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Thursday, June 30, 2011

January 9, 1954

Jan 7, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I thought I had better write you tonight.  I didn’t get a chance last night.  The houseboy washed my clothes yesterday and they would not try outside so I was busy doing them by the fire last night.  Yesterday we didn’t do much of anything.  I had head count in the mess hall yesterday for all three meals.  I haven’t had guard since I have been back.  May be because I am a squad leader or may be they forgot to put my name back of the roster.  I hate to ask.  Head count is just sitting at a table at the beginning of the food line and count the number of people who eat.  There were less than 200 who ate yesterday.  We got rations for over 250 men.  Our company is weak right now because so many guys are going home now. 

Last night I saw a good show.  It was “Fort Ti.”  It was filmed in 3D but over here it was just a regular picture.  I think you said you took Snapper to see that a while back.  The night before that I saw “Arrowhead.”  Tonight I saw “The Affairs of Dobie Gillis.”

Today we had PT.  We did nothing but double time or an hour.  It was cold and was just right for running.  This afternoon we had some Red Cross girls in the mess hall serving coffee and doughnuts.  They had plenty.  They also had some silly games they were playing etc.  That is the first time I have seen the Red Cross while over here but I haven’t seen enough.

Sgt Miller said Captain Book put me in for Corporal today and wrote a letter on me.  I don’t know what the letter was or what the outcome will be.  I’ll let you know in a week or two.

Didn’t get any letters today.  So don’t know much news from home.  Don’t know any news about rations or anything.  I think the guys who get to go will be the old timers.

Those articles in the paper you sent looked good didn’t they.  Sounds like the Reds might think a lot before they start up again.  I don’t think they will for quite a while any way. 

I heard the tour is only 12 months now.  I hope so. 

Haven’t heard any more about going to Japan yet.  Will probably leave around the 18th of Jan.  Just eleven more days.  We have been having an IG inspection the last few days and a big one this Saturday. 

We are going out on another overnight probably this Monday.  Hope it’s the last one for me for while.

What have you heard from Jim and Roslyn.  Hope the baby is doing OK now.

Well I don’t have much more to write.  I’ll write more later on.  They issued ration books today for cigarettes.  I don’t know how many cartons a week now we can buy but will probably be plenty.  They are trying to stop black market stuff.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

January 5, 1954

Tuesday, January 5, 1953 (note: a mistake in the date again, I guess he had a tough time getting use to the new year.)

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

We got back from our problem today at and haven’t done much of anything since.  I just took a shower.  Yesterday we left at and walked out to where our problem started.  We ate out there and we had to get up at to start our problem so none of us put our pup tents up.  I had my air mattress and sleeping bag so I slept on that.  Guthemiller and I put our sacks next to a Korean grave.  They lay their bodies on the ground and then but dirt over them so it is about 3 or feet high.  It made a good wind break. (note: OK, think about that for awhile.) 

We got up at and ate breakfast and started our problem.  I lit my hand warmer up, one of them that Evelyn sent and burned it.  It’s still burning.  It has burned over 24 hours now.  They sure are nice.  I put it in my sleeping bag and had to take it out because it got so hot.  I took a lot of pictures while I was out.  I hope they come out OK.

So Curler is on his way home.  I guess he will be home when this letter gets there. 

I just got a letter from Jim Rountree tonight.  He said he has had quite a time with the baby.  Hope he gets OK.  He said he sure thought it was nice that you have taken such an interest and helped them.

I just talked to my section leader and he told me that he put my name in for corporal this month but the platoon Sgt turned my name down because I hadn’t been on the job long enough.  So it doesn’t look like I will get it unless the Old Man puts me in for it.  He said he was also try to get me the section leader job when he leaves.  He leaves about Feb 1st.  He said they might put Guthmiller in his place because he had been her longer than I have.  Hope I can make it.  It sure is a better job.  I will be over the 3 mortar squads then. 

I don’t know where that sgt is that you sent me the name of.  I will keep the address and may run into him sometime.

Haven’t had any more packages.  I think I have all you sent.  I didn’t get the one you said McDonald sent with the manicure set yet.  The other packages I think I tell you about each time they get here.

Well not much new.  I will close for now.  May be by the time you answer this letter and I get it I will be in Japan.
Love, Ted

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

January 4, 1954

Jan 3, 1953 Sun (note: Dad addressed the letter like this, his mistake, not mine.)

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Not much new today but thought I would write you a short line.  I probably won’t get a chance to write for a few days or may be I can Tuesday if we get back.  We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for all night at least.  Its sure going to be cold out there sleeping on the ground but like they say in the Infantry, “It’s never to cold, hot, or a hill that can’t be climbed.  A job no one else will do the Infantry does it.”

We saw a TV short last night in place of a movie.  They don’t go over to much here.  I like them once in a while.  This afternoon we saw another Special Service Show.  It was put on by the guys in the 2nd Division.  I took some pictures of it.  I think I will go to the show tonight.  Not much else to do.

