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Saturday, December 31, 2011

June 11, 1954

June 11, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well the last letter I wrote was last Monday morning.  I guess you will be awhile getting a letter.  I was supposed to go to the school but it was cancelled till this next Monday. I stayed here in the area and worked till the company moved down yesterday.  I don't think much of the new area compound to our old area in Mason.  It isn't near as nice.  We are going out next week on a field problem which will last 3 weeks.  We wont be back in this area again till sometime in July.  I don't know what the idea is of the field training.  It will make the time go faster. 

I don't know much to write about.  The new camp isn't much and there isn't much to write about it.  They have a PX and a beer hall, a movie and that's about it.  They have a big hill in the rear of the camp and it's plenty steep.  For punishment they send guys up at 6 PM with field packs.  I think it is bigger than any I have been up.  We will probably go up in the morning for PT.

I got two letters from you tonight and 2 the other night.  Guess everything is about the same back home.  I sure like the color picture you sent, I haven't sent mine yet.  I am getting your letters like you are getting mine.  I don't know just why.  They get held up some place.  I don't write every day anymore as I don't have much to say.  It's about the same old thing around here.

I have another new man in my squad now, that makes 8 men counting myself. It sure makes more work.

It sure didn't take long for you to get the package I sent home.  There wasn't much in the box except for some things I thought you might like to read.  Notes on school etc.  Did you find gloves and suspenders in the boots?

Glad you had a nice birthday and got some nice presents.  I wish I could have done something for you.  I haven't received any packages yet.  It takes a few days longer to get then than the letters.  I will probably get the big package you sent while I am out in the field which will be OK.

Haven you heard any from Jim?  Who told you that they broke up because of some woman that loaned Jim money  She was an old like woman.  Well I don't  know much more to write about so I will close.  I'll try to write more often.  Lots of Love, Ted

June 7, 1954

Monday  June 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well it's 7:30 AM and I am in Pusan now waiting to go to the Fire Prevention School.  I came down yesterday with 7 or 8 other guys who are go to work in our new area.  I am staying in the new area and there isn't much to it.  They have a movie here and a club for enlisted men.  I went to the show and saw Loophole last night and it was a good picture.  I am supposed to be down to the Regt Hqs at 8:20 for the school.  The school is down town at the fire station.  It lasts for 3 days and after that I will stay here in the new area and work in the area until the company gets here.

They asked me at Bn Hqs if I wanted to go on R&R the 13th of June to Japan and I turned it down till after the 15th so I can get paid.  Well don't have much more to write about so I will close.  I will write again soon.
Lots of Love, Ted

Thursday, December 29, 2011

June 5, 1954

 June 5, 54  Sat.

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had a package last night from you with the candy.  It sure was good.  Tonight I had a letter from Dad with the color pictures and I sure did like them.  I think they are the best I have.  Today we had our inspection and tonight we are on guard.  I am on the third relief and I think I will go to the show and see War Arrow.

Well this most likely will be my last night here.  In the morning I am going to go to Pusan.  Monday I got to the fire prevention school and then the Fst Sgt said I had just as well stay down there at the George Company.  It will move down there most likely this week.  I don't know much about it yet.  I'll have it fairly easy the next few days anyway.

I haven't heard anymore about R&R.  Sgt Miller wants me to go to Tokyo with him and he said he could fix it up.  I may go.  How about sending me another 50 dollars out of my account, I might get it before I go.  If not I will send it back or may be borrow some money and use it to pay off with.  I should not have put $150 in the Soldiers Deposit.  I wasn't thinking.  I bout a 60 dollars money order made out to myself so I now have $55 and $60.  I have $30 loaned out to a guy who went on R&R.  I have some money in my pocket too and I might get a partial pay before I go.  I would like you to do something else for me.  I have my pilots license somewhere at home.  Would you take then and get a photostatic copy made.  There are two parts to it.  One is a private pilot rating and the other is an aircraft rating.  They are not in very good shape so you will have to be careful with them.  I don't remember where they are but probably in my personal papers someplace.  I also have two pilot log books. One is a little black book and the other is a bigger brown book.  I want the little black book.  You can go ahead and send it right away and it will probably take you a couple of days to get the photostatic copy made of the other.  There is also a medical certificate you might send too.  You might find them i one of my old billfolds if you have trouble finding them.  The reason I want them is that if I put in for the helicopter school I will need them.  I will need three copies of each certificated.  I haven't decided on anything yet but I would like to have them.  Let me know.

