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Friday, June 23, 2017

March 21 -23, 1953

Sat. March 21, 1953

How is everything now?  Well I made it another week.  My feet bother me again a little bit.  Did a lot of hiking this week.  They gave out passes to guys that wanted them and could say their general orders.  I guess I could have gotten one if I had known my general orders.  I didn’t care for a pass anyway.  I didn’t know where to go and there was no one going that I knew.  I would rather wait till you come out.  I would have more of a chance to get one.

We had two hours of map reading and then we had a physical training test.  We had pull ups, squat jumps, push ups, sit ups, and a 300 yard run.  They scored us on all of it.  I made average on everything but the 300 yard run.  My feet just won’t move to fast, but I did well enough.  That is all we did this morning except did a little more in front of the barracks.  They have been digging for a week.  They are going to put sod in front of them.  I am sending you some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.  The pictures I took didn’t seem to be clear.  Don’t know what the trouble is.  May be they don’t develop good enough.

Fowler is the same age I am.  He comes from Wisc.  He was our platoon guide and now is acting platoon sergeant.  Our corporal who I told you about got into trouble.  He was caught gambling and owed about $200 to guys in our barracks (told you about him getting us off detail if we would take him to the show) He was taken off the cadre.  He has been in the army 4 years now.  Fowler is taking his place now.  He still trains with the rest of us. Lucks sleeps right above me.  He comes from Okla.  He sounds like he comes from Texas the way he blows off.  Almost all the guys who come from the south blow off all the time and try to run everything.

I am sending you a picture of Camp Roberts.  Our regiment is located in the right corner of the parade ground (across the parade ground.)  Our Battalion is located about the center of it.  Can’t see hardly where.

I don’t see Donald anymore sense he was transferred.  This Leo Taylor was in Don’s platoon.  He is an odd sort of guy.  He isn’t just right or something.  He came from Crowder with us.  That surprised me about that.  Don and I are always joking about him.  We also help him when we can.  He just doesn’t just catch on to anything.

I think it would be alright for Betty to come out to Calif.  Find out where Don’s address is so I can look him up.  I won’t see him for awhile if he is starting over unless he comes over here.  I plan to call you tomorrow afternoon.  I think the rates are the same all day long on Sunday.  I haven’t got your cookies yet.  Will get them Monday I guess.  May be after this you should send them on Sat or Mon.  We get mail at on Sat and that is all.  I got a letter from you.

I went to the PX and got cigarettes, film, lighter fluid and sterling silver dog chains.  Dog chains cost 78 cents.  The other one marks my T shirt. 

Well I guess I will go to the show tonight.  I haven’t been for a long time.  Tomorrow I have to work a little on my clothes etc.  My Ike jacket came back today.  They didn’t set the button of the side over so I have to do it now.  Well I will write you again tomorrow.  Write me the news.
Love, Ted

Monday night,  March 23, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad

Just a short line to tell you I got the box of cookies tonight, they sure tasted good.  K rations again today.  We have them 3 days a month, 3 meals a day.

Thurs morning I go try out for the rifle team here at Camp Roberts because I got the highest score in our Btry.  Don’t know what it will amount to yet.

Margie called tonight and said you told her I should ask her before she comes out.  I told you it was alright with me if she wants to come.  I am not going to beg her. 

I went to church tonight.  It was nice.  Kind of a Sun and Wed service mixed.  Mr. Clark the first reader asked me to his house Sun.  I have guard duty this week (Sat).  They gave me a Quarterly and CS dog tag.  There were about 10 people there altogether.  The Chaplain is just a block or so away.

The cookies sure were good.  I can use the writing paper too.  I think may be the next time you should wrap the cookies a little tighter in the box so the crumbs won’t get over everything.

It was good to talk to you yesterday.  Made me feel a lot better.  My feet are giving me a little trouble again.  Well I have to close now.  I will try to catch you up on what I am doing.  I need to.   I need the springs to put in my pants so they will hold out and look neat .
All my love,  Ted

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

March 16 - 19, 1953

16 March 1953

Dear Folks

Well I got two letters from you tonight.  Didn’t get any Saturday.  I was on KP Sunday from to .  Didn’t have to work long hours on Sunday.  We got to eat all we wanted.  I filled up.

I went to bed early last night.  About and went to bed Sat about , didn’t do much at all.  This morning we got up at , had breakfast and left for the range at and got there at .  I told you wrong the other day, tomorrow is our last day.  We fire for record then.  The M1 sure is a good rifle.  Kicks a lot, about like a 12 gage shot gun.  It’s a 30 cal repeater, the shells come from Lake City.  They are marked LC-52.  I think Jan made the 30 carbine, which is smaller.  We will have that in a couple of weeks.  A carbine is an automatic rifle more like a machine gun.  The 30 carbine rifle is smaller than an M1 too.  We got back early tonight, I also got a ride on the ammunition truck.  I helped load it.  Then I just got in the truck with the rest of the guys.  I was picked for the detail.  I just moved in and acted like I was supposed to be there.

