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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Letterd dated Septemeber 11, 13, and 16, 1954

Saturday Sept 11, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had two letter from you yesterday afternoon Sept 3 and 4. Nut much doing today. I am on guard tomorrow which I am glad to do as I get tired of doing nothing for 3 days at a time. I get plenty of rest though.

Don’t fee to bad about me not leaving with the outfit. I was disappointed OK but I didn’t feel fad about it. I am getting used to things like that anymore. I guess I had my last chance to go yesterday as the CO sent the 1st Sgt over to ask me if I would go again and I said no. I am kind of sorry I didn’t say yes in a way as I think I would like it at Ft Lewis. Yes I will stay here 15 months but those guys that are leaving here in 14 are mostly going to get discharged and can’t stay 16 moths as in my case. (note: I think he is explaining that he will have been in Korea for 15 months by the time he returns.) And some of the 14 month guys, now, have had some combat time which counts some. Hope you don’t write Symington about anything as it would do any good and I would probably have to see the Col about it. (note: Stuart Symington was the Senator from Missouri, if I remember correctly my grandfather was going to write him and tell him and demand that Dad come home because he had been in Korea a year.) I only have 3 months and 10 day to do over here. It should go fairly fast and I should get away early as every one else has left 2 week early.

I guess if the 5th would have got to Camp Carson, Colo. I would have probably taken another year and gone back as I would have been close to home. I had just as well be over seas as to be in Ft Lewis.

I didn’t catch would Dad said about alligators swimming around in the Missouri River. What did you mean. (note: It seems that I have a vague memory of some urban legend going on at the time that there were some alligators in the Missouri river.)

I guess the weather should start getting milder in KC now. It’s hot over here and has been for a couple of days. Has Jan still got the Dairy Queen. Are they going to close it this winter. If they do I guess they will be looking for work. (note: Mom and a sister-in-law ran a Dairy Queen on the corner of 24 and Noland Rd. Back then DQs only stayed opened during the summer. The sister-in-law ran off with all the money. That is when mom went to work for the telephone company.) Does she still drive the Chevy she bout from me. (note: It was a yellow convertible.)

Today is a holiday for the Koreans. I think it is their Xmas. Well not much new towrite about so I will close. Hope I get some mail today again.

Love, Ted

Monday Sept 13, 1954 9:30 AM KAT

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

How is everything going? (note: one of the first times he has used a question mark.) I don’t have much to write about but thought I would write a line anyway. It s raining and the wind is blowing today. I think there is another typhoon on the way.

I was on guard yesterday again. I think that will probably be my last time. With 5 RCT anyway. We finish in a couple of days and some one else will take over. Not much going on yesterday. Ti was Sunday and there was only one ship unloading. We did get a couple of Koreans for eating potatoes on the ship. I didn’t see any mail yesterday but I should get some today.

12 men went home today and that puts me father down the list. I think I am about 42 or 43 now. I don’t know how I will stand when the 24 Div moved in. I should keep the same rotation date anyway as they can’t keep me to much longer than Dec 20. I think there will be another drop this week which will get a few more men.

Still no word for sure as th what they will do with us but it pretty certain that we will be in the 24 Div, no change of addresses yet. Be sure to write me what Jane’s brother’s address is. The 25 Div moved 3,700 men now from Korea. It will take 1 month to get them all moved. I guess the 2nd Div is moving now. Now word on the other Divs moving yet. They just have the 3rd, 7th, 24th and 1st Marine Div here now. The air force is starting to move out and they are taking the AAA from the Pusan. That is Anti-Aircraft Artillery. They have guns set up around Pusan and the harbor area.

Have you heard of Operation Glory. that is taking place here in Pusan on Pier #1. The 5 RCT has an honor guard there during the operation. I think it is about over now. You might see it on TV or news reels. If you do you’ll know that’s where we are pulling guard. I thin Easy Co had Pier 1 and 2 and George Co has 3 and 4. Well not much new to add. So I will close. I will write again late.

Love, Ted

Sept 16, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well we are finished with guard for a while now and the 5 RCT is about no more in Korea at last. The 24 Div, 19 RGT, 1st Bn, took over our guard on the docks at Pusan. I didn’t have anything to do and I was tired of laying around so I went on guard Tue night at midnight and pulled till Wed morning at 8 AM. This is probably the last time I will pull guard with the 5 RCT. We had a company party yesterday afternoon at the beach. It was a little to cold to swim and anyway the ocean had quite an undertow so they would let anyone swim anyway so I didn’t go in. The 5 RCT has an officers club there. Kind of beach house. We had been, cold cuts, potato salad etc. I filled up with everything and helped out behind the bard. It went pretty good. They on had one fight. We had 45 cases of beer there which made an average of 14 can per man.

I had two letters from you yesterday Sept 7 and 8. Glad to get them. I haven’t been told where I am going yet but the company commander said that most everyone would stay right here in this company and be in the George Co of the 19th Rgt. No new address yet. The 5 RCT hasn’t let yet but they are ready to leave. They have their cadre picked and men are coming to the out fit from all most every Div to go back with the 5th. Most of them are Regular Army. I think they leave on the ship about the 27 of Sept. The 19 Regt will be moved in to camp #2 in the next few days. They have all ready moved into the 1st Bn.

Well I have 13 weeks and 4 days left till Dec 20. That’s 95 days. Hope it isn’t that long and I don’t thin it will be.

That wasn’t a very big article you sent me about the 5 RCT moving out of Korea to Ft. Lewis. Those parakeets are cute if they are tamed (note: my grandfather started buying parakeets for pets, he did this for several year. One died laying an egg, another flew into are front door and broke his neck, and another was eaten by the cat.) I have always liked them and would have brought one home but didn’t think it would have gone over to good. I bet the kitchen will looks nice when you get it finished and the back porch too.

If I figured right that make 3 checks you have got for 50. July, Aug, Sept. I drew $163 last pay day. I don’t know why I drew so much money all the time. I should get 161-50=111. Hope they are not over paying me any. Don’t know much more to write about so I will close off. I’ll write later on.

