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Saturday, June 24, 2017

March 25 - 31, 1053

Wed.  March 25,  1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I got two letters from you tonight.  They were long letters.  I am ok.  Still have a little cold but it doesn’t bother me much.  My feet get sore off and on.
I wrote Margie and told her to come out if she wanted to.   I have taken it for granted she was going to come out anyway.  I think it is all right if she comes out.  I want you to come out anyway.  The trip will be nice to make in your new car.  Bet it is nice.  I think you should have reservations at the guest house.  I don’t know which one.  May be you should write right away in advance.  There are a couple of towns close by, Paso Roables and San McGill.  You could stay there if something would happen.
I didn’t get the package yet.   I can use the springs this weekend.  I have guard duty Fri at till Sat at , on two hours off two hours.  Your rifle and yourself have to be clean (the army says standing tall)  I use the springs in my trousers to make them stand out like this (Dad draws a picture of his boots and boot blouse)  They make a ring out of the springs and put them in here (draws arrow).  Makes them neat and takes the wrinkles out.  The rubber bands have to be tight so they will hold my pants in place around the top of my boots.  I thought you knew.  That is the way we wear out trousers.  Hardly ever wear our low top shoes.  Have worn them two or three times since I have been here.  We also wear helmet lines all the time.  Steel pots go over those.  Never ware them except when we fire.
The other day we went out to the entrenching class.  Learned how to dig fox holes.  A lot of work for nothing.  We got them dug then filled them back up.  We learned how to put bob wire up.  Then we had a class on protecting against enemy aircraft.  They had us walking across a hill all spread out and then a plane came over and dived at us and dropped four sacks on us.  It was fun too.
Yesterday we went out and fired the carbine.  It’s a US 30 Cal M1 Carbine.  A light semi automatic rifle.  4 ½ lbs.  Regular M1 30 Cal weight  is 9 ½ lbs.  I scored 129 out of 140 first time I shot.  This is the bullet Jan made.  These come from LC.
They had a map reading class.  We went to the top of Map Hill.  It is almost straight up.  Quite a climb.  You can see it in that picture of CR.  It is way out and to the left a little bit.  You can see it by the roads and paths as you go to the top.  There are seats there at the top and a big board.  See if you can find it.
My legs are hard as rocks.  That is about all the infantry builds up for you.  I get more tan everyday.
Tomorrow I go out and fire for the rifle team or something like that.  4 of us who had high scored take the Btry’s new rifles out and 0 the sights. 
I don’t think I know Taseter, but I will look him up when I get the address.  Try to find out what Donald’s address is too.  I haven’t seen him sense he left.  Don’t know where he is.
Well I can’t think of much more to say.  We have been cleaning the barracks for a regimental inspection.  Here is a cartoon to give you an idea.  Looking forward to the package.  Enjoyed the last one.  Didn’t last long.  Where did they send Richard Jacques?  Well I will write again soon.
Love,  Ted

Sunday.  March 29, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad

How is everything.  I took a pass yesterday.  Keith and I came to Paso Roables.  Stayed all night here.  Not much to do here.  Came to the USO to a dance last night.  It was crowded with GI’s so we left and went to a dance at Eagle Hall.  Same thing there.  We went to bed about 1100 and got up at 11 this morning.  We are just fooling around now.  Going back to camp in a little while.
I bought some infantry brass and some 7th Armored shields and an infantry belt buckle.  I can’t wear them until my 8th week.  I wont be in basic then.
 I can get a pass alright as far as I know.  You can stay in the guest house but you should have reservations.  I will try to make them.
I did get to go out and fire the M1 on the rifle team but they postponed the actual firing for awhile.
We learned to crawl through barb wire and over trenches Fri morn.  I came in at so I could get ready for guard duty.  But I didn’t do any guard duty, they had enough.  I left and went to the show and saw “Trouble Along the Way.”  The troop did not get back until just before . 
Sat we had 2 classes and inspection till .  I had my pass then.  Sure felt good to get away.  This isn’t much of a town, too many GI’s.  They treat you like dogs everywhere but the army stores and the USO.  I bought Snapper a T-Shirt.  I got a size 8.  Didn’t know the size.  Let me know what size he wears. 
I am doing ok.  I sure liked the box.  The candy was really good.  Didn’t last long because it was my favorite.  The springs were just right.  They sell the springs here for $1 a pair.  I sure could use some razor blades and tooth paste etc.  My lips were ok by the time I got the chap stick.  They healed over night.  The garters were just right 2, the adjustable ones.  I like them.
Well not much more to say.  I will write you again before long.
Love,  Teddy

Sunday.  March 29, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad

I got back from Paso Roables a while ago and I picked up some pictures I took last Sun  and Tue before.  They are a little better than they have been.
Not much new to say except I wish I could be home  Easter Sunday.  I am going to clean out my foot locker and go to the show later on or go to bed.
Let me know what day you think you will be here for sure.  I am going to try to call the guest house now and let them know.  I think I will tell the 1st sergeant you will be here and may be he wont put me down for guard or KP.  I have to tell him in advance.
Well let me know if you get my cards and 2 pictures.  I could use some more stamps too.  Take the money I have in the bank to pay for things I have you send me.  I will get paid Tuesday and you should get an allotment for Snapper within a week or two, let me know how much it is.  Also if you need any money for the trip use mine.  Just leave me enough to fly home in case I don’t have it when the time comes.  Tell Dad he may as well let my car go the first chance he gets.  I should get 1500 or more.  He can put his car in the garage and let mine set out.  Well I will close for now.
Love,  Ted

March 31, 1953

Dear Snapper

How have you been.  I sure miss you a lot.  Are you looking forward to coming to Camp Roberts next month.  I am glad you are doing good in school.  Keep it up.  Do you like the pictures I send home?  I got your picture you drew for me.  I keep it in my foot locker.  Did you like the T-shirt I sent you.  If you want another one let me know.  I wish I could be home Easter and be with you.  Well be a good boy and go to school and learn all you can and go to Sunday School every Sunday.  Mind your Grandma and Grandpa.  I still love my boy.
Love,  Daddy

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