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Friday, September 30, 2011

April 14, 1954

Wed April 14, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

It sure has been nice today and for the past few days. Tonight I am on guard.  Sgt Walker went to the hospital so Lt Wheeler picked me for Cpl of the guard.  I have the third relief which isn't to bad.  Today I got ready for inspection.  We also have a rifle inspection.  We are by the ocean and our weapons rust fairly easy.  It sure is a job keeping them clean.  We have PT every morning.  We get more here than we had up north.  I think they want to keep us in shape.

Did I tell you we have 3 barbers for the company.  It cost us 40 Won each time which is less than 25 cents.  I get one about every 4 days before I go on guard.  I had a boy give me some lip today so I took him to the Sgt for extra detail.  He will be digging all day tomorrow.  Yesterday they posted the rotation list up.  I rotate Dec 20.  It can vary 14 days either way.  But I look to go before then.  Yesterday Arkie came over and spend the day.  He sure has gained weight 225 now.  He used to weigh 187 when he was home.  He didn't have much to say.  He goes home July.  I may go down and spend a few days with him.  I bet I eat good there.  He is a cook.  We took some pictures.  When I get them back I'll send you one.

Last night I went to town for the first time.  It sure is dirty.  The bars sell state side canned beer for almost $1 and can and we can buy if from the army for 15 cents.  I went with Sgt Wood, 57 Section Leader.  We went to a GI operated club.  It was a nice place.  Snack bar, beer, etc.  It cost $3 to join.  Monday night I went to the show and saw Calamity Jane with Doris Day and Howard Keel.  That's about that is new here.

I got you letters late about Adams making superintendent.  That was a good deal.  I knew he worked for it.  I sure couldn't see Sam Comer as a Foreman.  I remember the time when he got mad at an instructor that his wife worked for.  He is a good worker anyway.  I can just see Adams in his office.  I got your box of cookies Monday night.  The box with the candy bars.  I sure enjoyed them.  Glad to hear Mr Sears is OK now.  Hope he gets along now.  Have you heard any more about the 5th on the TV story.  You probably will.  I sure didn't expect you to pay for my boots or the 50 dollars.  I planned to pay for all of that.  Thanks a lot anyway.

I got 3 letters tonight and a C.S Sentinel.  The mail doesnt' come to much in order.  Tonight I got 3 letters, Ap 8 and 5.  It takes about the same time to get them, let me know about my letters.  The mail leaves every morning at 8am and the mail man take it to the PO at Pusan everyday and picks up the mail.  We get it about 6pm. 

I guess they haven't stared raising the allotment yet.  Before we moved I signed a new one for $77.10.  They asked who it went to and I gave you name.  I don't know what the outcome will be.  It would be nice if you would  I'll help if you ever do.  Glad you and Marian are OK now.  I got Snapper's Easter card.  I forgot about Easter "Happy Easter" to all of you.  I didn't remember what day it is.  Must be the 18the.  Still don't know about R&R yet.  Haven't got any packages  you spoke about for Easter.  Our address is the same at it was up north.  Just wish I was moving back to the state soon.  I miss all of you and being home too.  I look to be home before Christmas.  We wont be in Masan very long.  Don't know where we will go.  Probably one of two places.  To the states or somewhere around the Far East.  I got some pictures developed at the PX.  They didn't do a very good job.

Well lots of love.  Will write soon
Love, Ted

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

April 11, 1954

Sun  April 11, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

It has been raining almost all day.  Sure is wet out.  Yesterday we had inspection like we have every Sat.  4th platoon had guard yesterday too.  I had the main gate.  It was a good post.  I hope I can get it every time we have guard but I probably wont.  I went on guard at 6pm and had 2 hours of guard and 4 hours off for 24 hours.  I only had 8 hours of guard.  I went on today about from 12 noon till 2pm for my last time. 

I have been sewing clothes this afternoon and evening.  Just finished. 

This morning Arkie called me.  He had my letter already.  Just took a couple of days.  He said he was going to come over today but didn't have any train transportation.  His company commander is coming over to Masan Tuesday so he said he was going to come over with him.  He will probably come over.  He asked me to come over and stay for a week if I could. 

I got a letter from dad.  Said he had a new general foreman.  You didn't say what happened to Adams.  I don't know if I missed one of your letters or not.  I remember Jack Rambo.

Captain Book sure has changed a lot.  Guess now that we have it better he is going to be more army.  Told us yesterday that (in formation after the inspection) that he didn't have to get along with anyone except his wife and she wasn't here.  They have been giving passes out.  I haven't been to town yet because the guys say there isn't much in town except the PX etc.  I think I will go in one night and look around though.  I sent off while back for a blocked hat in the state.  Everyone wants one now.  

The R&R rotation has been slow.  No one has gone since the middle of March.  Some of the guys went yesterday and they sent them back today.  No transportation from Pusan or something so I will be a while yet.

I got you money order OK, think that will be plenty as I will get paid most likely before I go on R&R anyway.  I am glad you found the mahogany dye and polish.  You can ship some in a package when you send it.  I am out of dye now.  I have polish to last though.

I took a picture of the house girl yesterday.  When I get the pictures back I'll send you one.  I haven't taken any color pictures yet and I  have only went a few.  You got the one I sent I think. I bought a roll of color film and I haven't taken any pictures yet.  So it will be a while yet.

