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Sunday, October 30, 2011

May 9, 1954

Sunday  May 9, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well have finished another day of guard.  I was on the gate again.  It rained last night all night.  It hasn't  been to cold lately.  I think I will go to the show tonight and see "Bad for Each Other." 

Haven't heard from anyone lately but you and dad.  Didn't get any mail today.  Had one last night, May 2.  I guess you are pretty busy taking inventory at the plant now.  That was always a job before. 

We have a new Lt in the company now.  He signed the slip for the packages I sent home and noticed I was from KC.  He asked me last night where I lived and I told him Fairmount.  His home is in KC and he lived around 31st and Woodland or Brooklyn or close to there.  He graduated from Central High School in 1950.  His name is Snyder.  He is just a young guy.  When I found out more about him I will let you know.

I sure enjoy my boots.  They really fit good and look nice. 

I just finished eating.  Someone said today was Mother's Day.  I thought it was next Sunday.  Wish I could send you something, but there isn't any place to get anything.  Happy Mother's Day anyway.  Snapper's birthday is soon. You can buy him something with the money I have if you want to.  He is growing up I guess.  He is 7 this month.  It sure doesn't seem like it.

I will know whether I make Sgt or not this week.  I sure hope I can.  But there is a good chance that I wont.  If I don't make it this time it may be awhile yet. 

Well don't know much more to write about so I'll close.  Well lots of love to all of you.  Will write again soon.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

May 7, 1954

Fri  May 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

How is everything at home.  Last night I had MP duty. Had a good time at it.  Have a little excitement after pay days with drunks etc.  I had the morning off so I worked on my boots. I put my zipper boots in the box my crown boot came in and wrapped it up.  I am sending a few other things home too. Pair of gloves and a pair of suspenders that are in the toe of my boots. I am sending some pictures, film neg, papers etc that I thought you might like to read. I will give it to the mail man tonight and get it on the way.

I had a letter last night from Dad.  I was wondering if Grace Stewart still worked at Westinghouse when I saw Arkie. Well can't think of much more to say for now so I will close.  I'll write again later today.---------------- Well not much new went on today. We just finished cleanig up the hut for inspection.  I got you letter dated May 1st tonight.Guess there isn't much more to say for now so I'll close.  I took my boots and mailed them tonight.  Let me know when you get them.
Lots of Love, Ted

Here is another patch for Snapper.  It is the patch of the Infantry school at Ft Benning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

May 5, 1954

Wed  May 5, 1954

Dear Mom,Dad, and Snapper

I am on CQ tonight. I just finished guard and my name came up for CQ.  Not much to it except sit in the orderly room and answer the phone etc. I wake the 1st Sgt up in the morning at 5:30.I get to sleep anyway.

Last night I got a box of pecan balls.They sure were good.  Tonight I got a letter from you dated April 29.  I guess everything is going OK at home.  Yes my appetite has perked up since I came in the army.  I eat three meals day. I go to breakfast with another squad leader and Simonie. Smith gives me his eggs.  So sometimes eat 4 to 6 eggs for breakfast.  Simonie gives me his cerial.  I don't seem to gain any weight over here.  We don't get milk. It is all condensed and mixed with water.  When I left Japan I weighted about 175. I think I am down to 170 now.  I don't seem to be fat though.  Arkie is is first cook where he is.  That's why he gets by with stuff and gains weight.  He cooks and does good.  He has several under him including a cpl.

I didn't have to buy a razor but I did.  I think the one at home is broke. My neck was breaking out from shaving so much.  It is cleared up now. 

I can thing of anything I need except the mahogany dye.  Should be getting it before long. I don't know much new to write .  Everything is about the same. Well guess I will close for now.  I'll write you again later.
Lots of Love, Ted

Monday, October 24, 2011

May 3, 1954

May 3, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Sat night our party went off very good.  Had free east's and drinks.  A band came in and played and brought 30 girls.  The party cost $180. It came out of Co. funds.  Sunday I just fooled around and rested up after guard that we had Fri and Sat night.  Sunday my boots came.  I sure like them.  I thought they would be to small at first.  The length is OK and after I wore them for a few minutes they felt good.  So they are OK.  I have been polishing them.  I wish I had some mahogany dye to put on them.  Guess I will get some in time.  Did you say you got some.  You never did say anything about sending it.  I got the polish OK. 

Not much new here.  Our outfit is almost sure to leave this summer, around July or Aug.  Sure hope I can go with them.  Wont know till time to go.

Today I had a detail putting horseshoe pits in.  That is about it for today.  Tomorrow we go on guard again.  You asked me about my trip to Pusan. 3 day pass.  I told you about that in another letter.  So wont say anymore about it.  Yes that was Arkie in the picture.  He is 225lbs.  Last time you say him he was 187, so he looks different.  Remember the horse shoe you had while in the army.  I still have it.  Think it has brought me good luck since I have been in the army.  I wouldn't take anything for it.  I keep it with my personal things in my footlocker. (note: apparently when my grandfather was in the Calvary one of the things he took with him when discharged was a horse shoe.  He gave it to Dad and he carried it with him the entire time he was in service.  This is the first I have heard about this.)

