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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

April 5 (Easter) - April 8, 1953

Easter Sunday (April 5)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Here I am in Paso Roables again.  Keith Underwood and I came in.  Every place was crowded.  We got a room in a motel for 2 dollars.  Four of us stayed there.  Three slept in a bed and the other guy slept on the floor.
I got your package.  Sure liked it.  I am pretty well set up with candy and gum now.  Cookies were good.
We have been firing the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle.)  That is all we have done that amounts to anything. 
We went to church service Fri afternoon and yesterday we didn’t get away from Camp until about .
You never did say if Snapper got the T shirt I sent.  Let me know if he got it.  I mailed a picture to you and Margie that they took of us the first or second week of basic.  I got yours back twice and Margie’s once because I did not have enough postage on it.  I guess you will be later getting it.
I don’t remember anything I said about calling.  I might call this afternoon though.  Well hope you have a happy Easter.
Love, Ted

Wed night  8 April 53

Dear Mom and Dad

Well have been busy lately again and haven’t had time to write.  Monday we fired the BAR again and Tues the same thing.  We are finished with that.  Today we started on the 30 cal machine gun.
I got to come in early today and work in the supply room.  We had K rations today.  This morning I had beans and franks and tonight I had sausage gravy.
Some body stole $90 out of a guys foot locker and they restricted all of us until further notice.
We have been digging around the barracks again so they could put sod out.  That is why I haven’t written you. 
I got your pictures, they sure were good looking.  I enjoyed talking to you Sunday.  I went to church Monday night again.  Mr. Clark has the servicemen take turns reading as 2nd reader.  He asked me to read next Monday but I told him I didn’t want too.
I am getting along alright.  I just got a letter from Arkie.  He is in Tacoma Washington (Ft. Lewis)  He is waiting for his orders.  He said when he was home he saw Jan at Bakers no. 2.  she was with some girl and she offered to buy him a drink.  He said Jan married a truck driver.  Later he comes in and asked Arkie if Jan was a nice girl.  Arkie told him that he just knew her through me.  He said Jan went out with a friend of his and mine and when she left she gave Arkie her phone number.  That makes me plenty sore that she does me that way.  Has she changed her name yet?  I would just as soon she doesn’t use my name anymore.  She probably lies about why she got a divorce.  Find out about that name.
Well hope you still come out when you plan.   To bad dad has to work Sunday before you come out.  Do you think you will be here before to late in the week?  I am sending you another picture.  This one is of the boys I live with, they are in my platoon and barracks.
Keith isn’t in the picture.  He was gone when they took the picture. 
They just told us that no one goes to bed till the $90 is returned. 
We still double time a lot.  It’s easy anymore.  We double timed for about 3 miles with out stopping the other day.  My legs don’t tire out a bit.  I run out of wind before my legs tire out.  My feet bother me once in a while.  Well let me hear from you.  I will write more later.
Love,  Ted
PS  the box you sent was fine.  It’s all gone now except for a few chocolates.  I don’t need anything.  I have plenty of gum and stationery.  We don’t get to chew gum much.

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