Love, Ted

Thursday, March 29, 2012

september 10, 1954

Sept 10, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Sounds like everything is going OK at home. Wish I was there to help with the back porch. I haven’t written for a couple of days. Haven’t had any male since day before yesterday. Had a letter from Jim. He said he was going to Fort Lee to Quartermaster’s School. Ft. Lee is in Virginia. He is just taking 8 weeks of basic that everyone takes and then he goes another 8 weeks to school. I don’t guess he is going to be in the Infantry. He is lucky in away.

It won’t be long now till the 5 RCT moves out. So far as anyone know they are leaving sometime about the 20 of Sept. The 19th Infantry Regt of the 24 Div has their advance party here and the rest of the Regt will be here about the 19th of this month. The 5RCT is going to Lt Lewis, Washington and bee stationed there. I don’t guess they are going to Camp Carson. They are taking 750 Cadre (key men such as platoon Sgts, supply, mess, 1st Sgt and Company Commander etc.) They will take 400 more who want to reenlist or extend back with them as trainers. It came out yesterday that Pvt, PFC, and Cpl with an IQ of 90 or more could reenlist for the 5 RCT and go to the states and join the 5 RCT later on. They can leave Korea up to 90 days early. The Company Commander scratched a couple of Sgt on the Cadre list. Now they are asking me to go back with them again. I would have to extend. One of the officers even called for a jeep and sent me down to the recruiting Sgt to talk to them. I told them I couldn’t do it but he said he just wanted me to go down and talk to him. I would like to go back myself. I would only had to take a year to go and it would be some good training. I think they will probably have some special training and even ski troops. If I went back I could get a 30 day leave before to long after we got back. I would probably make SFC before to long. But Ft Lewis is a long way from KC and it would cost a lot to go back and forth. I would have it pretty good. But don’t know how I would like it that far from KC for another year. You never seemed to be very fond of the idea about me staying in the army. I found out that I couldn’t take the test for Helicopter school Have you read anything about the 5 RCT going back to the states yet. It was in the Stars and Stripes that I sent to you and it was in again yesterday about the 5 taking reenlistments.

Don wonder Don doesn’t like the army from what I have seen of the 24 Div. They don’t show me much. The officers aren’t even sharp as they ones in the 5RCT. They don’t have very many Sgts in the out fit. I should do O< if they move in here where we are like they say they are. The George Co of the 19th only had 3 Sgts. Our company has about 12 or 13. They have a bunch of wise guys too. I don’t think they will get along with this bunch we have. We get some mean guys here. We got along with the 45 guys when they moved in but when we move in with the 24 I don’t think we will click. There was a Cpl Section leader here and he came in saying he was Section leader in the 24th and he had is squad leaders all picked out and everything. I wonder what he thinks I am. I have rank and time and grade on him. I guess I can use that if he try to get smart. The 45 knocked us out of our jobs when they moved in and I guess we can the same thing to them.

Well I don’t have much more to write about so I will close. I should get a letter today. If so I will write.

Lots of Love, Ted

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three letters. Sept 2, 5, and 7, 1954

Sept 2, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Another month started yesterday. Won’t be long till I’ll be here a year. Sept 7. I got to the company on the 8th.

Not much new here. We are still pulling guard and probably will be till about the 15th of the month. I pull it about every 4 or 5 days. Sgt of the Guard. I don’t do anything besides that. I just lay around and sleep in the day and go to the club at night. Sure getting lazy. The other guys pull guard every day. The last time I was a guard I gave those Korean workers a fit. I took a pistol belt off a Korean kid. He went and got the National Police to try and get it back but it didn’t do him any good. It had US stamped on it. It was a better belt than the one I had so I changed it and turned the old one into the arms room here at the company. Once before a Korean had a pistol belt holding up a size 40 pants which were two sized big for him. I took it off of him and also a T shirt. He left the gate holding up his pants with one hand and his lunch pan in the other with no T shirt. I arrested two for trespassing on one of the piers and turned them over to the MPs. That’s about all I do on guard is go around all over the ships and piers 3 and 4 checking on different things and people as well as my guards. The people down there move out of my way when they see me coming now. I get a bang out of it. Some guar are afraid to say anything to them. I cal sure tell the Koreans off when I get started and they stand there with their head down.

Something happened here this morning I wont ever forget. I got a big kick out of it. My practical joking come out on me once in awhile. Out cigarettes we get here are wrapped in wax paper. 3 of us took our cartons and opened them up and too the smokes out of them and then filled them up with card board to make them firm and then sealed the paper around them agin. We had 5 empty cartons when we finished and they looked good. A couple of guys took them out to the fence in back of our company and sold them for $10.00. As soon as the Koreans had hold of the 5 cartons they knew they was nothing in them and the GIs already had their ten dollars. They really raised heck. Our whole platoon was out there laughing at them. The Koreans had their family out swearing at us for taking them. We sure had a good time. The Koreans are always stealing etc and it did us goode to put something over on them for a change.

Nothing new on moving yet. A couple of guys got orders for the 25 Div to Hawaii. I don’t think any of the outfits have moved. I think ours will be the first to go and it will be this month. I don’t know where I will go as of yet.

I got 5 letters from you today. One had pictures in it that you took in Colo. Sure were good. Glad you liked the slides I sent. I guess from the way you write about Don that he didn’t make any rank yet. It’s pretty hard to do in some outfits.

The storm never did hit here. Just a little wind and rain. What kind of Mercury did Dick’s sister get. She got stung I guess for 3,300. Don’t know what kind of car I will get when I get home. Might to to some honest crook and ge a good used care like the Olds I had. I thought I came out OK on that deal. I bet Evelyn’s care is really nice. Is that what they call a Starfire. I guess Jim thinks he has a rough basic training cycle. Good thing he is only getting 8 weeks of it.

That sure is something about the ring. I know it came out of one of your letters as I felt it in the envelope before I opened it up. (note: I guess no one back in KC new anything about it. It could be the power of suggestion but the more I hear about the ring the more a little spark goes off and I can almost see me putting one in the envelope while thinking he might want to get married. But that is a stretch.)

Well I can’t think of much more to write about. I will write again later when there is something to writer about.

Love, Ted

Sunday Sept 5, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much doing today. Everything is quiet. Yesterday I was on guard again and I wont go again till Wed. That gives me 3 days between guard that I don’t do anything. This is the first time since I have been in the army that I’ve got to take it easy.