I sure have been doing a lot of different kinds of stuff.  Painting, building, etc.  What I learned at home sure helped a lot. 

They fired our house girl and now we have another one.  They make $16 a month.  We all put in and it only cost be about 66 cents a month for cleaning, ironing and washing.  Not bad is it.  I have been getting you mail regular now.  Had a letter tonight April 27.  Haven't had any packages since the ones on Easter.  Don't know for sure whether you sent any since then or not.  Got the big box you asked about.  Shaving lotion was OK (note: remember it is really whiskey.)

I am going to send my jump boots back home, the zipper ones.  We can't ware zipper now and they need soles and heals and sewing anyway.  I will keep them till I get home.  Don't bother to fix them now.  I'll be glad to get the picture you said you are sending.  I have more to send you that I haven't had. 

Our show opens tomorrow night.  The old man said I couldn't sell tickets in the theater because of guard.  So I wont be making any extra money.  I saw two shows lately, "Torch Song" and "Appointment in Honduras."  Hope to see some good ones here.

Sounds like you are having some nice weather back in KC.  We are having some good weather here.  A little cool at night because we are right on the ocean.  Tries to rain some every day.  Glad you are saving up on the beer.  Can't wait.  You are really fixing up the house arn't you.  Bet it looks nice when you are finished. 

Well don't have much to say so will close now.  Sure like my boots.  Whish you could seen them.  I will mail them home before I rotate.  Will write again later.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

May 1, 1954

May 1, 1954

I haven't written for a couple of days.  There is not much to tell.  I got a letter form Jim the other day dated April 18 and then a couple of days later I got one that was dated Mar 22.  It was late.  I don't remember whether I told you about me making out another allotment for $50 to Dad and you.  I made it out so I could build up my account at home.  I think they held 50 dollars yesterday so you should get another check for 50 sometime in May, besides the regular check you get.  So you should get a check for $50 from y account and one 77.10 for Snapper.  I only drew $108 yesterday.  I figured I should get around 150.  Have you ever got a check for $77.10 yet.  Let me know when you get the checks and how much and when they are made out too.  I put $70 in Sol. Deposit.  I know have $550.  I hope to put from 50 to 70 from now on every month  I would like to build it up to 1000 before I leave and also the one at home a 1000.  If I make Sgt I will draw $160 pr moth.  Now it's 135 a month.  You can sure save money in the army.  I think I am making more now than I ever made hat home.  I didn't have anything coming out of my pay to live on so that make a lot of difference. 

We are building movie now.  We have two projectors seats etc.  You pay 25 cents for the move.  We have 5 shows a week.  Lt Wheeler is manager.  I am going to take tickets as far as I know.  I will get $1.25 per each show.  That's $6.25 per week.  Only work an hour a night and I can see the show free. If it works out I am going to make a little extra money. (note: An enterprising bunch, wonder where they get the movies?)

I am on guard now..  I am cpl of the guard again.  Today the troops are restricted to the company because this is May Day and it a Communist Day for the Reds.  They are celebrating in the town.  I ride in and post a guard at the water tower and see them.  I don't think its to safe to mess around any.  I keep my 45 pistol laded when I am on duty.

Yes I remember a year ago when we were in San Fran.  I didn't remember the exact dates.  Time sure has gone by fast.  Maybe if I get to come back to the states this summer you can take another trip to where I am.  I am sure the 5RCT is moving out of Korea but I am afraid that they will do the men like the 45 and 40 div did.  I sure would like to go back with them when the go.

I guess they are really laying off back home now.  I have been wondering what  I am going to do when I get home.  I wish I knew.  You never say much about it in you letter and I don't have much more to do over here the way time has gone.  I have been here 8 months now and have 7 more  months on my tour of duty.  I wish I had some kind of a plan when I get out but I haven't much.  I am not looking forward to getting out for some reason.  I'll be glad to get home and see you all though and eat some real food.   Sure miss you although. 