Glad to hear you and Marian made up OK.  Just never seemed right that you and Marian should be un friendly to one another.  I don't know what Margie wants to bother you for.  It seems funny to me.  Jim says she owes him money and Margie says that she signed a note for him.  She should know better.  I haven't heard from Margie for quite awhile.  I got a card from her when I cam back from Japan.  It was a "why don't you write" card and the other day I got a silly written note form he with her picture.  I still haven't written her.  I thought I might have Sgt Wood from my section leader write a letter for me for kicks.  Everyone writes different letter like that to different people.  Simonie writes to a lot of girls that fellow give him.  Some of the girls are ugly, they send pictures back to him.  They are the kind that are looking for a husband.  You should see some of the pictures.  Most are fat and ugly.  He really gets disgusted.

Well that's about it. Guess I'll be painting tomorrow.  I'll write you tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, September 26, 2011

April 8, 1954

Thurs  Apr 8, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got your letter today.  I got the money order OK.  Glad you sent for the boots OK.  Thanks a lot.  I had planned on paying for the boots though.  Guess Snapper is to little for the boots yet.  I don't know much new .  We got a pair of fatigues today.  I have plenty of clothes including t-shirts etc. 

I was called over to the orderly room this eve.  The 1st Sgt asked me if I knew a Beryle Lee Webb.  I told him.  I told him.  He said his company commander had written to me that I could stay there on a leave for as long as a week.  At the same time I got a letter from Arkie asking me to come visit him in Pusan.  He only has 90 days left to go over here.  I guess I'll get a pass some weekend and go over.  He doesn't  know I am in Masan yet.  He sent a picture of himself, he has gained some weight.  He is a cook where he s.  I haven't heard anymore about R&R yet.  I can probably go this month but think I will put if off till May if I can.

Well don't know much more so will close.  Still painting etc.  Have guard Sat
(note:  Dad did not sign this letter.)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

April 7, 1954

Wed April 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well another day.  I painted signs etc again today and that's all for the work.  The house girl washed my clothes today.  Did a good job.  I went to the show tonight and saw.  I bought some film and starch and soap etc.  Then I went to the show and saw some Martin and Lewis film called Money from Home.  It was a good show.

They have a truck here and it stops at the PX in town and then goes to the main base after.  They call it Masan Square Garden.  It is a big gym with wooden benches.  So far I like it OK here.  Sat night they are going to sell beer in the mess hall.  Our platoon will be on guard so I wont make it this time.  I got some color film tonight I am going to take some pictures soon. 

I didn't get any mail tonight.  Will probably get some tomorrow.  Lt Wheeler our platoon leader and our platoon Sgt asked me how long I had been a cpl.  I told them about a month.  He said not to say anything but he was going to try to make me a Sgt when I have enough time to get it waived.  He said I would make a good platoon Sgt which is quite a job and call for a master Sgt.  I told him I would like to be a Sgt and I liked the army etc.  I doubt if I would be a platoon Sgt if I did make Sgt.  I think he was just trying to talk me into the army for 20 years.  Our executive officer made Capt today so that means Capt Book will probably make major and leave before long.  A company is only authorized a Capt.  I don't know much to say for now.  I guess I will go to bed.  I am sending some more pictures.
Lots of Love, as always, Ted

Friday, September 23, 2011

April 5, 1954

Monday Apr 5, 54

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I guess you went a few days without any mail but I wasn't able to write.  I could ave written but I wouldn't have been able to mail it because the last mail went out last Thursday at 8am.  Wed night I had guard.  I was supervising so I did not have to pull guard.  I did go on a patrol with 2 other guys.  We started at 11pm and stayed till 5am.  We couldn't find anything so we build a little fire up in the hills and took it easy. 

Thursday we packed our duffel bags and sent them to the train.  We didn't do anything on Fri except clean up the area.  Fri afternoon I went to the Bn Hqs and stayed because I was in the real party.  The Co left early Sat morning on trucks to go to the train.  We stayed in the Bn area Sat and Sat afternoon we moved over to Regt Hqs.  There was a total of about 60 men left in the rear party.  We ate our meals at "Triple Nickel."  They were the only part of the 5th RCT that didn't move.  Sunday morning we drove in trucks to Seoul and got on the Red Ball Express and to to Pusan at 10 this morning.  Right now I am at camp 2 where the Regt Hqs and 2nd Bn is located, except for George Co and they are in Masan.  We are waiting for a truck to go there now.  Easy, Fox and Hq companies are going to stay here and George is going to be by their selves.  1st Bn went to Koje-do and 3rd Bn went to Tay-gue.  It is pretty nice here they have almost everything you want.  Snack bars, beer bars, theaters etc.  They live in Quonset type buildings and they have laundry, tailors, showers right in each company area where they are.  The guys say George Co has a nice area where they are.  I hope it is.  Masan s about 25 or 50 miles from Pusan Camp 9. They use to have a Chines PW there.  Pusan had North Korean PW.  There are still some 24 Div men here.  Don U may still be here but I probably won't see him.  I won't be here long enough.

It is raining pretty hard today.  Things look green here.  It isn't cold so it shouldn't be to bad to be here. 