It is raining again.  Seems like every time we have guard it rains.  How are things back home.  Well I miss you all and I'll try to write again soon.  Lots of Love,

Saturday, December 17, 2011

June 3, 1954

June 3, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

   I am CQ tonight and Ithought I would try t he typewriter for a change. (note: I am copying this letter just as Dad wrote it on the typewrite, he did not type and never learned how.)  Not much news here.  Today was just another day.  I guess we will be moving to Pusan about the tenth of the month and will go out on a field problem.  We will spend weeks in Pusana guarding.  We will keep doing that for again because the rainy season is just starting.  The First Sgt.  Told me tonight that he put me in for fire prevention school in Pusan starting next Sunday.  It doesn’t amoung to much and only last abou t  hree days.  The First Sgt. Is always talking Army to me.  He has been in about 12 years now and thinks there is nothing like it.  He wasn’t me to aply for Helicopter School.  If I went I woult graduate a Warrant Officer at $400 a month.  HE said he would take care of all the papers for my application if I would.  It sounds good but I would have to put three years in after I finished school.  Thats quite a long time to go.  I got the color pictures back last night and they turned out good.  I will send them to you soon.  You will have to get a small viewer to look throught to see them. (note: we did and it was a little hand held device that you stuck one slide in at a time.  It ran off electricity so you had to plug it it.)  They only cost two or three dollars.  There are some good pictures of our area:  Well I guess thats about all there is for now so I will close.
I’ll write you again. 
I don’t know why you did’nt get a letter sooner than two weeks.  I never have gone that long without writing.  The mail gets held up someplace.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

June 2, 1954

Wed June 2, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new to write about but thought I would drop you a line and let you know everything is fine here with me.  I got a package from you last night.  It had the coke in it and it sure was good.  I still have one coke left and I think I will eat that tonight.  I didn’t get any mail.  Might get a letter tonight.

Last night we went on guard.  I am cpl of the guard and about ready to finish up at for this time.  I didn’t see the show last night.  “It was Roman Holliday.”  I think I will go tonight and see the show.  I don’t know what is playing. 
What do you hear from Margie?  Does she call up any more.  I haven’t heard any more from her.  Which is OK with me.

Well we started another month yesterday.  I think it was 7 years ago today that I went to work for Anderson’s.  It sure doesn’t seem that long. (note:  that was an extermination business.) and almost a year ago June 17 I finished basic training.  This month should go fairly fast.  I think we age going to move to Pusan with the rest of the 5 RCT and stay there and go on an 8 day field problem.  I hope not, as I like it here and everyone else does too.  They have a lot more guard down there and don’t make Sgt this month I will not have it to good.  At least like I have it here.  I don’t know whether the 5 RCT is going to leave Korea or not. 

Today 2 US salesman drove into our compound selling whiskey.  They were driving a 50’s Pontiac.  They must have a good job , they sell GI NCO Clubs etc.  They sure looked funny in civilian clothes and long hair and they even looked pale in color.  Seems like all the GI’s are rough and course looking and you can sure tell a civilian.

It rained yesterday so they didn’t have the honor guard like they were going to that I told you about.  They had it inside and myself and another guy were picked to represent the US and stand by the flag.  We went to the ROK medical school across the road and they held the ceremony inside.  Some US Col awarded the Bronze Star to a ROK Lt Col.  It was interesting to see.  There was  a Korean General there and interpreters etc.  We were guards that stood on each side of the officers. 
Well I don’t know much more to write about so I guess I will close.  Ask Marian why she hasn’t written my latterly.  I haven’t heard an answer to any last letters.  Well lots of love and I miss you all.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

May 31, 1954

May 31, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Last night after I wrote you a letter I had another letter from you tell about you getting another check from Snapper.  Glad you got it OK.  You should ge another one for 50 rom me.  I think I made it out to Dad.

Today we haven’t done anything all day.  We did get paid today and for some reason I drew $208.  I get 150 of it in soldiers deposit which make 700 now.  I looked on the board of deposits and before today I was third man highest as far as deposits.  One other boy who came the same time I did to Korea had 150 more dollars than I did.  Sgt Josephus has over $3000 in that he ahs saved the 5 years he has been in the army.  I don’t know why I drew 208 this month and I don’t know whether they held out 50 dollars this month or not.  Let me know when you get that check.