Tonight we are having a band and 30 girls come inn to the dance in one mess hall.  It should be OK. Tuesday our show opens up.  The Company clerk told me that Captain Book put me and 2 other cpls in for Sgt the 28 of April.   I should know whether I make it in a couple of Weeks.  I am sure looking forward to it.  Still no R&R.  They are only sending 150  a month from  5RCT.  It used to be 1500 so you can see the change.  I may not go this month.  In fact it may be the last of June.  I have money enough to go

I should be my boot before long.  I have my dye cans so I can dye them right away.  Well don't have much more to say.  I will close for now.  Well write tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

Saturday, October 8, 2011

April 25, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I don't have much to write about but guess I will write a few lines to let you know everything is OK.  Haven't heard much of any news about moving.  Thursday night we were on guard.  I was on the main gate again.  Fri night when we got off guard Simonie, Guthmiller, and my self went to town.  Didn't do much of anything.  Drank a few beers and bought some cigarettes at the PX.  The black market in Pusan is pretty bad.  You can buy 3000 Won for 10 dollars.  If you go through the bank you only get 1800 for 10.  You can get 900 Won or 3 dollars for one carton of camels or lucky strikes.  More for the kind size.

Saturday we had inspection as usual.  Last night I stared building a foot locker and worked till 930 and finished it today.  Other than that that's all I have done.  I might go to the show tonight.  Not much else to do besides that. 

I don't seem to get any mail any more from anyone.  Haven't heard from Jim Rountreee for a long time.  I got a letter last night from you.  You asked me who paid the girls.  It cost each man about $1.50 a month.  She sews, irons and washes everyday.  She starched my clothes for me.  Irons and keeps them looking good.  I gave he some candy and gum the other day out of the package you sent.  I got the 50 dollar money order OK but not the boots.  I should get them is the next few weeks.  Did you order the dye from Cochran or what , you never did say.  I'll need dye for them when I get them.  You said in your letter that Don Underwood moved to where we did.  The 24 Div moved to where the 45 Div was.  The 3 Div moved to where we were.  I don't know who moved to where the 3 Div was.  Well hope I get some mail this eve.  If I do I will answer it in this letter.
Lots of Love, Ted

I just got three letters.  One of them was from Jim Rountree.  He didn't have to much to say.  Didn't say anything about his business.  The two letter from you were Easter Sunday and the 19th.  Sounds like you are having some nice weather.  Glad you had a nice Easter.  I enjoyed the packages you sent.  I don't know much of anything you could send except what you want.  I can get most of anything I need really.  I don't know how long we will be here.  We are going over to the Marine base to the show tonight and see "Give a Girl a Break."  Well guess I'll close for now.   
Lots of Love, Ted

Friday, October 7, 2011

April 22, 1954

Thursday April 22, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I haven't written for a couple of days.  I had MP duty in town the other night.  It is a good job.  All we did was walk around the streets.  I was with a US and Korean MP.  Had a green helmet, pistol, billy club.  We walked around all the beer joints, side streets, whore houses etc and looked for trouble.  We walked from 745pm to 1015pm.  Then I came back to the camp and slept all the next morning. 

I opened the packages.  They were sure nice ones.  I enjoyed the Easter eggs and mint candy in the little package.  I liked all the things you sent.  Magazines and all.  Also the shaving lotion.  Both bottles.  The ginger cookies in the regular mail package were very good.  They were just as fresh as they are when you send them airmail. 

I hope to get my boots before long.

Last night I got a letter from you dated March 29.  I don't know why they were so late.  The other letter was dated April 15.  You wrote on the bottom of the letter about just getting a letter from me at Pusan.  Seems like it was a long time hearing from me.

I don't remember Bill Harrington.  I think I would remember him if I saw him.  Six years is a long time to be in the army.  You asked about Sgt First Class and how many stripes that is.  A Sgt has 3 up and one down, an SFC has 3 up and 2 down.  A master Sgt has 3 up and 3 down.  So he is in between.  Master Sgt is hard to make.  We don't have one in our company.  Our first sgt is one but he works in the orderly room.  He has 3 up and 3 down with a diamond in the middle.  He is the same as a Master Sgt only he works in the orderly room and not in the field.  He is the NCO right under the old man.  We call this one First Soldier.  Burt Lancaster was a First Sgt in that picture From Here to Eternity. (note:  they have changed it around now of course.)  I would like to make SFC while I am think I can make it because I don't have enough time in the army.  They have good jobs and make good money. 

You asked what Bn I was in.  I am in the 2nd Bn.  Zink was or is in the 3 Bn.  1st Bn is a Koje-do, 2nd Bn is at Pusan and 3rd Bn is at Tageue.

We have a lot of PT here and I sure can feel it.  My feet and legs are sore all the time any more.  Yest they cut the R&R down quite a lot.  I am close to the top of the list for going but I don't care to much about going.  May put it off for awhile.  There is quite a flare up in Indo China (note: Viet Nam even back then.)  Do you think they will send troop there. (note: how prophetic.) There is a lot of talk about the 5th RCT moving out of Korea but I have been wondering where.  They are the best trained Regt in Korea and they only RCT.  It would take us about one hour to load up on a ship.  They talk pretty strong about going to Camp Carson.  I hope they do and I hope I would be one of the lucky ones to go back with the Regt.

