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Saturday, February 18, 2012

July 16, 1954

July 16, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I just got off guard.  I was on a day shift today.  I had a few letters.  Some of them took awhile to get here.  I had a letter from Jim today and he said he was in the army and was going to Camp Chaffee, Ark.

I liked the pictures you sent.  They were sure pretty. 

Wed night I went over to see Arkie for the last time.  I had 4 charcoal cooked steaks and a ½ fried chicken.  They had a little party as he was leaving the next day.  He said he was going to see you when he got home.  I don’t guess I will be coming home before Dec the way things look now.  I’ll probably be home before Xmas anyway. 

I have been wondering what the wedding ring is for.  I don’t think I will need it for anything. (note: I don’t know what he is talking about.)  You better take your vacation  on the 16 Aug as I doubt if our outfit is moving back.  I am send a couple of pictures I had taken on the street by some Jap on my R&R.  He sent them to me.  The cost was about 500 yen.  Well not much new so will close.
Lots of Love, Ted

Thursday, February 16, 2012

July 13, 1954

Tues  July 13, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I guess I will write you this afternoon while I have time.  I only had a one letter since I wrote you last.  It was from Dad dated July 4.  It had a picture of Snapper in it.  I read about the triple murder in the Stars and Stripes.  Didn’t give many details though.

I guess you know by now I spent R&R in Japan.  Wasn’t much going on there.  I came back from town and spend the day at Camp Hakatu.  Took in a show “Red Garters” had a few drinks at the Star Bust Club.  I toped the Tom Collins with a jucy T Bone.  I haven’t done much lately.

Our platoon is going on guard at and will spend 8 hours straight.  That’s the way it done now.  We (the platoon) put 8 hours on guard and have 24 hours odd.  For instance we go on at and then off till tomorrow.  That is all we do.  No PT, no training, and no details.  Being a Sgt I get off every other time so I get plenty of rest.  We can go on a pass, go to the beech or sleep and eat.  I have been doing a little reading her lately.  I was reading “The Long Wait.” By Mickey Spalaine and before I finish the book the picture was playing at the Bn Theater last night.  You may have seen the picture. 

The mail comes at a little past so I am looking for a letter any time.  It has been a long time since I have heard from anyone.  I never hear from Jim or Margie either.

I don’t know if you have heard me speak of Sgt Wright in the platoon or not.  He came from the 45 Div.  He had a bit of line time and was a little on the shell shocked side.  Not much as it could be but he is a nervous wreck.  Anyway awhile back he got a letter from his wife.  She wrote that she just had a baby.(by another because he has been in Korea for over a year.)  She had been writing for a long time and they were usual letters a wife would write he husband.  It came all at once and it really shook him up.  The Old Man relieved him of duty.  No onek new why.  He was ready to rotate anytime so I guess his wife wrote and told him before he got home so he could cool off.  He got extended a month when he was ready to go home.  Yesterday he told me all about it.  He knew I had been married before and he is my age too.  Florida is his home.  He told me he was really going to fix her when he got home.  That might be the reason he was extended.  So he could cool off a little.  I told him the best thing he could do was just be cool about it and ignore her and not let her know that he was the one that was hurt and he could hurt her more by not even talking to her or anything.  I don’t know…(note:  The letter ended there at the bottom of the page and no pages followed.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

July 11, 1954

Sun July 11, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well not much doing today.  Have taken it easy today (or this morning.)  Yesterday we had inspection and yesterday afternoon I went over to see Arkie.  He called and said he was going home this next Thursday the 15 of July.  He came after me and brought me back in a jeep last night.  Had a good time with him.  They had a dance etc.  He had a couple of steaks and French fries for dinner.  I should be on my way home in about 3 months after he gets home.  I don’t know if I will see him anymore or not before he goes home. 

Friday our company went out to the beech and had a party.  I swam in the ocean and it sure was nice.  The waves were the biggest I have ever seen.  Way over our heads and we had our air mattresses with  us and rode the waves in like a surf board.  We had fried chicken, potato salad, cold cuts and buns beer and coke.  Sure had a good time.  Hope we can go out there later on.

To bad about McLaughlin breaking his back.

About the classes I wrote about given in the field was on the 57 recoilless rifle.  I gave 4 hours altogether.  They were (note: could not read the next word.)  I was teaching the 57 RR etc.  I gave a class on the Range Estimation too.  Most all of it was talking. 

Well I don’t have much more to write about.  I will write you later.
Love, Ted

PS:  I still have the same job.  I was going to take over the 57 section when Sgt Wood left but we got another Sgt First Class who moved in the platoon so I guess he will take over.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

July 8, 1954

July 8, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new at this end.  Thought I would write anyway.  I got you can of cookies last night.  They sure were good.  Did I tell you that Captain Book left the company and is the Bn S-3 now.  1st Lt Hooper is CO now.  Book left before I got back.  Simonie told me he talked to the company before he left and said that he hated to leave the company as he had been here a long time and had watched the men grow.  Said he had a man go from Pvt to Sgt while he had been there etc.  He was talking about me I guess as I am the only one who had done that since he has been here.

Tomorrow our company has a part at K9 beech on the ocean.  Food, beer and cokes.  I still have my trunks so I will use them.  Bet I am the only one in the company with a pair.  Not much to do around Pusan.  They have a NCO Club for the 1st 3 grades.  It is nice.  They have a band and bingo every night.  Mixed drinks are only 20 cents.  It’s a nice club.  Only 5th RCT Sgts are allowed.  It’s run by the Regt.  We haven’t done much in the way of training since I have been back.  Monday we start guard down on the docks in Pusan. 