Well we should be leaving in less than an hour so I will close.  I'll finish writing when we get to George Company.--------------------

Well it's Tuesday now.  I got to G co yesterday about 6pm.  It is 47 miles to Pusan from here over a rough road through the hills.  The country is really pretty here.  I was sure surprised when I got here.  The camp is right in the town of Masan.  There are ROCK women here and ROCK soldiers in the same camp.  George Co is here inside the camp by ourselves.  It is a lot better here than Pusan.  You should see our mess hall.  We have tables and chairs, a bar and stage and a dance floor that looks lie a night club.  It is OK.  The food should get better because the officers eat in the same mess hall.  Our quarters are a Quonset type.  We have steel beds.  We don't have mattresses yet.  We still sleep on air mattresses and sleeping bags. We should get some mattresses soon.  In our building sleeps the 57 section and we are not crowded.  The Sgts have a house to live in with about 3 in a room. To tell you the best we have house girls.  They come in at 8am stay till 5pm.  They wash clothes, iron and sew for the guys.  Each bldg has one girl.  This is sure different that what we have had.

I don't know much about the guard yet.  Our platoon has it tomorrow night.  I'll tell you about that later.

We are right on the ocean.  We can see ships in the bay.  I'll take some pictures of the area and send them to you when I settle in.  Today I worked in the area.  I painted a big pentagon in the mess hall and in the morning I will put the motto on  "The Best by George."

Some one told me today that I was put in for Sgt but was turned down because I have only been a cpl for a month.  The Old Man said that there was a rumor around that the 5th RCT was moving back to camp Carson Colorado this summer sometime.  I heard a few days before that they planned to make the 5th a ski unit.  So there may be something to it.  It sure would be nice if they would.

I got a can of cookies from you last night.  They sure were good.  I haven't had any mail tonight or a letter so far but may get some tonight.  The ROCK camp as a loud speaker.  They play oriental music over it after and during meals. 

Well don't have know much more to say.  I like everything fine here.  I'll tell you more about it as I go along.
Lots of Love, Ted

PS  Mail came in tonight.  I got 2 letters from Dad, 23 and 28 of Mar.  Guess everything is going OK at home.  We don't get guard till Sat night.  I am going to be on the main gate as MP, check passes etc.  You probably remember the MPs at the gate at Camp Roberts.  It's on the same order.  Well I got some pictures tonight from Simonie.  He had some made.  I am going to take some color pictures of this place soon.  The guy who plays the piano, you sent clippings out of the Westinghouse News, I saw him at the NCO school around Xmas.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

March 29, 1954

Mar 29, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Starting another week today.  Had PT this morning and then the guys that are staying in the rear when the co moves out went to the Bn and go some instructions on what to do.  When the co moves out we stay back and sign the property over to the new bunch who moves in.  We should go the next day after to Co but if there is any thing they don't like we will have to stay till they do like it.  I think the Co will move the 3rd and I will leave the next day.  We are going by train.

I had two letters from you yesterday.  I haven't written Richard yet but I plan to today.  I was nearly a moth getting his letter.  Don't know why.  I also was late getting a letter from Dad because he put a G on one letter and it looked like an I. So it wet to I Co.  It was a few days late.  The 24 Div was in the area that we are going to.  They went up and relieved the 45 when they moved out.  Don Underwood may still be there.  Richard's brother-in-law has moved to the 45 probably. 

To bad about Mr Sears (note: mom's step dad.)  Hope he is getting along OK now.  I didn't know he had been sick.  I didn't know just what you meant in you letter when you asked me if it made me feel better that Marian was coming down to lunch.  It doesn't matter to me. (note: earlier dad had told my grandmother that he wished that her and Marian - her foster sister - could patch things up, I guess he had forgotten the argument they had.)

I didn't do anything yesterday much.  I didn't write any letters.  Sat night I played poker and made $12 in Won.  Lat night I played blackjack and won $25.  So far I have done OK, about $47 since payday.  I have a little more money now for R&R.  I have plenty of Won (pronounced hon)  I have sold about 20 dollars worth and have about 25 more dollars worth to get rid of.  Still haven't been feeling to good.  I think I must have strained my self while working or PT.  It still bother me some.  I went to the first aid station but they didn't help me any.  I don't know much to write about.  The weather had really been nice.  Just like spring.  Hope it stays this way for awhile.  I didn't get guard yesterday.  Will probably get it Wed again.  Did you ever mail  for the boots yet.  Well guess I'll close for now.
Lots of Love, Ted
PS  I may not write much around the 2nd and 4 of April.  Till I get to Pusan.

March 26, 1954

Mar  26, 1954  Fri

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

No mail from anyone today.  Haven't done much today.  Trained a little bit this morning and this afternoon we had what they call "police call" for two hours.  We are cleaning up the place for the new company that is going to move here when we move out.  Seems like they are in the process of weeding out a few guys that don't want to cooperate.  They caught 4 guys loafing on police call and now the field first has them out digging a swamp hole for the mess hall.  They started at 3pm and have to dig till 11pm tonight and if they don't finish they will dig swamp holes for 7 days.  The hole is about 6x6x6 or bigger.  They refused to dig one so they are going to keep them digging till about 3am.  They refused to dig so they are also going to give them a court martial.  Some guys just don't wise up.  I have to go out and see that they did from 830pm to 11pm.  The field first told me to give them a hard time tonight.  Guess I will because I don't like standing out i the cold at night watching someone dig.  Two of the guys by the way are Porto Rican.  