I haven’t had any mail for a few days. The last I had was the 5 I got with teh pictures of Colo. I did get a letter from Arkie. He was telling me about KC etc. I hope to get a letter form you today. I will probably get several. Not much new, about the same old stuff, nothing new about the move… I am sending a part of the Stars and Stripes. It tells a little about the 5 RCT, it finished on the back page. I have heard that the most of us with a little time left will stay right here in the camp. The 19th Regt of the 24 Div is moving in here by the 15th of the month, so I will probably be transfer to the 24 Div till I go home. The 5th leave on different dates. From15 till the 22 of Sept. Most of the guys that are going will be gone by the 21 of Sept. They are going to take a lot of guys that are rotating in Oct back with them on the ship. They won’t be in the 5th. They will get their discharge as soon as they get back.

Well there isn’t much more to write about so I will close. I’ll write later on today if I get any mover mail.

Love, Ted

Sept 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

It rained some this morning and looks lie it still want to rain. Yesterday was a hot day again. They had a carnival over at the Hialeah Compound for the last 3 days. It ended yesterday. It was put up to make money for the Korean Hospital fund. All the different units in the Pusan Military Post area had a booth. Most of it was gambling booths, beer, ice cream, duck the doll, etc. Simonie and I went together yesterday afternoon We sure had a good time. Ate at "Little Italy" a concession there. Had spaghetti and meat balls and pizza pie and read wine. It sure was good. Simonie call me the Missouri Wop (dagoe.) They had a "German Beer Booth" too. We filled up on German bear after eating. The beer was really good. The Germans make good beer. They had women serving it. The Germans have a hospital over here for the Koreans. The British had a lot of concessions too. Seemed funny to see all the different people here together having a good time. Germans, Swedes, US, Australians, English, Canadians, etc. It also seemed funny to see 50 cal machine guns sitting around in different place on the armored cars in case of a riot or something.

I got two letters from you. Aug 29 and 30. Nothing about moving yet. The 24 Div is starting to move in. The 19 Regt. What was Jane’s brother Regt and Company. He may be around here before long. If he is I’ll look him up. From the way they talk they won’t be around here very long either. I will probably stay right here in the same company and be in George company of the 19th Regt. Keep writing to the same address as you have been and when it changes I’ll let you know. Well not much more to write about so I will close.

Lots of Love, Ted

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letters dated August 25, 27, and 30, 1954

Aug 25, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well we got the news today from the CO that the outfit was leaving for the states in Sept. and would be back by Sept 30. But only 700 to 800 men would be going with the out fit. The rest would stay in Korea some place. Only key men could go. Platoon Sgts, Section Leaders etc. The only catch is you had to have at least 6 months to do in the army after Sept 30. So that put me out. I only have 4 months and 8 days to do. They may change it to 4 months instead of 6 months if there isn’t enough men. That’s my only chance. They told us we could re up and go. I was sure disappointed when I found out. I thought sure I would get to go. I will be sent to another outfit most likely that isn’t due to move right away. We will find out more about that later on I guess. I might get a break some how. I’ll let you know more when I find out something.

I hope if I am sent someplace else I can get into something besides an infantry unit because winter is coming soon and all the other units are up north.

You said something about reading about the troops leaving yet. Have you seen anything. It would have been nice to be home Sept 30 but I wont be long after that.

I had a letter from Dad yesterday and another can of cookies. To bad they laid some men off at Westinghouse. Wonder why. Wasn’t there enough work. Well I can’t think of any more to say. I’ll write you before long. Don’t send any more packages or anything of importance in you letters as I might move or something might happened to them. You can still write letter though.

Lots of Love, Ted

Aug 27, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I was on guard today and when I came in I had 3 letters from you. I had read in the Stars and Stripes about the units moving over here. I guess you have read may other letter about the 5 RCT leaving over here for the states. I guess the other RCT is the 187 RCT in Japan. I don’t know anymore about where I will go when the 5th leaves. They will leave about Sept 15 for the states. Everyone sure is sore because the way they are taking the men. Guys that have just been here 6 months are going in place of guys that have been here 12 months and more. The only way they can go is to re enlist for 1 or 3 or 6 years. A few guys are doing it. A Sgt took 6 years today and his bonus is about $1600.00. You get a months pay for each year you take and $300 mustering out pay and travel pay from Calif to you home plus rations and pay for the leave time you have coming. Sure adds up.

I could be extended for a year to go back but wont do it. You can re enlist to go to Hawaii with the 25 Div. I sure don’t know what they are going to do with all the guys they leave over here. May be they will send them home. I sure wish I could go with the 5th to the state. I would like to spend some time in the army there training those basic trainees.

Guess everything is going ok back home from the way you spoke in your letters. Guess summers is about over. Well not much new I’ll write you more later on.

Love, Ted

August 30, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Haven’t had a letter for a couple of days so I thought I would write a line this morning anyway. Seems like the letter come in 2 and d3s. I will probably get a letter today sometime.

I thought I told you about getting the spice cake. I got it in the field. I also got two cans of cookies this last week. They sure were good. Hope you didn’t mail a birthday box like you said as I might not be her to get it or I will be late getting it. I don’t need much of anything at all. You said Bill was coming home from Germany. Is he getting out of the Air Force or is he staying in. Glad you are getting the 50 dollars checks OK. Which account had 9 dollars in it. I didn’t know I had any left. How much money to I have left all together. There should be enough check to build it up over a thousand dollars by the time I get out of the army. I should have a least a thousand in Soldiers Deposits when I get home. I should be set up for awhile anyway. I get leave pay for almost 2 months and $300 mustering out pay. I can take it easy for a couple of weeks at least. Pay day is tomorrow again. I think I will put most of my pay in Soldiers Deposit. I think for the 2 yeas I have (almost 2 years) been in I have saved plenty of money that I would have saved in civilian life. Beside the 77.10 you get for Snapper. Couldn’t hardly to that with what I made at Westinghouse.