Arkie just called.  Just wanted to say hello.  Well I go on guard in a few minutes so I will close.  I'll write you again later on.
Lots of Love, Ted
PS  I couldn't find out what that was on the envelope.  I showed it to the interpreter at MP Hq.  He said he did not think it was Korean.  I wrote o the paper what he thought the words were.  (note: Don't know what he was talking about.)

April 20, 1954

Tuesday  April 20, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I am back at the Co now and just finished dinner.  In about an hour I am going to town on the MP patrol.  Haven't done much of anything today.  I got back to the Co yesterday eve about 5pm.  I came back with the mail bag.  I searched around in it ad found 3 packages for me.  I opened one of them.  It had a can of mahogany polish (one) and two spice cakes.  We ate them coming in the truck.  They sure were good.  There were two other packages in the bag but I didn't open them.  I guess I will get them tonight.  I got an Easter card from you and Dad, it was a nice one.  I also got one from Ev and Jim.

Sorry you have to go on nights Dad.  It might not last long.  You should get more money any way.

I had a good time with Arike.  He gave me two cans of Australian Butter.  I gave one to Lt Wheeler.  He set it on the officers table.  The old man sure ate it up.  Sometime I will ask him for a pass to Pusan again so I can get him some more butter.

I am looking forward to the packages.  I hope I am still here when he brings them up. 

Well the rumor is pretty strong that the 5th RCT is moving out of Korea in July or about.  Hope I go with them when they go.  Well  don't have much more to say for now.  I'll write you tomorrow.
Lots of Love, Ted

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday  April  18, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Today is Easter Sunday.  I am in Pusan with Webb.  I came down yesterday morning and have enjoyed everything so far.  I came down with the mail man and Webb came over to pick me up in a jeep.  He has a good company.  He is first cook in the mess.  I sure have eaten good.  Yesterday at noon I ate at the 5th before he picked me up.  When we got here I ate again.  Last night I had a big steak and French fries.  Best I have had since I haev been in Korea.  This morning they asked me if I could eat 5 eggs.  I said yes so he fried me 7.  I ate 7 eggs, ham, chipped gravy on toast, coffee etc.  Also we had some cream butter. (note: Webb is also called Arkie.  Mom said he was sort of a con man.  Seems like he knew how to use the system.)

It rained yesterday all day.  They had a dance in the mess hall last night.  They had mixed drinks for 20 cents a drink and beer for 15 cents.  Had a GI band.  I bought an electric razor last night.  It's a sun beam, for $18.  I thought I would try it out for awhile as my face is soar and chapped from shaving everyday with water this is not quite hot enough.  If I don't like it I am going to sell it. 

It is not much like Easter here.  It is cloudy and the sun tries to shine though only in spots.  I guess right now you haven't started your Easter yet.

Well have to go back tomorrow.  Hate to leave.  It is better than R&R here.  Arkie has the house boy make my bed, shine my boots.  He has the KPs serve me at the table.  The officers don't even get taken care of like I am.  He is quite a guy.  I don't know how he gets by with things.  He has his own phone hidden behind his clothes on the wall.  The mess Sgts even ask him before they do anything.

Well I don't know much more to write about.  I'll write tomorrow when I get back to the company.  Wish I was coming home before long.
Lots of Love, Ted

Saturday, October 1, 2011

April 16, 1954


April  16, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got you Easter Card tonight and a letter from dated April 9.  Sorry to hear you have to go on nights.  I wonder why you are.  I wouldn't think they would put you on nights unless you wanted to go, may be they have something in mind for you. 

I was on guard Wed night and all day yesterday till 6pm.  I was cpl of the third relief though.  All I did was see that the guards were posted and relieved etc.  I like it OK.  We will probably change around next time.

Yesterday I had the postman pick up an electric iron in Pusan PX.  It was a Westinghouse open handle iron.  It cost $8.25.  Cpl Smith the other squad leader in the hut went in with me.  That ought to sound good in the Westinghouse News, that I can press my fatigues in Korea.

I went into town last night and got another stamp made.  The one below is the one I had made. (note: he means a rubber stamp with his name in capital letters.)  The one I did have was the one I had made in Iwo and the other one is a hand made one I got here.  They don't print to good on this pad.

Sunday night our platoon goes on guard again.  I wont be here because I got a three day pass starting in the morning.  Sgt Jo turned my name in for me.  The old man asked me where I wanted to go.  I told him so I'll go in the morning at 7:15 and come back Monday afternoon.  I will get MP duty Tues night.  My first time for that. (note: he doesn't say where he is going?)  All they do is walk around the clubs and streets looking for trouble, etc. 

Well don't know much of  anything new so I will close.  I am sending some more pictures that I had developed.  These are not as clear as the others because they were developed in Masan.  There are three in our old area in north Korea.  You can place them side by side and get a good idea what our area looked like.  Will send a few more later on.
Lots of Love at Easter,
I sure liked the Easter Card.