If you haven't mailed for the boots yet would you order some dye ad polish when you mail the boots.  A guy got some boots today and got some dye and polish just like I need for them.  It is Dark Mahogany dye and polish.  The dye is 50 cents per bottle and the polish is 35 cents a can.  I need to bottles of dye and 3 cans of polish or 4.  They call it paratroop Dark Mahogany boot polish.  If you have mailed for them already you can mail this separate.  They have the kind of dye I have been looking for.  Hope you don't mind to much .  They pay the postage. 

I don't know much more to say.  I'll write again later.  Here is another patch for Snapper/ (2nd Inf Div)  I also won about a 1000 Won last night playing blackjack again.
Lots of Love, Ted

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

March 25, 1954

Mar 25, 1954  Friday

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got quite a bit of mail tonight.  I had a letter from Marian and finally one from Richard.  It was a long time getting here.  I had two letter from you.  To bad about Lockman.  I read the clippings you sent.  So Margie called you up. (note: Dad's old girl friend that was going to wait for him while he was gone.)  I haven't written her for quite awhile.  I don't care much about writing to her.  She didn't like the way I treated her I guess when she came to California.  Guess she thought I should chase after her because I was going to Korea but I didn't.  I don't think I will chase any of them.  If they like me they can come after me and when they do it I don't care.  Jim probably told her I was getting letters from Jan just to make her mad.  I don't write Jan and I haven't had any letters from her for a long time.  It doesn't bother me if she writes or not.  Jim and Roselin probably said that to Margie just to get her goat.  Marian didn't have much to say.  She sent a picture of them all.  She sure looks different with her hair short and Jimmy sure is big.  Just as tall as Charlie.  No we haven't had much training lately as far as tactics and field problems bu we have a lot of classes on bayonet, unarmed defense, knife fighting, judo, physical training, narcotics, etc.  I think some of that is about as rough as the field problems we have. 

I'll be glad to move in a way.  It should be soon.  Sgt Josephson leaves in the morning in the advanced party.  We will go about the 1st of April.  I will stay and be one of the last to leave.  I don't know how long I'll stay.  May be one day or a week.  I think later on we will go to Hawaii or Japan.  The rumors are strong.  It sure would be nice.

That picture with F.S., From Here to Eternity was good.  About the best picture I have seen.  It is a good picture of the army and how they treat you if they get the chance although they are not supposed to.

I saw Zink today.  He said that their CO took 2 guys out in a jeep 8 miles and made them walk back because they didn't know one of the General Orders.  I have noticed that Capt Book has changed a lot lately.  They are just getting the troops ready for garrison life.  He sure can be mean when he wants to be.  He doesn't bother me any because I can take anything he can do or put out. 

Did you ever get the color pictures I sent to you?  You never did say.  I have quite a few more to send.

Last night I took some of the Won I had bought and played blackjack with the GI's and Koreans.  I took 150 Won to start with and played for an hour and when I was finished I had a stack of Won about 3 inches thick.  I counted it up and it was about $5 worth (1100 Won)  900 Won makes $5.  I only have $15 and I think when I move I will have to carry an extra bag for it.

Snapper does a good job of drawing I think.  Hope he keeps it up.

Richard's letter was nearly a month reaching me.  I don't know why.  It is interesting, I'll send it to you but don't tell his folks they might get the wrong idea about it or something.  He has a good deal there and likes it OK.  I don't guess I will see him before we move.  I am going to write him.

Let me know when you mail the money for the boots.  I was thinking it might be better if you get a money order. 

They came around tonight and said you could get a money order made out if you wanted to.  I had already mailed the letter to you.

Well I have about run out of things to say.  I will write again later.  I may not write you when we are moving but I will try to.  I think the place the 5th is going are  the same places the Regt Don Underwood is in when they were down there.  Headquarters will be at the same place Camp 2 at Pusan.  Let me know where Don U is when you hear.  George Company will be at Ma-san. 
Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, September 19, 2011

March 24, 1954

Mar 24, 1954  Wed

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I thought I better write today as I didn't yesterday.  I got a letter yesterday from Dad, Mar 17 and one from JQ.  To bad about Lockman, that was Walt Lockman wasn't it?  You said he got shot and died but you did not say how he got shot.  I use to play with his son a few years ago.  He also worked at Byaanes when I did.  His nickname was Bunny.  Did you say the booze had him the last few years.

JQ didn't have much to say.  Might get some mail later on today. Haven't had any yet.

I am going to send off for a pair of jump boots as soon as I can make out a money order.  They are the regular Cochran jump boots.  They are about the best you can get.

(his back then)      (the kind I had)

I would like to know what size shoes Snapper wears so I can send him a pair.  They make them for little kids but I don't know whether he is big enough for them.  Let me know what size. (note: I never received a pair.)

Sgt Josephson just came back from R&R.  He brought my pictures back and some were pretty good.  I'll send a few like I did before.

Or company had guard again tonight.  I didn't get it.  Yesterday we had a talk by the Bn Commander he told us we were leaving about the 1st of April.  He said one company would be at Mayson about 25 miles west of Pusan.  Today we found out that George company was going to Mayson instead of Pusan.  Everyone was put out.  It is not nice as nice as Pusan.