Not much new about moving. I heard that when the 5 moves in Sept that all the men due to rotate between then and Nov will rote home rather than get sent to another outfit. That misses me a little over a month. No word as what will happen to the rest of us. We will probably get sent to anther outfit that is staying in Korea or maybe get to go to another place close by. We might get a good dear out of it. Sgt Miller is trying to get me to extend for a year and go back tithe the outfit. Almost all the Sgt and SFC are going back in the company. We would all know each other and have a good time probably but we might get some place to far from KC and I wouldn’t get to get home very much and if I took another years I would loose my seniority at the job I have at Westinghouse. The outfits will be filled up with guys just out of basic or recruits and then train as a team like we use to.

Well not much more to wrie about. I am on guard tomorrow all day and that about it. It’s raining pretty good today. It s a little cooler than it has been. I’ll write later.

Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, March 26, 2012

Three letters dated Aug 20, 22, 24, 1954

F Friday August 20, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had a letter today Aug 13. I thought you would have more letters than you got. I guess I haven’t been doing a very good job of writing any more but seems like its about the same old thing all the time and nothing new to write about.

I heard over the radio yesterday that 4 Div would be leaving Korea. Today I heard that the 25 Div was going to Hawaii and the 2nd Div was going to the states and small units would also be leaving Korea. I am almost sure that we are going to move anyway but I don’t know where. We didn’t get any replacements and we need them. Those 900 men that were here from the 2nd Div are gone back now. Don’t know why they were here. They didn’t do anything while they were here and they were only here for 3 or 4 day.

We should know whether we are going to move in the next few weeks. I was on guard last night and I am off now till Sunday eve. I didn’t do anything today. Our platoon goes on guard everyday at 5 till midnight. Our company is short of men so we only have 3 relief’s now. They changed it from the company roster to the regular relief. I only pull guard only every 3 days because our Sgt change over.

You said something about the ring again. I think I told you in all the letters about it. I can’t figure out how it got in the letter. I figured it was put in there by Snapper or Dad as a joke. I laughed about it (note: I don’t read ahead so I don’t know if the mystery was ever solved.)

Well the storm blew over and it didn’t amount to much. The sun is hot again and it’s the same old thing here. I have 4 months today before I am due to rotate but I think I’ll still be home by Xmas. Time goes by fairly fast now. I sure have thought a lot of coming home lately. Its going to seem funny to get back to civilization again. We have a new Co Commander again. 1st LT Goldsmith. Think he will be OK. I am sending a few Guard Rosters. Thought you might like to look them over. Did you get the slides I sent. Hope that one of me doesn’t scare you (with the helmet line on) Well I’ll write gain soon.

Love, Ted

Sunday Aug 22, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I guess you have been reading the paper about the Divs moving out of Korea. I guess our outfit is leaving soon. I here its to the states but it is jus a rumor. We are supposed to move the first part of Sept. You write something about sending a birth day package. You better not as we might be gone before I would get it and I don’t need anything. I can buy most anything here I need and I have more than I need now. So why don’t you wait.

I am going to be on guard tomorrow again. I had a letter from you yesterday. Well I hope that if this out fit leave this sp place I can go with it. I will sure be disappointed if I don’t get to go. They wont take every one. I have had a cold the last few days. It’s the firs t bad one I have had since last December. Not much new to write about so I will close . Will write again later.

Love, Ted

Aug 24, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Mot much new to write about but thought I would write a line to let you knw everything si fine. I gout your can of cookies yesterday along with a couple of letters. I get a kidk out of seen the pictures again of the old man next to Jim. (note: he is talking about a picture my grandfather took with his brother in law Jim. He had put on a wig etc.)

I guess summers is about over in KC and Snapper will be going back to school. I didn’t notice the seasons here much. Just the months and pay days. I have been here in Korea about a year now. I hope I don’t have much longer to do over here and that I get to leave with the outfit when it leaves. I am certain now they will leave but they may just take a few troop with them when they leave. You have probably been reading about the Div moving etc. It will all bee soon. The Koreas don’t lit it and they have parades and carry signs. They say we are afraid of the red etc. I get so mad at these people over here and how stupid they are.

I was on guard yesterday and we had quite a time with the people on the docks. LT Wheeler the O.G. took two gooks off for fighting and after he left some other Korean was running down the docks from a Korean policeman. He ran past me and I told him to halt withy my .45 and when he didn’t stop I put the .45 back in my holster and took out running after him and when I was a few feet from him he stopped and the Koran policeman worked him over. We caught a couple of Korans stealing and we took them in to the MPs. We also found a baby in the water some one had thrown in to get rid of it. Sure was a sight.

The IG is here today looking over the company. The weather is fairly good, not to hot, no rain. Well that’s about all that I know new. Write me any new s from home you herar about the troops moving.

Lots of Love, Ted

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two letters dated Aug 17, 1954

¦ August 17, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new at this end but thought I would write you a line and let you know every thing is OK.

I was on guard yesterday all day. Not much of anything went on. It was fairly quiet. I went to be early last night and today I don’t have much to do. I go on guard again tonight at 3 PM till midnight.

I haven’t received any mail from you yet today (or yesterday) but will probably get a letter today. I have the 35 color slides ready to mail and I will try to get them off today. I took some of Fuknyoka, Japan and on the LST on the way back and some of the K9 Beach we went to that day for the company party.

The guard is mixed up this time. I hope they get it straight this time. Its done by company roster rather than by platoon like it was the last time. Everyone seems to think the 5th is moving soon but no word on it for sure as yet. I doubt if it will be back to the states. I forgot to tell you not to send anymore packages for a while as the hot weather they are not keeping to good and we might be moving soon anyway.

Have you heard from Arkie yet. He should be home by now.

Well I don’t know much more to write about so I will close for now. I’ll write again soon.

Lots of Love, Ted

August 17, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

This is my 2nd letter today. I got a letter from you awhile ago telling me you saw Arkie and you also sent the clipping about the 3 Div moving out of Korea. That makes sense , the rumors I have heard about us moving and I think I have told you about them. I hope we are luck to move and not have to stay here and black. (note: I don’t understand, but there is no other way to read the line.)

Arkie sure has gained weight hadn’t he.

We had s storm warning at noon and took all of our signs down etc., nail the window shut etc. A typhoon is coming around 5 PM today with winds up to 70 mph. I am going to be on guard on the docks. I hope it doesn’t get to bad.