How are Jim and Roslyn and the baby now?  Hope it gets OK.

I didn’t get any mail today, may be I’ll get some later tonight.  Some times it comes around 2 or 3 times a day.

Well I am still looking forward to school in Japan.  It’s going to be quite a trip but will be worth it and I will see a lot of the country I haven’t seen for awhile.  I will go to Pusan on the train and then take a boast over to Japan and probably go by train to Eta Jima.  Besides the trip I will learn something in school.  If I keep on going to these instructor schools they will have me giving classes back in the company.  The school will be fairly easy because I had about the same course in NCO School only not as much time as 2 weeks.  What ever I do will be worth the trip however. I’ll miss a month of this training and cold weather. 

I was wondering what rank Glen had because I wanted to know if rank was very easy in Germany.  It sure is hard to get there.  Carlin I see made Corporal.  He was here when the war was on and only got corporal.  So you can see by that.  I hope I can make Sgt but it will be hard to do.  I have a good chance to do it.  If I would make SFC (Sgt First Class) I might stay in for another year.  Don’t worry though not much chanced of that.  They have a deal now that anyone who is a corporal or above can go to helicopter school  something like that would be worth while.  They graduate a Warrant Officer when they finish their training.  I will have learned a good trade.  The state patrol uses helicopters once in a while and before long they will be used for a lot of things. (note: Nostrodamas move over.)  So far I haven’t learned a trade in the army except hot to soldier 

Well I don’t know much know much more to write about so I will close .  I’ll write when we get back off our problem.
Love, Te

Monday, June 27, 2011

January 2, 1954

January 2, 1954

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

I got a letter today from Dad and he sent the newspaper clipping about sending troops home.  You asked what Div we are with, we are not with any now.  We are in the 9th Corp.  We use to be with the 3rd Div, 24 and 2 Div and a Marine Div, and a couple of others.  After the war stopped we were attached to the 9th Corp.  Just before that we were with he 3rd Div.  The 9th Corp has the 2nd and 3rd Div and one other but I don't know who it is.

I heard something about sending troops back but don’t know much about it.  I have heard that they are going to send the colors of 2 divisions back and make up the 32,000 men by the Divisions left by sending home the ones who have been here longer than any of the others and put the rest of the guys in the divisions that are left.  So I don’t know what the outcome of that will be. I can get confusing.  If they wait a couple of months I may be one of the lucky ones.  I have 4 months here now and I think the tour is cut to 12 months so I will probably go home in Sept anyway. 

The 5th RCT is a self supporting unit and is mobile, which means they can move around easy.  That’s about all they did during the war.  They got 4 points every month because they were always on line.  They don’t give us much write ups for security reasons.  They have been here since the war started and have more time here than any Division or unit.  A Regimental Combat Team is just like a Division on a smaller scale and easy to move around.  They have their own tanks and big guns etc.  There was only one other RCT here in Korea.  They moved back to Japan a couple of months ago to train and that was the 187th Airborne RCT.  It is possible they might send the 5th back home , when I don’t know.  It is better to forget about it till it comes true.

It has been snowing most of the day.  Not to cold though. 

We had our inspection today as usual.  My first time as a squad leader.  The Major from Battalion inspected us.  He asks a lot of questions usually.  When he came up to me he asked me questions about my rifle etc.  The Captain told him I was the boy who took third place at the NCO School.  So he just looked me over and didn’t ask anymore questions and went on.  They ask all kinds of questions to see how much you know.  Like where was your rifle made, what is the serial number, who is the Regt commander, how many men you have in your squad, where  they are from, what size boots they ware and all kinds of stuff like that.  They might even ask how many pairs of socks they have.

We have our problem Monday at for all night, might now amount to much.

I sure hope that Jim and Roslin’s baby is OK.  It sure is to bad they have had so much trouble.

Be sure to thank all the people that sent packages.  The Corley’s sent some Xmas puzzle books.  One book was for me and the other was from Marilyn “to my buddy.”  She said it was for some sort of competition.  I think I will give it to Simonie and have him write her and thank her.  She put her name and address on it.  Do you think she would like that.  He is a nice guy and 20 years old.  He came from Italy 5 years ago and has a home in Penn now.  He speaks as good a English as I do.  Tell her and see what she says.  She must be about 17 now isn’t she.  (note:  the Corley’s moved into the house next to my grandparents, the one Mom and Dad had lived in.  They eventually bought the place.  Marilyn was my trombone summer teacher years later.  The whole family was musical.  They were very active in the then RLDS church.  I suspect Marilyn had a little crush on Dad, you know the army guy, and the church or school had some sort of reach out to service men or something like that.  Seems as though Dad was trying to do a little match making here, perhaps to deflect any interest Marilyn might have had.  I am not sure what happened if anything.  The Corley’s eventually moved across the lake and Marilyn moved with them.  Marlyn became a teacher in the Independence School system.  I don’t know if she ever got married or not.)