I had a couple of letters from you tonight.  I guess you have been getting my mail rather slow.  I haven’t been writing as much as I did up north.  There isn’t much to write about down here so I don’t write.  It is about the same old thing day after day.  All the squad leaders and Sgt have their own table to eat at now.  Guess they thought the leaders were to friendly with the men.  I haven’t had any more packages yet. (the spice cake you spoke about)  Next time you send a package send it to Sgt Wood my section leader.  He was talking one day about having my mother send hi a package.  He was kidding of course.  So I thought it may be you would.  His address is his name and serial number is US53139486 and his name is Sgt William Wood.  All the cookies go to the same place anyway. 

Guess everything is going the same at home. 

So Leonard Koski is going to be a foreman.  He is the one who used to sit with us at the table and laugh at us all the time isn’t he?  Guess maybe if I was still working there and knew what I know now I might have made instructor or something. 

It has been a nice day today.  Guess we start out the week as usual tomorrow.  We are guard tomorrow again and are also going to honor guard for the company, that takes place tomorrow.  We will represent the US Army (4 platoon). Some ROK soldiers will get a bronze star for something.  Not in this company but another unit.

 Today at another company a Sgt and two other guys were playing cards.  The Sgt got mad and loaded a automatic carbine and  emptied it on the other two guys.  They died.  They brought them to the medical station here in our company.  The Sgt had 12 yeas in the army.  You might read about it in the paper.  I guess it will go hard on the Sgt who shot them (note: you think?)

Well I don’t know much more to write about so I will close.
Lots of Love, Ted

May 30, 1954

May 30, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well one more day this month and it will be over.  Today is your birthday back home or at least you are just starting the day.  Hope you are having a nice day.  Wish I could be there with you. 

We get tomorrow off and it is also pay day.  I just got a letter from you date May 21.  The first I have had for a couple of days.  The mail sure gets held up some place.

I am glad to hear Snapper had a nice birthday and go what he wanted.  I bet he is sure growing a lot.  

Did Jan ever get those big pictures made of him.  You said something about it one time but you never sent me one or said anymore about them. 

Not much new here.  I am on MP duty down town tonight and it is raining.  The company clerk told me I was put in for Sgt again.  I wont know any more till about June 15 whether I make it or not.  I still don’t have quite enough time as cpl yet but I might get it.  I hope I make it this month because we are getting a platoon leader (new one.)  He is Lt Snyder from KC.  I think I told you about him in one of my letters.  The 4 platoon has been winning all the inspections lately.  Lt Wheeler went to the 2nd platoon to shape it up.  I always got along good with him and he always seemed to like me.  Hope I make out OK with Lt Snyder. 

No more news about moving yet.  At leas around G company.  The rumor is still going around.  Hope it turns out.  I saw a couple of good pictures lately  “Crazy Legs” and the “Joe Louis Story.”  I didn’t like it to good. 

I haven’t heard any more news from Rountree.  Have you heard from them.  Well I guess I’ll closer for now.  Will write again soon.
Love, Ted

May 27, 1954

Thursday May 27, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Had a fairly easy day today.  Didn’t do to much of anything.  Yesterday I saw a couple of shows the last two nights. “Botany Bay” with Allen Ladd and last night I saw “Stalag 17.”  That was a good picture and I have been waiting to see if for a long time.  It was a story about GI’s in a PW camp in Germany.  You should see it if you get a chance.

I had a letter from you, May 19.  Glad you got Snapper what he wanted for his birthday.  Hope your (note: could not make out the next word.)  We have a holiday Monday.  It is also payday.  The mail came in tonight.  I didn’t get any tonight.  I will probably get some tomorrow night.  I think I will go to the show tonight and see “Crazy Legs.”  I think it’s a football picture.

I don’t hear much from anyone anymore.  Just mail from you and Dad.  Sat we are going to have a big inspection.  The Bn Commander is going to come here from Pusan to inspect.  It will be a staff inspection.  Our platoon goes on guard tomorrow night and will be on guard Sat so we will miss it.  We still have to have our hut ready tonight.  Well not much more for now so I will close.
Lots of Love, Ted