I am sending pictures I took in Japan and out in the field.  One of them was when Sgt Wood and I were taking a bath and had washed our clothes and waiting for them to dry.  Well not much more to write about so I will close.
Lots of Love, Ted

Thursday, February 9, 2012

July 6, 1954

July 6, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well it has been several days since I have written a letter.  I mailed one from Japan and I had to wait till I went back to Camp Hakatu to mail it.  I enjoyed my trip to Japan.  Not much to tell about it.  It cost me enough money there.  I saw some good show while I was there.  “How to Marry a Millionaire” – The “French Line,” “Pony Express,” “Red Garters,” and “It Should Happen to You.”  I took some color pictures.  I didn’t buy anything in Japan except a lighter for Dad which I am going to mail in a letter later on.  I looked at China and had planned to buy some.  They wanted quite a bit in town for China.  There it would have been about 100 for a 93 piece set.  I can order it here in Korea for less and get a better pattern.  I’ll look at the PX next time I am down there. 

I had several letters when I got back fro about the 18 to 28.  I enjoyed reading them.  Glad Jan is doing OK at the Dairy Queen. (note: Mom and sister’s sister-in-law worked at a Dairy Queen that summer for extra money.  It was sort of a lease situation.  The other lady ran off with the money at the end of the summer and didn’t leave Mom anything.)  I haven’t heard from Jim any more and have been wondering what he is doing now.  Glad Snapper is swimming good.  He stared plenty young.

I have quite a few pictures that I took in Japan.  I’ll send them a few at a time.  I also have some color pictures I took but I haven’t finished the roll.  When I do I will send them.  I have a registered letter I haven’t picked up yet.  I will before long.  I have a pair of Sgt stripes for Snapper too.  I’ll send them soon.  I don’t know if we will be going back out in the field again soon or not.  I wont mind if we do.  I have an idea that the 5 will leave Korea this month or in the month of August.  The rumors are pretty strong.  Better not wait on your vacation though.  Better take it now as I might not be coming with the outfit.  They might move to most anyplace. 

What has Keith said about the army.  What is his rank.  It must have cost a lot of money to come home.  When I was in Japan I saw the overseas telephone and I thought about calling home but it would have cost a fortune and I couldn’t have talked very long.

Guess it has been plenty warm in KC.  The weather here you asked about is all messed up.  It’s worse than Calif.  It rained wall 7 days I was in Japan except for a couple of afternoons.  I rains here all most every day.  It isn’t to hot and the night are cool.  Mosquitoes are bad.  We haven’t go or nets yet. 

I got a kick out of you getting rid of the rug.  That was an easy way to do it.  I do things like that just for the laugh I give myself. (note: My Grandfather rolled up the rug and put it in front of the house with a for sale sign on it and then ended up giving it away to a couple of kids who were walking home from school.)

That extra pay I wrote about was for the 5 years navy reserve I have.  You get more for each year you have in.  I haven’t  heard anything yet.  I haven’t done anything about the application for the Helicopter School.  I have to take a test and have’t been around long enough to do it yet.  If I don’t make it I wont stay in most likely.  I saw that picture “Elephant Walk” you wrote about.  The Photostats you sent were the right ones. 

Well I don’t know much more to say now.  I weighed myself in Japan, 178 lbs.  I didn’t think I was that heavy.  Well I’ll write again tomorrow.
Love, Ted.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

June 29, 1954

June 29, 1954

(note: this letter was written on stationery from the Daiich Hotel in Fukuroka, Japan.  The address was 528, 9 Bancho, Haruyoshi-machi, Fukuyoka Japan.  Tel Eukuoka, 2-2638, 2639,2630.  The above picture is a modern one but the same hotel.)

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I am on the R&R now.  Having a good time so far.  We left Pusan Sat eve and came across to Hakata port.  We were on a LST.  It only carried 150 of us and it was sure rocking.  It was raining and the sea was a little rough.  It all most rolled me out of be a couple of times.  When we got to cam Hakata we processed and they turned us looses about Sunday afternoon and then we came into Fukuoka and got a  hotel room.  There are 5 of us from the company.

Daiich (Die – E – Chee) means Number one which is an ex prison used by GI’s in the Far East to say they like something and if they don’t like something they say number 10.  The hotel is like a state side in a way  Room service and it is modeled like a state side hotel.  The street in front is about 10 feet wide and smaller than our alleys down town.  There is a GI club close by and that is where we have gone the past few night.  It’s cheaper than the clubs down town.  They have a band, girls and the drinks are on 15 to  20 cents a piece.  Last night they had bingo 500 dollars jack pot.  I didn’t win anything but I enjoyed playing.  Yesterday I looked around town and went to a Japanese show and saw the French Line.

 It sure was a good show.  The theater was nice and modern like our shows down town.  I think I will look around today for some China etc.  I will have to take it to Camp Hakata to mail it.  The camp is about 20 miles from here.  I have till Monday morning July 5 before I have to go back.  It has been raining every since I left.  Hope it stoops so I can take some pictures.  What do you hear from everyone.  I haven’t heard any fro Jim for quite a while.  The rumors are strong about ht e 5 RCT moving out of Korea  the 27 of July. Hope there is something to it.  May be Japan, Hawaii, or Camp Carson.  The other outfits may be leaving too this year.  I hope they do. 

Well I don’t have much more to say so I will close .. I have a few pictures to send you that I took in Mason.  Will write soon.
Love, Ted