I got paid yesterday for 23 days.  I got $83.  I only put 30 in deposit.  I bought 10 dollars worth of Won (Korean Money).  They said we will need it at Pusan.  Lt. Wheeler said today that I was going to be the last man to go from the 4th platoon when we move.  So I will be here longer than any of the rest.  When I find out more I'll let you know.  I found out today that I will not be able to get any money orders till I move so I think I'll let you send for them for me if you don't mind.  Send a check for $12.87 to them and have the boots sent to my address over here.  I will probably get them faster that way. (note: the last pair of jump boots I bought cost over $50, and I hear they are closer to $100 now.)  Mark the check as the one on the slip.  Put my return address on the envelope.  Take the money out of my account.  Well  don't know much else to say so I will close.
Love, Ted

March 22, 1954

Mar 22, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

We had our last parade today. It was sure a sight.  I wish I could have taken a few pictures of it.  They had tanks, big guns, Jeeps, trucks, and 3 Bn of Infantrymen. We wore OB with blues scarfs and blue shoulder braid.  The IX Corp Commander was here to inspect us, Major General Macgruder.  He talked to us and told us we were his best unit he had in his corp.  He said we had done all we can here in the corp area and now that we have finished our 26 week training cycle we will have our turn in guarding now, and in a rear area.  If I can locate a copy of his talk I'll send it to you.

No mail today so far.  I got a letter from you yesterday, March 15.  It was quite a long letter. 

As far as I know about the rifle team, we wont do any more practice till we move.  It may get started again and it may not.  It would be nice if it did work out.  When we move the 5th will be split up because there is no room for an entire Regt around Pusan in any one camp.  The 3 Bn will go to different places.  The 2nd Bn will stay with the 5th RCT Headquarters in Pusan and be guards there.  The other Bn will go to other places.  The 45 Div has left for the states in name only and the 40 Div will leave in May or about.

I went to church yesterday A.M.  They were a regular army service.  I enjoyed it.  I guess that was the first time I had been to a church service since I left basic training.  I don't know where the CS chaplain is here yet.  The list I got of CS chaplains or rep didn't have that Hutchinson's name on the list.  The address you sent isn't close to here.  It is quite a way off.  I think it is close to Pusan.

Be sure to send me me Jane's brother's address and let me know if he is in Pusan still.  The place where we are going is also a one time PW camp.  It could be the same place as there are not to many.

I haven't been able to go to Seoul yet.  I would like to go but we may not be here to much longer.  I guess Richard is making out OK there.  We will get paid tomorrow.  It is an early pay because we will be moving almost anytime now.  No one knows the date yet.  I hope it is sometime close.  I will be going on R&R before to long, you might send some money right away.  Send the money I have.  I will send you what I can.  I might go at anytime but I am going to put it off as long as I can.
Lots of Love, Ted

Sunday, September 18, 2011

March 20, 1954

Mar 20, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

All we did today is get ready for the 5th parade then paraded.  That's about all we did. 

I got two letter today and one was from Dad and the other was from C.S. in Boston (note: that was the Christian Science Church.)  It was a nice letter.  It was sent to me with a list of CS services in the Far East and a list of chaplain's and representatives.  None of them were close to me at all.  I haven't been able to find the Christian Science services here in the 5th or where they are.  I may go to church tomorrow and find out. 

I am on guard tomorrow.  They have so many in the company on guard that cpls have to pull pvt of the guard.  I wont mind it to much. 

Jim's letter was a nice one wasn't it.  Guess they are making it farly well now. 

You have really had some dust storms in KC lately.  Also quite a bit of snow. 

Well this next week we have classes on PT, bayonet, military police duty, guard etc.  I have the PT this Thursday.  I take the whole company out on their daily run and push ups etc.  It will be for one hour.  That will be my first time in command of the company.  I am looking forward to it.  I don't know why I am on the schedule for it.  They usually have the platoon sgts take charge of the PT.  May be some day I'll make Sgt.  If I can I will feel I have got plenty out of my 2 years in the army and have gained something.  Not many make Sgt although there is no more war on.

Capt Book said this morning we will go by train to Pusan.  The place where we will be was at one time a PW camp.  They had communist PW there and turned them loose.  We will have almost everything.  It is right in Pusan. 3 laundry, NCO and EM clubs, tailor shop, barber shops, PX, snack bar and all that.  And we will be 95% guard, constant patrol, gate and tower guards around the compound (post)  There are a lot of civilian personnel there too, women and men.  It should be OK down there.  Well I don't now much more to write about now so will close.
Lots of Love, Ted

Saturday, September 17, 2011

March 19, 1954

Fri  Mar 19, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well not much new to write about.  We didn't do to much today.  Had PT and bayonet drill this morning and spent the afternoon getting ready to parade tomorrow.  We have one Sat and Mon. We sure are having a few now.  I think we are about to move.  May be this next weekend.

I didn't get any mail today from home but I got one from Kiyoke in Japan. (note: that was the nice girl he met in Japan)  I'll mail it to you so you can read it.  I guess you can read it.  They word things different.  I don't know whether she wrote it or some other Japanese.  I had Sgt Kohn, a Korean write a letter for me in Japanese to her when I came back.  He speaks Jap, English and Korean pretty good.

I hear now that we are going to Pusan on the train.  You sure hear a lot of stories about it.  It should be better than things are here.  From what the officers say it will be all garrisons and no field.  Mostly PT, drill and parades. So it will be quite a change.  Well don't know much more so I will close for now. 
Love, Ted

Thursday, September 15, 2011

March 18, 1954

Thurs  March 18, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got your letter yesterday congratulating me on making cpl.  It sure was a nice letter.  I also got your cookies you sent they were as good as always.  I never did get a letter from Richard.  I should have gotten it by now.  I wrote Jim Rountree a letter tonight.  I guess he is doing OK so far with with his work.