Well I don’t know much more to say for now.  I’ll write again later.
Love, Ted

PS  The pictures were taken Xmas day,  I had just finished shaving (note: no pictures were enclosed by the time I got the letter.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

January 1, 1954

, 1954 

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well it’s another year started.  Last night I got quite a few letters and cards.  Some that had been sent to NCO School while I was on my way back here.  I got a letter from Carlen but I guess by now he is on his way home so I did write him.  I got a letter from Don Underwood.  He is with the 24 Division in Pusan.  He has it OK there.  I got a letter from Jim tonight tell of the baby being sick , you also said that in one of your letters.  I wrote a little to him last night but did not the baby was sick then.  I got an Xmas card from the McLaughlin.  He wrote a little note in the card.  I got one from JQ and it had pictures in it.  They are of you all and Daisy sure looked good.  Also the one of Snapper.

What was this about Margie going to marry some sailor.  I didn’t know about it, not that it makes any difference.  Tell me more about it. (note: well apparently Margie and Dad broke up while he was in the army, I gather he didn’t really care that much anyway from past things he said and from what I can remember.)

I didn’t stay up last night to see the New Year in.  I went to bed about .  Today I got up and ate breakfast and fooled around most of the day.  This afternoon they had a USO show, it was fair.  I finished one roll of film and one of the guys in the tent had a roll of color film so I put that in and took some pictures.  After the USO show we had a movie in the mess hall.  I saw the same picture at Camp Stoneman, “The Sailor of the King.”

I sure am excited about going to school in Japan.  I hope nothing comes up to stop it between now and then.  I sure am lucky.  I don’t know anyone who has gone to Japan from Korean to school.  They usually go on their way over (note: like Zink did in CBR.)

Glad everything is OK at home and Xmas was OK.  Hope you had a good New Year Eve.  I will write more later.  We have an inspection tomorrow and a all night problem Monday night.
Love, Ted
Orange-Bowl Oklahoma 7,  Maryland 0 Michigan State Won the Rose Bowl

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Years Eve, 1953

New Years Eve, 53

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I got a lot to say so I will start with the letter I got today from Dad.  The one you wrote Xmas even.  It sure was a nice letter.  The mornings have been cold here but the day warms up some.  Wed don’t keep our stoves on here.  It gets so cold the water in our waster cans freeze right here in our tent over night. 

This morning our company went on a moose patrol. We broke up into 9 patrols and went out in the hills.  Today is pay day and they wanted to catch them.  We caught 3 moose and one Chigee. (Note: remember that moose were Korean prostitutes and I am not sure what Chigee were.)  I took my camera and was going to take some pictures but when I saw them I changed my mind.  They were sure ugly.

We had the afternoon off again.  Today my grades came in from the school.  Sgt Miller is acting as First Sgt while our regular one is on R&R.  The Battalion Training Officer called up and said they wanted one man for Instructor School at Eta Jima Japan.  Sgt Miller turned my name into the Old Man right away and at he told me what he had done.  I said it sounded like a good deal.  After lunch they called me over to the company CP and talked to me.  Lt Anderson, whose wife lives in Kansas City, said he put a good word in for me at Battalion and said I could go probably.  So I went down to the Bn HQ at and talked to the S-3 officer and there were two other guys who had been picked from other companies.  He turned on man down who had on 6 months to go and he sent him back.  I think he had planned to send me all along.  He told this boy who was left to tell how many fingers he had open under his desk and boy said 1.  The Captain said no, I had two open so McAnally you will go.  I was sure surprised.  He was the same officer who sent me to the NCO School.  The company had put in a good word and he remembered that I came out 3rd in school so he wanted to send me. 

The school is at camp Eta Jima in Japan.  The same place that Zink went to CBR school on the way over.  It is the Far East Command School Center.  The course is Instructor Training, the same as I had in the NCO School.  It lasts for 2 weeks.  They said I would leave January 18 and take a train to Pusan and then a boat to Japan.  I will be gone a month or 4 weeks.  When I get back I will soon be on R&R.  So I have a couple of months gone before I know it.  I will give classes probably like I did in NCO school on probably more.  It is good that I came in good shape in NCO school.  It has helped more ways than one.  I’ll let you know more about it later on.

I haven’t seen the Old Man much.  He has been going to some kind of a school himself.

I got paid today and only got $68 as a pvt.  I should have gotten $93 and as a PFC $108.  I don’t know what was wrong.  If you could send me about $25 by money order so I could get it before I go to Japan I would appreciate it.  May be even $50.  I might see something I want to send home or something.  If I don’t spend it I will have it for R&R anyway.  It only takes a week to get your mail as a rule so I would just about get if before I go to Japan.  If not they will forward it to Japan.  Better not send any packages as they may get lost.  It will sure be funny to wear OD uniforms and not fatigues.  Not much going on here tonight.  No one is drunk yet.  I think I will go to the show.  I’ll write you more later and let you know the news.  We are going on a 24 hour problem Monday night so I probably won’t get a chance to write.
Love, Ted