Sweepstakes".  It is a course of about 2 miles.  They have different stations set up along this 2 miles with different PT, throwing hand grenades, firing at targets, fixing weapons, telephone and radio operating and a lot of other things like that.  They have so many possible points for each station, there are 700 points and 300 points for finishing in an hour and half.  They have about 6 men from each company represent the company.  They start them off and have this large scoreboard and as each man goes through a station they phone his score in and put it on the board.  The other people just sit there and watch the score board.  They play the radio, serve coffee and doughnuts.  They had a band there too.  It was fairly interesting.  George Company took 2nd place in the test.  We also had a man who made the highest score.  After that was over we came back and ate and packed and hung our sleeping bags on the walls of the tents.  Then we waited till about 9 PM and marched about 2 or 3 miles to a place and then came back.  We had coffee and doughnuts when we got back.

This morning we had a little extra time off.  So I finished writing.  I got a letter from Carlen Talent.  He wanted me to write him and tell him how to get here.  He said he was going home in a month of two.  I'll write him and tell him where I am but he may be to far away.

Well not much more to say now.  I will write more later.

I got another letter from you this afternoon.  It was mailed Sept 30. It had clippings of the Greenlease kidnapping.  I would think you would get my mail OK.  I write one almost everyday.  I haven't had any more packages.  I got a letter or rather a birthday card from Mr. and Mrs. Sears.  She said Abe retired from the Post Office.  If you ever talk to her tell her hello and try to find our what John and Lurk's address is in Chicago. 

Sounds like JQ is a salesman.  Tell him to write me a line when he gets a chance.  It must be hot in KC this time of year.  I haven't had a package Jim.  Did you say he sent one?  Tell Cecil that I got a letter from his boy and am going to write him.  This afternoon we drilled about an hour and got the rest of the afternoon off.  We are going to parade tomorrow in the Regt parade. 

I guess I will close for now.  I miss you and wish I could have been home for my birthday but I will make it up next year when I get home.
Love, Ted

Friday, April 15, 2011

October 4, 1953

Sunday  Oct 4, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

How are things at home.  I just finished lunch.  I had fried chicken.  It tasted good but not like you use to fix at home.  I got 2 letters from you and a package.  The letters were mailed the 27 and 28. 

I am glad you had Jim and Rosalyn out and you like them OK.  How is JQ and Marlyn and baby.  Did you tell JQ I wanted a picture of him and the baby.  Don't worry about how long it will take them to send the boots.  I probably wont need them till spring.  We will wear our thermos mostly now.  I didn't know they weighed that much.  I haven't opened the box I got today.  It is post marked Sept 17.  Took longer to get here then the others you sent.  I don't know why.

How did my violin sound that Roslyn played.  I doubt it is worth $300.  It might be if some one wanted it.

If  Richard comes to Korea be sure and give him my address.  Did I tell you I was on Route 3 north of a  little village called Po-Chan.  It may not be the way it is spelled. but that is the way it sounds..  I am about 15 miles from there.  Tell him it is not near as bad here as he probably thinks.

I don't know what I said to you about a school.  Every once in a while they have a school about something.  They have a leadership school but they call it NCO school.  I would like to go to it.  You come out a stripe higher than what you have when you go to it.  I would probably be a corporal.  I am eligible for Private First Class now.  If they put me in for it.  It just means more money per month.  It is better than school leadership in the states.  Those guys don't even get PFC.  They only send about 2 out of the company for each class.  May be I can go before long.

I read in the Stars and Stripes paper about the Greenlease kid being kidnapped.  Haven't seen anymore about it.  They have been broadcasting the Series here about 3 AM.  Then they repeat it in the afternoon.  I haven't heard any of it.  I guess now it is 2 games to 1.  May be Brooklyn will win this year but I doubt it.

Well  guess I will open my package  and go to another USO show.  Roy Acuff is here at 2 PM.  It's a western show.  He is popular in the states and I use to hear him.  I will write later when I come back.

Well I opened your package.  The cookies were sure good, so was the candy.  I haven't had any candy like that for a long time.  I went to the USO show.  It was Roy Acuff and the Grand'ole Opera show.  Moon Mullican was there too.  I use to listen to him play a piano and sing at home.  I saw him one time at the Grand'ole Opera show at the Ivanhoe Temple with Hand Williams once.  It was sure hot there in the sun.  They usually have the same show again in the evening.  I may go again and see it over. 

Our Platoon Leader left this morning to go back to the states.  He was 1st Leu.  He was nice.  I talked to him quite a bit.  He had been in KC before and he asked me about different places.  He was 24 years old.  Most of the guys are 21 and 22.  My hair is getting thinner in front.  I hope I am not bald win I get home.  He use to kid me about my hair.  His hair is thin like mine in front.  I don't know who we will have now.   We got a new platoon sgt the other day.  He is called Soilder and has been in the army a number of years.  Dad knows the kind I mean.  Our company commander is a nice guy.  He is about 30 years old and has been in for a long time.  He reminds me of some one back home the way he talks and acts but I can't figure out who yet.  He is smart and talks quite like.  Well I can't think of much more to say so I will close for now. I'll write again soon.
Love, Ted