I had a letter from Jim today. Didn’t have much to say. Sounds like his basic is much better than mine was.

Well I don’t know much more to say. Just thought I would write you a line and let you know the news. When I heard something I’ll let you know. How come Don doesn’t like the Army. Will write later.

Lots of Love, Ted

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letters dated11, 14, 15, 1954

Aug 11, 1954 Wed

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had several letter from you since you left home but I haven’t answered them yet. I saw the Royal Gorge in Colo when we were out their in 1947 and also Sladia and the Minarck Pass. It was a pretty drive fro Sladia to Colo Springs.

Not much new here to tell. It is still hot and we have been in the field everyday and it was so hot that 28 men passed out from the heat and they called the problem off and sent us down to the creek to cool off till evening. We have a field problem I the morning and then we will go back to Pusan tomorrow afternoon. Guess we will have guard again. I got the slides back I took in Japan and Pusan on the beach. I’ll send them to you. I thought you might stay on your trip longer than you are but the card I got today said you were ready to start back to KC. To bad Snapper got to feeling bad. I wrote two letters to Casper and 2 letters to Cheyenne. I guess you won’t get them now. I would have mailed them to Colo instead if I had known soon enough. (note: We went as far as Colo and the trip was nice enough but I do remember getting sick which might have had something to do with the altitude. I still have trouble being over 7000 feet even in a non pressurized plane.)

I still hear rumors of the 5th RCT moving but don’t know anything as yet. Hope they do move because the time will seem to go faster when we move even if it is just here in Korea. I have been hear all most 12 months now. Well I’ll write again when we get back to Pusan.

Lots of Love, Ted

August 14, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well we came back from the field Thursday afternoon and yesterday we cleaned up all of our field equipment and this morning we had an inspection.

Its been hot here for the last couple of days we have been back. Even the nights are hot.

They gave everyone a box of stationery this morning and it has our patch and regt crest at the top. How to you like it. I had a letter yesterday that you write when you got back home. You didn’t stay long on you trip. I thought you were going to stay longer.

We start guard tomorrow again. I thin it will run about the same as last time.

Well I am still section leader in the 57s. So far it has been OK and my section had the best inspection of the 4th Platoon etc today. I have 3 squad leaders under me and each squad has 7 men in it so that makes about 21 men I have to take care of and it is a job at times. You have all kinds of guys to put up with but they don’t seem to give me much trouble and seem to work pretty good.

I think there is something going on over here, I don’t know just what . Thursday when we came in the Regt Commander took 2 platoons from Fox Company and sent them to Seoul and they flew them up there. I don’t know what for. They had a riot or something I heard.

This afternoon we have been cleaning up our area for a company to move in. So we may be leaving here before long. When I find out I’ll let you know.

Well I can’t think of much to write about any more of interest. Same old stuff around here. I’ll write you again in a while. Hope Snapper is doing OK now. Wish I could have been with you on the trip. May be when I get home we can to Yellow Stone. When I get the letters back from Wyo I’ll send them to you.

Lots of Love, Ted

Sunday August 15, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I haven’t done much today. It sue has been hot today. Yesterday the 2 Div of about 900 men moved into this camp and each company here is feeding about 150 men. No one knows for sure just what they are doing here. The word is that they are here to help out in an expected riot here in Pusan and to help guard etc. Hope they are going to take over and we are going to move out. Time will tell.

Well I will be on guard in the morning from8 AM to 5 PM. I am Sgt of the Guard this time instead of Pier Sgt. I’ll be over the guards on Piers 3 and 4 of about 37 men. Quite a bit of responsibility but I can do it. I like to pull guard because there is always something going on.

I had a letter yesterday from Dad with the pictures of the Opera House. Sounds like you really had a nice trip.

I didn’t know Mr Ritter was Super of Cave of the Winds. (Note: Mr. Ritter was the principal of Mt Washington grade school when my grandmother went there. He had retired and moved out to Colo I guess. She came upon him by accident while walking through the cave. He is the one who placed Mama with Mother Stone, her Foster Mother.)

Your tirp sure didn’t cost you much and your car did good too. Sorry to hear about Mr Garett, what was wrong with him.

Did you get the letter about me telling about the ring? (note: this about the 3rd time he has mentioned this.) Did you ever figure out where it came from. Did you ever get those $50 checks. You haven’t said anything yet.

I looked at the slide today through a viewer, they seemed to be pretty good. I’ll send them to you as soon as I can.

Did you ever read in the paper about my going on R&R etc. You might have missed it while you were gone. Some of the guys are getting mail from home telling them it was in the paper. Well I’ll write you again later on.

Lots of Love, Ted

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letters dated Aug 3, 4 and 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had three letters tonight. I hadn’t had any for a couple of days now and I was glad to get them. Today is the first day we have had that the sun shined. It has rained almost everyday and night except this afternoon.

We fired our 57 today and it was pretty good. Sgt Wood left yesterday and 15 others. I am about 56 on the list now. When we were in Masan I was 122. I have had the section since Sgt Wood left. It’s a little better than a squad. I figured you would be going to Yellow Stone on your vacation and I wrote 2 letters to Casper and 2 to Cheyenne. I guess if you don’t go they will send them back.

That sounded like a real meal you had with the bunch at the chuck wagon dinner. You seemed not to know about that wedding ring I got. I wrote it in one of the letters I sent to Wyoming so I will write it again.

I had a letter from either Dad or Mom and when I opened the letter this ring was in the letter. It was a plane band and it would hardly fit on m little finger. It was tarnished and not bright. I thought it was a pretty good joke and that Dad probably put it in the letter or Snapper for a joke. If you didn’t do it I am wondering now who did do it, I am wondering about it now.

Well I don’t know much more so I will close. I’ll write again soon.

Lots of Love, Ted

Wed Aug 4, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had a letter tonight from you, a box of cookies and a Union Beacon from Westinghouse. I know Jack McCleary. I didn’t know he worked at Westinghouse. How long has he been there. He is a Fairmount boy and he was a year ahead of me in school. I was in a lot of classes with the girl he married. I can’t remember her name. Jack and Jimmy Underwood were in the Coast Guard together. Tell him hello when you see him again.

I guess by now you are well on your trip and when you read this letter you will be home.

