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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caught in a Trap and Defriended

Remember that old Elvis song ..caught in a trap, cannot walk out I love you to much baby... or something like that.  Well it has happened to me on this blog.  Some guy or phantom electronic bug started sending me great comments about one particular post I made.  I was at first flattered but was puzzled as to why that particular post was causing so much interest.  Well I still don't know why, but the person, persons, or thing that keep sending me kudos is trying to get me to respond back and perhaps buy something he, she, it are selling.  I have resisted the temptation and I really don't care.  Perhaps he, she, it, lingers long enough on my post to spike up my AdSense account. 

I have been defriended twice on Facebook.  Both were my fault.  I did not realize in either occasion how thin skinned people were.  The first time was by a woman who kept trying to convince all who would listen that the conservative view point was the only view point worth having and that Obama was not an American and all the other stuff you hear about.  That part didn't bother me very much but many of those who took the bait  were very bitter and those who responded to the bitter comments the lady made were more bitter and it sort of got out of hand.  I finally responded and said for both sides to lighten up, Facebook was supposed to fun etc.  Well I may not or may be correct on that score but the lady (whom I had known years ago when square dancing) wrote back and said some words that I don't recall presently but was very upset but sincere and informed me she no longer could be my friend.  That was the first defriended.  My fault for trying to bring reason to people who were being unreasonable (in my opinion that is)

The second time I told a joke that I had heard over 20 years ago at least, but  I inserted it into a squabble about football teams in one state being better than one in another state.  Of course I had to interfere again and inserted my joke.  One of the guys took homage to my jest and told me something like my brain was like a Beebe in a box car and he was defriending me right then and their.  The other guy made not comment and I still hear from him.  I did get a small lecture from one guy I have always respected since a recontact was made via FB.  He said I was a little out of line.  Probably so but no disrespect was intended.  Oh well I have stumbled along the last few moths having two less friends in my life, I guess I will last a few more months.  I will try not to say things from now on that irritate people (Ha!)