We didn't do anything all day today.  Our company had guard had guard last night and they kind of let us take it easy today.

I guess we will move before long.  We are going to be paid March 23 and probably move Farley soon after that.  We are going in trucks and it will take us about 3 days.  It will sure be rough enough riding.  But it will be worth it I guess.  It will be a lot different.  We are going to be garrison soldiers now and will have to stay sharp and clean etc. and will probably have the things to do it with though.  We will have tailor shops, barber shops, laundry etc.  We will be living in Quonset type buildings.  I think George Company will have about 8 buildings.  That means about 2 per each platoon.

I think I could use some shoe dye.  I would like to have some mahogany if you can get it.  If not cordovan will be OK.  Also I could some more shoe polish to o.  I would like to have mahogany in that too.  That would probably be easier to get tan any of the dye.  I wont need any black polish or dye when we get moved so whatever you a send will be OK.

We had a USO show today.  It wasn't that good.  They did have a woman MC that was from KC, Kansas.  Her name was Grace Forbes.

Well I am still squad leader but I don't like it where I am.  The 57 RR is heavy and they have mostly big guys in the squad to carry it.  I don't have to carry it myself but the guys in the squad did.  I have some dilly's to deal with.  Big clumsy and sloppy.  One of the guys went AWOL the other night and the Lt had to go get him at the MP station about 2 hours aways from here at midnight.  He gets a court martial before long.

Well things will probably be changed again after we move so it may be better.
Lots of Love, Ted

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

March 16, 1954

Mar 16, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got two letters today, Mar 9 and 10.  I was glad to get them.  I don't know whether or not I can get a W2 form from the army or not but I'll look into it the first chance I get.  That is OK if you have the money in your bank account.  I was just wondering about it.  Don't worry about the interest, I don't want any.  I would just as soon you had the money using it as to have it laying in the bank.  That picture is of Sgt Buldion I sent home. He is a fried of mine and went through the same course I did.  He is not in my outfit.  He is an air force man not a soldier. We had some good times together.  His home is in Colorado.  He is a 20 year man. 

I got a kick about what you said about mailing the package.  Better be careful. (note: my grandfather must have said something about sending alcohol or something.)

When I get back to Japan I'll mail some more scarfs.  I didn't see any white ones like the ones I had but I can probably find one.

Well here is the latest on moving.  Just rumors.  We are going to Pusan to pull guard at a warehouse dock and later move around some.  I hear we will move about the 29th of this month.  So that is about it for now.

Well I am squad leader again.  The Lt (platoon leader) put me in charge of a 57 Recoiless Rifle squad.  I don't know anything about 57s and I don't like them to much but I took the job anyway.  The cpl that had the ob was from the 45 div.  He was asleep one night and the other guys in the tent were drinking beer and making noise at night and the old man came up and had to shut them up.  He busted a couple of guys and took the squad leader off his job.  I don't think it was his fault but that is the way it goes.  The same might happen to me.  I am in charge of the tent and everything else.  I will have to move to the next tent now.  Will let you know more later.
Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, September 12, 2011

March 15, 1954

Mar 15, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new to write about but I thought I would write a line anyway.  I had a 10 man detail today at the Regt supply.  Didn't do hardly any work.  That is about it for today.  Tomorrow we turn in some of out winter clothes.  Parka and liners and a few other small items like wool scarf, mittens, hood etc.  I'll have plenty of room in my bay after I get rid of that Parka.  They are sure puttig out a lot of guards around the Regt.  They just about trippled the guarad becasue of the farmers are starting to come up in this part of the country now to farm.  I think that is why we are going to move.  I haven't seen any farmers moving up here as yet but will in the next few days probably.

I got a valintine from Jim and Roslin today from Springfield but no letter or note was on it. 

In a way I will be glad to move and in a way I wont.  I am kind of use to this place but we will have better living conditions in or around Pusan.  I heard today that we may be moving back to Hawaii in a few months.  I sure hope so.  It would be nice to spend the rest of my time there.  If they do they might take us back as it would still be overseas duty.  But if they would go back to the state they would most likely leave us here like the 45 did.  Well I don't have much more to write about so I will close.  I will write you again later.
Love, Ted

Sunday, September 11, 2011

March 14, 1954

Mar 14, 1954

Dear Snapper

I thought I would write you a letter and send you some cpl stripes.  You can have Mama put these on your jacked in place of the PFC stripes.  I hope you are over the mumps now ad your back in school.  Mama said you sent me some comic books in a package.  I'll be glad to get them.  Everyone in the tend reads them.  How do you like the robe I sent you from Japan.  When I get back there I'll send you another one of some kind.  I sure miss you a lot and think of you all the time.  Wish I could see you.
Lots of Love
From your Daddy

March 14, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I haven't written any letters for the last two days because there hasn't been much to write about.  Haven't done anything and haven't heard any more about moving.  The mail has been slow for the last couple days.  I didn't get any mail the last two days.  I should get some today.  As far as I know we are still moving about the first of April.  The captain said something about our guarding the mines yesterday.  He said he didn't think we would.  So we will probably not be split up from the rest of the Bn.  I think we will still be close to Pusan though.  The ROCK soldiers are starting to move out of the Regt now.  They are going back to their ROCK armies.  They are send only a few at a time.  Lee Con Say in the 4th Platoon is going tomorrow.  He use to be in my squad. 