Well we didn’t do anything today much. This morning we got to got to the water falls and wash our selves and clothes. The sun was out good today and it was plenty hot. I sweat just sitting around and when you exert yourself it runs off of you. The water was ice cold and you could not stand to stay in it very long. This is sure a crazy country. It looks as if it might rain tonight. I got sun burned today and my back is a little sore and it’s the first time I have been sun burned since the summer before I came in the army.

Well we have about 10 more day out here and when we get back in Pusan and get cleaned up we will be ready for the annual IG Inspection. It will be Sept and after that just 2 or 3 more months and I will be on my way home. I look to be home my Xmas but don’t count on it. Well I guess that is about it for now so will close.

Lots of Love, Mac

Aug 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I haven’t had any mail for a couple of days. The last one I had was written the night before you started on you vacation. I guess by this time you will be on you way to the vacation land in the scenic Colo Rockies. Well it hasn’t rained here for a few days now but everyone wished it would. It is sure hot. The day before yesterday we were out in the field and it was 6 miles out. We were all ringing wet with sweat when we go there and it was fairly early in the day. We were to start our problem after lunch and by the time we had left our position and went back to eat lunch everyone was about out of it and had chills. We didn’t have anyone pass out in our company but another company had 12 pass out from the heat. Bn called the problem off till evening. Everyone just go in the shade and laid there. A cloud came over and we had a down pour that lasted for a few minutes. It sure felt good and cooled things off. It seemed to come from no where. It just rained in our area.

This AM we had an inspection and this afternoon we went to the swimming hole and cooled off. That’s about it. We will be here till about the 13th, that’s next Friday and then we will go back to Pusan and I don’t know what will take place after we get back there. More guard I guess.

This has been about the worse I have seen in the field. Even the winter wasn’t as bad as this. No one got along, men are sick and its either hot or muddy. Things are not to good in the company since the 1st left and Capt Book awhile back. Nothing seems to go smooth any more and since Sgt Josephson left while I was on R&R to go home the 4th platoon hasn’t been to good either. So far I like this staying out in the field. Wouldn’t mind staying longer. I like living out in the hills, eating out and sleep on the ground and walking thought the hills and washing in a water fall. Most of the guys from the south and west like ti pretty good too and the ones who have trouble are mostly from the east. Seems like there are a log to guys from the south and west in the company. So I put Missouri in the south and west. Call myself a rebel and Save you money because the South will rise again.

Hope your trip is going OK and Snapper is enjoying it.

I haven’t heard from Jim yet or anyone else. The letter I wrote Larry wasn’t much of anything. He asked me about the women in Korean and the army etc. and I told him. Hope Evelyn doesn’t blame me for him leaving his job. I tried to encourage him a little bit.

Well I don’t know much more to write about so I guess I will close for now. Will write again.

Lots of Love, Ted

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letters from July 30 and 31 1954

(note: this letter also was addressed to General Delivery Cheyenne, WY. The date is just as he wrote it. A touch of dyslexics?)

July 30, 1945

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had 3 letters tonight, 21,23, and 24 July. Sure glad to hear from you. Well another pay day tomorrow. They sure fly by. Not many more to go over here. Did you ever get the 50 dollar check yet for that other allotment I made out. Not much new here. It hasn’t rained here today just drizzled and the mud is not quite as bad as it was. We had classes today all day. I got the picture you sent. The color pictures and the plain one of Snapper and his teacher and chum. That has been quite awhile. I think I have had most of the ones you have sent. Hope you didn’t nail Sgt Wood any packages as he will rotate before he get it. He and Sgt Wright will go any time. Sgt Wright seem to be doing on OK now

No that picture Pony Express was a new picture. Charlton Hesston played Buffalo Bill Cody. The story was different that the firs I think. What picture did you say I looked like a Sgt. Which picture were you talking about. Did you get the little billfold shots I sent yet. How did you like those.

About the wedding wring All I can tell you is that I got a letter from either you or Dad and when I opened it up this plain gold Wed ring fell out. It was a small one. Would hardly fit on my little finger. It was dull like brass gets after a while. I thought maybe Dad put it in the letter for a joke or Snapper sent it to me. If I still have it I will send it to you. (note: still don’t know what that is all about.) I figured you new about it. I got a kick out of it. Would like to write Jim. When you write him tell him I sent a letter to his address in Springfield and 2 his first army address in Ft. Bliss. Haven’t had several letters from him. I know the mail doesn’t get lost. So tell him to write. So far I have only had two letters from him.

So far I have written 2 letters to Casper and this is the first letter to Cheyenne. Hope you get them. Think I will just write one more letter to Chy and then the rest to home. Didn’t think you would leave till Aug 2 or later and I am afraid you wont get any more if I mail them later on.

Everything is going fine with me and I am enjoying the field training. Some of the guys don’t like it because of mud and rain but they are young soldiers just over from the states. They crack up, cry etc on the road march and one guy sat on the side of the road and refused to go any further because he said the Co commander said we were only going two miles and we had already gone about 3 or 4. He really blew his top. Another guy today said his arm was paralyzed and couldn’t go on detail or to the field and the platoon Sgt told him to get off his a--- and move. He started crying and they hauled him off to the hospital. You should see the different kind of people in this army. I get a kick out of it.

Well I guess I am going to clean up tomorrow. One of the boys in my squad is baking now and brought me down a piece of cake tonight. He is just helping out. Well not much new to write so I will close . Will write one more letter . hope you are having a nice trip.

Lots of Love and wish I was with you, Ted

July 31, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I am writing another letter today at the end of another month. Today was pay day and I only have 4 more to go over here. They are getting less and less. We didn’t do much of anything today. Had a little inspection this AM and that has been it. I got paid today 123 dollars. I guess they held out a $50 this month and I think last moth too. Have you received any yet you never have said yet. I went to the PX that opened up today nad bought some things to keep from getting hungry between meals. It has been cloudy today but it hasn’t rained and the mud is packed down pretty good. I am getting plenty of sleep etc. Hope you are having a nice trip. I would like to go there some day myself. I guess you are taking a lot of pictures. Wish I could have sent you mine to use and you could have made slides. Well not much knew. This is the last letter and the 4th one I have written. The rest I will write home.

Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, March 12, 2012

July 29, 1954

Note: This letter too was sent to General Delivery, Casper, WY and sent back to Independence. The mystery continues.)

July 29, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

How is your trip going by now. OK I hope. How is the car going and what kind of mileage are you getting with it. I didn’t get any mail today. Will probably get some tomorrow. This is the 2nd letter I have written to Casper, Wyom. The next I write will be to Chy. You didn’t say what day you were leaving on your trip so I won’t know how many letters to write to you at Wyom.

Not much new with me today. It rained all day yesterday and all night and all day today except this afternoon and it just drizzled a little . This morning we went on a road march a few miles at this afternoon we had off to clean up a little of our equipment, reifels, etc. and went to the waterfall and took showers or baths. The water is sure cold. Alsmost ice cold. Comes right out of the mountains.

Not much more news to write , hope you get this mail I am sending OK. I think I will just send 2 letters to Casper and 2 to Cheyenne. Will write again tomorrow.

Lots of Love,Ted

Sunday, March 11, 2012

July 28, 1954

Note: This letter was mailed to Casper, WY but forwarded to the regular Independence address. You will see why later.)

July 28, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I hope you get this letter OK and hope you are surprised too. I guess you are having a nice trip and wish I could be with you. I had a letter from Dad today mailed the 22 of July. It was to bad about Mr. Patterson. I didn’t think he was 65 years old. (note: Patterson was a neighbor up the street. His daughter about my grandparent’s age was a wicked old woman who use to harass all the kids on the block and called them Fart Dobbers. One of the guys about my age ended up throwing her in the lake one summer years later.)

I haven’t heard from Jim for awhile now. I guess he is plenty busy. He will probably be awhile getting my mail I sent to his old address. I guess that this address you sent is his basic training address, at least it sound like it. I get you mail OK. Some days I miss but the next day I get 2 or 3. The last letter I wrote was yesterday to home but I don’t think you will get it before you go on your trip so I will tell you what I am doing.

Yesterday we moved out in the field. We are about in the same area as we were last time. We didn’t do much yesterday but set up our pup tents and dig drainage ditches etc. Last night I went to the show and saw "Scoutmaster." It sure was a good show. Early this morning it started raining and it has rained every since. We didn’t do much today but work around our tents fixing them so they wouldn’t float away. It’s sure a mess here. It’s all mud. We are supposed to stay her till Aug 13 or 14. There are a lot of guys who have come down with diarrhea and it is in the whole Bn. The Col has it and the Co commander and most of the men. So far I have been OK. They think it is the water. It started about a day before we moved to the field. It has hit the whole Pusan area. It it gets worse we will probably go back in. I hope not as I don’t like to move. I have moved about 75 times since I have been in the army. It won’t be bad here if it quits raining. You get so you feel like you are part of the rain and mud.

How did you like the Yellow Stone and Black Hills. I bet Snapper is really enjoying it.

Well I can’t thing of much more to say. I’ll write again to Cheyenne. Did you go through Cody. The gunner in my squad is from there. His name is Cpl Glen Fish and his wife’s name is Betty. His father’s name is Gen too. We are showing our tents this time. (note: I don’t know what he means.) Will write soon.

Love and Lots of it, Ted

Friday, March 9, 2012

July 27, 1954

July 27, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well it was just a year ago to day that the fighting ceased over here. We moved out in the field today to the same area we were last time only we set up a little ways from it. We will be here till about Aug 13 or 14. I don’t know just what our training will be as yet. I think we will have some live fire problems.

I got a letter yesterday with the letter of Jim’s. Enjoyed reading it. I have just had one letter from him and have written him about twice. Tonight I got the letter from Dad telling about going to the Black Hills and Yellow Stone, Casper and Cheyenne and Colorado. That sound like a nice trip and I bet you will all enjoy it. If you leave Aug 2 you might not get this letter before you go but thought I would write it anyway.

My gunny Glen Fish is from Cody, Wyom. You will probably go right through there on you way to Casper. I think his Father’s name is Glen. His wife’s name is Betty. He is sleeping in the same pup tent with me and he is a Cpl, came from the 45 Div. I thought I would tell you about it.

Well I don’t know much more tow rite about, home you have a nice trip.

Love, Ted

Thursday, March 8, 2012

July 24, 1954

24, 1954  Sat

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Today is Saturday and I haven’t done anything all day. The platoon is on guard and I have just stayed back and laid around most of the day. I haven’t had a letter fro a couple of days but this afternoon I had d3 letters, 2 dated the 16 saying you had not had any mail from me for so long, one on the 17 saying you just got two letter fro me. I don’t understand why it was so long before you got any mail from me. I wrote in the field before I went on R&R and when I came back I have written at least on an average of every other day. I have been getting most of you mail. I wrote the other day and told getting the photos etc. I got the mint candy the other day too. Sound like in you letter it cooled off a little. You haven’t said anything bout the tem going to 120 and all the people dieing from the heat. I saw in the paper today that they had another heat wave. Wish you could get some of the rain we have been getting over here. It has rained steady and hard for about 3 hours now and the way it does over here, it won’t stop for a long while. Because of that we don’t suffer to much from the hot weather.

I am glad Snapper likes to play base ball and its is nice he can go a lot with Quinton to the ball game and be a bat boy. May be when he gets older he will play a lot of base ball. (note: Quinton was my great uncle who was really a base ball fan. He played ball for many years and had some sort of an association with a minor league team. He would take me to the games and I would be a bat boy. I remember doing a pretty good job of it. On a side note, he and my other great uncle Jimmy, use to take me to see the KC Athletics down at the old ball stadium. They would sneak in a bottle of vodka, buy me a large orange drink, have me drink half of it then fill it back up to the brim with the alcohol.)

I sent the Zipo lighter the other day and I also sent the color films to Hawaii to get developed and as soon as they come back I’ll mail them to you. It takes about 3 weeks.

No more news abut moving and as far as I know we are going to the field about the 27. We haven’t done anything since we have bee pulling guard. We have only had oane hour of PT since we left Masan. It’s going to be hard to get started again.

I am on guard tomorrow night and it might be the last time for awhile. I haven’t heard anything from anyone back home. Would like to hear from Jim and learn how he is getting along with his Sgts and what branch he is in.

Well don’t have much more to write for now. I am sorry it was so long between my letter but guess you will receive them regular now. I’ll write more later on.

Lots of Love, Ted

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

July 22, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I had a couple of letter and a nice box of candy. The candy sure is good. I had a letter fro Larry too. He wrote a nice letter. Asked about army wars and waves etc. I sure got a kick out of what Jim R said in his letter about his Sgt and hoping I wasn’t like that. They just have to be like that especially around a basic training camp. He should see some of the Sgts we have in this company. Sgt Slone the 1st Platoon Sgt is about the meanest one I have seen yet. I think I sent you a picture of him. The other might he was Sgt of the guard and he caught a new guy sitting down and he hit him in the head with his night stick. Nothing was ever said about it. Our First Sgt got relieved and transferred because he was mean and to hard on the troops. So Jim hasn’t even seen any Sgts yet. Wait till he sees some of the 12 and 14 year Sgts.

I was on guard last night from 4 till midnight, not much went on. I guess I will go on tonight from midnight till 8. I like that shift now because one of the Sgts is our platoon is on R&R. We only have a couple three or 4 days left before we go out in the field anyway.

How is the hot weather in KC now. You ask about the weather here. It rains most everyday. It is hot but not bad. Some nights it’s hot and before Arkie gave me a mosquito net I had to cover up with a blanket to keep from get bit up. I guess you will be going on your R&R – vacation – soon after you get this letter. That sounds like a nice trip to make. Yellow stone should be nice that time of the year. Wish I was going to the states but no chance for awhile yet. I heard they had a cease fire in Indo China. That should ease things up a little. I mailed you a lighter I bought in Japan. It’s not just like you wanted but that was the nicest I could find. I have a roll of color film that I took in Japan and I am going to mail them to Hawaii to get made into slides. Well we are going to the field the 27 so it’s just 5 more days. We will be out there 2 or 3 weeks.

Well don’t have much more to write about so I will close. I’ll write again today if I get any mail in.

Lots of Love, Ted

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

July 20, 1954, Thee letters.

July 20, 1954

Dear Mama-san, Papa-san, and Baby-san

I got a couple of pictures this eve from Japan that I had taken over there in Fukuoka. Thought you might like them for your billfold. They are not too bad.

I just got 3 of them made.

I got a letter form Dad to night and one from Larry. (note: another cousin.) I am going to write him soon. I went to the show tonight and saw "Take the High Ground." It was a good picture.

Well not much more to write about now so will close.

Love, Ted

Dear Snapper 

How are you? I hear you are quite the swimming expert now. Have you got those Sgt stripes sewed on yet? Have you been taking it easy with the hot weather. So far it hasn’t been too hot here. I had a letter from Jim. He is in Ft Bliss, Texas taking his basic training just like I did at Camp Roberts. Those pictures I have of you are sure good. I show them to everyone. Mama said you are a big boy now. You must really be growing up. I am glad you like base ball. Hope you play a lot of it. I sure do miss you and will be glad when I get home Write to me.

Lots of Love, Daddy

July 20, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I have the day off today. I won’t go on till 4 PM tomorrow. I was on from midnight till 8 AM Sunday night. Wasn’t to bad. I sat on the ship "Indian Mail" and ate peanut butter sandwiches and drank coffee most of the night. It was a US ship and was on the way to Hong Kong and Indo China.

Almost had a little excitement around the docks. I lost my helmet liner climbing off the side of a ship trying to get a Korean in a little boat that had pulled up besides a barge.

I guess it has been hot in KC. I read in the paper it was 120 one day and in your letters you wrote about it being hot. Hope it doesn’t get you down to much. I haven’t had Larry letter yet. I had two from you yesterday and one from Jim. He is in Ft Bliss waiting to start his basic. There was a troop ship that left Sunday night before I went on guard. I kind of think Arkie was on the ship.

I guess you are seeing some good shows at the Starlight Theater. I am going tonight and see "Take the High Ground." It an army picture. It’s about a basic training company. Have you seen it yet. You want to see it if you get the chance.

Sorry to hear that Lowell was sick and in the hospital. Hope he is OK now. I haven’t written them for a long time. Guess I’ll write them again one of these days.

I still have the color pictures yet. I am going to send them off and get them developed and send them to you. What kind of viewer did you get. A little one or a big one. I’ll take some more when I get a chance.

I think we have about another week on guard and then we go back out in the field for a little less than 3 weeks. That will sure kill the month of August and then I will just have Sept and Oct and look to go home the last of Nov. Time goes fast over here, at least it has been.

Sgt Oliver got relieved off his job. The new company commander didn’t like him to well. I always got along with him and yesterday he came in my hut and woke me up and said there was an Embarkation school in Japan for 4 weeks and said I could put in for it. He isn’t first Sgt any more but he just told me about it. I don’t think I’ll go because you have to have over 6 months to go in the Far East. The school in Embarkation which means Troop moving. Ships etc. You hae to be a least a Sgt to go.

Well I don’t know much more to say so I will close.

Lots of love, Ted

Thursday, March 1, 2012

July 17, 1954

17, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Just a few lines to let you know I am fine. It’s rained all day today and it hasn’t stopped yet. I took the noon relief down to relieve the guard at dinner for an hour and it rained hard. Water was running off my rain coat on to my pats and down in my boots. I had more water in my boots than on the outside. I am not a guard tonight but will be tomorrow from midnight till 8 AM. Think I will go to the club tonight. I forgot to tell you in my last letter that the day Arkie left he sent over his mattress and mosquito net. He sure likes me. He tried to give me everything before he left.

Yesterday a guard we had a little excitement. There is a little settlement next to the Pier and they have beer for a couple of hundred years I think. They had been stealing things so the army put barbed wire around the village and wouldn’t let them in or out trying to make them move. They were starving them. An old mama san through rocks and swore at us and she would chew on the wire with her teeth. She bit one guard’s finger and she even would wrap her self up in the barbedwire when someone would try to get her away. She was doped up I think. The MP men were there and all kinds of people around. I was the Sgt of the guard on the Pier so I had to be there. She finally cooled down. They are moving now.

Well that’s about it. I’ll write you again tomorrow.

Lots of Love, Ted