I haven't been feeling very good for the last few days.  My stomach has been upset for some reason.  Wish I could feel better.  I was going to go to church today but after breakfast I laid down and went to sleep again and didn't get up in time.  We had an inspection yesterday by the Bn Commander, Major Plott.  It didn't amount to much. 

The weather has been cold the last few days.  It snowed this morning but it didn't last long. 

They are going to have a lot of guard this week.  They have started letting farmers come up to this area now.  So they will be stealing etc going on.  I haven't had any guard since I went to NCO school.  I have been lucky.  I will probably start having it now.  Well I don't know much more to say for now.  I will hold off mailing this letter till the mail comes in, may be I will get a letter or two-------------------------------------
Well I got two letters Mar 7 and 8.  I enjoyed the picture post card.  Sound like everything is normal at home.  You were asking about when I was going to be home.  The way it was before  I was supposed to rotate about Nov.  That would make me 14 months using the 4 points I had.  The new deal says anyone who is to rotate 4 months before they are to be discharged will be extended one month here in Korea and when they return to the states they would be discharged when they arrive.  In other words they would get out in less than two years.  Like Carlen Tabutt.  The other deal would be that anyone who is to rotate with over 4 months or near 5 months will be sent home 7 months early and stay in the army in the states till their original discharge.  The other deal is they would stay here in Korea till they have 30 to 40 day before discharge and then send them back to the states.  I think Richard will fall into this one.  Myself in Nov.  I will have only 3 months to do so I will probably be coming home at that time.  I was to come home in Oct.  I would be extended till Nov anyway.  If it was Sept I might be coming home early but the way I see it it will be Nov.  The First Sgt said he would post a rotation list on the Board as soon as he could make it up, so when I find out I'll let you know. (note: does anyone follow this?)  Of course things can change between now and Nov. (note: they did.)  They might send all of us home.  Myself I don't think I want an early discharge as they can call you back first if you don't spend 24 months.  I would rather come home and spend 6 months in the state and stay in till ETS (discharge)

Glad you like the pictures I have been sending.  I'll be looking for the box you sent.  We may be gone by the time it gets here but they will forward it to us.  Guess Snapper is over the mumps now.  It is sure cloudy and it is really windy out now.  I hope the tent hold out tonight.  I am sending Snapper a new patch.  it is the 45th Div. One of the guys gave it to me.  Well don't have much more to write about.  Will write soon.
Love, Ted     

March 11, 1954

Mar 11, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a letter from Dad today (Mar 5)  Glad to hear everything is OK at the plant.  Glad you like the pictures I have been sending.  I should have some more to send in another 10 days.  So Sam Coomer is an instructor on the lie.  Tell him he had better take care of his job because I a getting some experience in that kind of work.  Just joking, but tell him hello for me anyway.

How come the sudden interest in Judo.  I don't know to much about it but I know enough to take care of myself.  The main thing is to hit first.  I got a kick out of you getting up to go to work.  I remember the time JQ and I set the alarm clock under the bed.  I think it was on New Years eve.  (note: this is a story that was often told.  Dad and his cousin set an alarm clock under the bed that my grandfather and his brother in law were sleeping in, I suspect because they were a little drunk and their wives were mad at them.  The alarm went off about 3 in the morning and my grandfather and uncle started yelling and cussing trying to crawl under the bed to turn it off.)

I got a box of cookies today. (in a can) They were chocolate chip and were sure good.

We had our bayonet class today and it went OK.  Lt Wheeler the 4th Platoon leader gave the class.  Afterward he asked me how it went according to the Method of Instruction.  I told him OK.  He came to the company when I was in school in Eta Jima.  He is airborne and from Kentucky.  He reminds me a lot of Ronnie Wheeler only he is not as dark complected. (note: the Wheelers lived up the street and I grew up with the younger cousins.)

It has been cloud today and it is trying to rain now.  We had an inspection tonight at 4:30 as usual.  Captain Book inspected the 4th Platoon.  He takes turns each night.  He asked me tonight where my home was.  I told him KCMO.  Then he asked me what kind of work my father did.  I told him you were a supervisor at Westinghouse.  That is all he said.  He has been bothering me why he asked.  If he asks anything it is usually about the army.  I can't figure out why he asked.  I felt like asking him why but I didn't. (note: having inspected soldiers in rank I know that you get tired of asking the same old questions all the time.  He was just letting the troops know he cared about them, it is an army thing.)

Not much more news about moving yet.  Some rumors.  When I learn something new I'll let you know.  Well I'll write tomorrow.  Hope Snapper's mumps are OK now.
Lots of Love, Ted

Thursday, September 8, 2011

March 10, 1954

March 10, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I told you in my last letter that I was mailing some film to you but I think I am going to give it to my platoon Sgt.  He is going on R&R and he said he would take it for me.  I got the film back fro the mail man and I am going to give it to Sgt Josephson.  It will be better that way.

I got three letters from you today, Mar 2, 3, and 4 and one from Bill Anawalt.

I read in the Stars and Stripes about the Puerto Ricans causing all the trouble and shooting up the Senate.  We have some Puerto Ricans her in our company.  The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are always fighting among one another.  I don't like the Porto Ricans very much.  Some are OK.  I get along good with the Mexicans.  You should hear them talk when they get together along with the ROCKs.  Sometimes I wonder if I am in the French Foreign Legion or something like it.

I hope Snapper gets over the mumps OK.  I thought he had them one time.  I sent another patch i the last letter.  Hope he keeps all I send and puts them on a jacket. (note: I did.)  I see some of the USO show people ware jackets with all the patches on them.  They are different.

We are a little ways from the front where we are.  If we went up there we would be right on the line and pull guard and build bunkers and trenches etc.  The company commander (Capt Book) told us today we were moving for sure and it would be between now and April 15.  The Regt will be split up.  Each Bn will have a different place and George Company has a special assignment.  We are going to guard the tungsten mines north of Pusan and pull train guard between the mines and Pusan.  The Red gorillas have been blowing up the trains etc.  It should be interesting and different.  They say they may close the mines so we might not get to do it.  Anyway we will be garrison soldiers now rather than field combat.

I will let you know how the cookies are when I get them in the regular mail.  They should be OK if they are wrapped up good.  Some of the guys get theirs and some are good and others are not.  We may be gone from here before I get them.

Glad you liked the picture I sent.  I'll have some more before long.  I think I will stay here and not transfer for awhile.  I made cpl and I think I will wait till my move and see what kind of deal we get.  We should have better living conditions there and it will be OK I think.  If we guard the mines we will be a way from the rest of the Regt and will not be harassed so much.  They say we will search all civilian employees etc.

I thought about sending you a t-pot but didn't know if you would like it or not.  I have seen them   They have complete sets.  They are not expensive either.  I still plan on going on R&R in April.  Each outfit has a different quota for sending the guys on R&R.  Some get to go every three or four months but most line companies only go once on the tour of duty over here.  The guys have been going after they have been here 8 months. I am going in about 7.  I am not in to much of a hurry to go as I just came back.  I may go twice while I am here.  I would sure like to go to Hong Kong China.  But very few get to go there.

It was OK if Marlyn didn't write Simonie.  He likes to write girls but I told him and he said it was OK. 

We didn't do much today.  I went out and fired this afternoon.  The Lt said that the moving may mess things up some.  He said that he is trying to get all the men on the rifle team TDY (temporary duty) if Col Sternburg says it is OK.  We will do nothing but be a rifle team and be all together and get to fire everyday.  It will be a good deal.  I hope it goes through OK.  He said if we get the team going we will be going to Okinawa and Japan to compete.

Tomorrow we are going to have a class on the bayonet.  I am going to be the assistant instructor and demonstrator for the officer giving the class.  I will demonstrate different movements and positions for using the bayonet.  We are having classes on bayonet and riot control, etc.

Well don't have much more to say so I will close, I'll write you again tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

march 9, 1954

March 9. 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

We finished our overnight problem this morning about noon and came back this afternoon.  It was cold last night but not to bad today.  I hope this is our last overnight problem.  I am sure tired of them.

I mailed you two rolls of film tonight, you can get them developed and keep the negatives. Just get one print each and mail them back to me a little at a time.  No need to send them all at once.  I will write on them as to what they are and then send them back.  No hurry it would take to much postage to send them.  There are some pictures I took in Japan and here in our company area and on the 10 mile hike we took the other day. 

Guthmiller got back from R&R today , he spent $225 in 7 days. while he was there, he sent $100 worth of Natakee China home.  He sent 3 sets of it and it only cost $100.  I think I could send one good set home for less than that.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow.  I think itnthe afternoon we are going out and fire again.  A fellow told me the other day that he had heard I was pretty good with and M-1.  I asked where he heard that and he said Lt Anderson told him.  He is the officer in charge of the men trying for the team.  If I can shoot a good target tomorrow I'll send it to you. 

I didn't get any mail today.  It will probably come in tomorrow some time.

Captain Book asked me if you mailed some Xmas presents for the Korean Children.  I told him you did.  He said to thank you for it.  Well I guess I'll close for now.  I will write again tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, September 5, 2011

March 8, 1954

Monday  March 8, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

We are going on a overnight problem today.  I thought I would write you a line before I go.  We are going to leave about 3 PM.  Just finished dinner.  It is cold and cloudy today.  The wind seems to cut right through you.  It will be cold tonight but we have plenty of clothes to keep us warm.  We will be back sometime tomorrow.  Probably around noon.

I don't know to much news.  I saw a good picture last night in the mess hall.  It was the picture you told me about, "From Here to Eternity."  That was one of the best pictures I have seen in a long time.  It is a good example of the army in some ways and the type of men in an outfit. (note: there you are  from a guy who lived during that period.)  The picture was supposed to have taken place in Hawaii at Scofield Barracks.  That is the place the 5th RCT was before they came to Korea.  That is the place we will go back to if they move to Hawaii.  Did you notice that in the picture it was about G Company.  The army is not a whole lot like that now because there are so many draftees, but it some units were there are a lot of RA (Regular Army) they are a lot like that.  The 5th has always been made up of RA.  It isn't any more because of the war.  We have quite a few RA that have from 7 to 12 years in the army.  They sure can be mean when they want too.  The officers are the same way.  But if you like to soldier and the army, you get along OK.  I don't have any trouble with any of them.  In fact I am friendly with them.

There is another picture out about the army that is supposed to be good called "Take the High Ground."  It is about a basic training out fit.  If you see it let me know.

Well don't have much more.  I'll write again when I get back.
Lots of Love, Ted