My cold is going away fast.  I feel a lot better.  My feet hurt me occasionally but I guess that is natural.

I didn’t get to go to church tonight because the poster didn’t say what churches the chaplains were going to be in.  I was tired besides, didn’t feel like cleaning up.

Donald Underwood got back yesterday, he was gone 10 days.  I talked to him some tonight.  He is going to be transferred Thursday.  He will probably start his basic all over.

Is that Maxine the girl that worked days on Joe Dores line and did the book work?  What did they do to her?  I can’t remember anybody that worked nights and wore dark glasses.  I will be glad to see the union paper.

So I guess Richard has gone by now.  Guess he left this morning.  I don’t know if they will put him in the signal corps or not.  They usually put guys with A1 profile in the Infantry.  He might get it if he is lucky and they need anybody in that line.  He could get sent to a signal corps outfit not far from here.  Ft Orde, Calif. is about 100 miles away. 

Well I have to shave and clean my rifle and get to bed early. 

Did you ever get that money order that I sent you, you never did say.  Well I guess I will write a letter later in the week.  Tell everyone hello and all the guys at work.
Love, Ted
PS  Let me know how much money I have in the bank.

Tues.  March 17, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad

Well we just got back from the range today.  I fired 227 out of 250.  I think I made expert.  You have to make 220 for expert.  I haven’t heard anything yet.  I rode back in a truck tonight.

Today is the day we eat K rations.  We have them 2 times a month.  They give us a can with 3 round crackers, a cookie, powdered coffee, milk and sugar, and jelly.  The other can may be beans, hamburger and gravy or anything like that.  I went to the PX and got a sandwich and some milk later.  I can’t fill up on the other.

We had mail call tonight but I did not get any mail.  That is about the first time I missed on a week day.  Probably get some tomorrow night.

A guy had a nervous fit on the range today.  Took about 6 men to hold him down.  They finally tied him up with belts and took him away.  I heard an officer tell another that they put him in a padded cell.  He has had 2 or 3 fits before.

I fired this morning and got to coach in the afternoon.  Each fire man has a coach.  There is just one other guy that scored as high as I did that I know of yet.  He fired with me.  He is in my platoon.  We are going to have classes tomorrow and then Thursday and some more targets. 

Well not much more to say now.  Guess I will clean my rifle and shave and then get to bed.  I will write again tomorrow.
Love, Ted

Thursday.  March 19, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad

Well I had a little time so I thought I would write.  I got your letter about Jan.  That sure is something.  I don’t know exactly what I could do in the army as far as the law is concerned.  I don’t know where to go to talk to anyone.  I would have to do it at night or Sat afternoon.  May be you could write to the them and may be  they would call me or something.  A letter from home is more impressive.

We had classes on Wed and carried field pack, leaned how to put up our pup tents.  The pack sure is heavy.  My self and that other guy got the  highest score in the Btry  227 on the rifle.  We went out today and fired at silhouettes of people for practice and then tomorrow we go out and fire at moving targets like that from different places.  Roof tops, fox holes, logs, etc.  We will have 30 seconds to shoot and hit. 

It rained today most of the time.  We didn’t stop.  Put on our ponchos.  We got wet anyway.  We came back to the area and did physical training in the rain.  Hope I don’t get another cold.

The other morning we were going out across the parade ground sometime after .  There was a big burst of a bright light.  It cam from the east.  Everyone flinched a little bit but didn’t pay any attention to it.  It lit up just for a second, a real bright light.  Later we found out it was the atomic blast in Nevada.  They told us about it.  We didn’t hear an explosion or feel a concussion.

They are going to give out passes this weekend.  I don’t know whether I will get one or not.  I don’t care much. 

We have to learn our general orders.  I don’t’ them yet.  They give an article 15 for not knowing them.  You have to know them for guard duty and to get a pass.  I know a few of them.  I never was much good at memorizing anything.

I got a letter from C.S. worker.  He invited me to church on Mon night.

That sure is nice you have a new car.  I would like to see it.  Hope I can in April.  If you come out I don’t know how much I can see you at night.  I may be able to get a pass for the weekend that you are here and see you a little while at night.  What were you planning on driving and where all were you going?

We had some classes about different divisions in the army.  Was dad in the 1st Calvary Div.?  That is the only Calvary left.  They are a combat infantry team now.  No horses or anything.  It is an old out fit.

We will start our 4th week of training tomorrow.  It isn’t to bad.  It is rough enough and you keep busy all the time, never get caught up on anything.  I hope it doesn’t get to hot here in the spring.  It gets as hot as 115 and 120 in the summer. 

Let me know what Anthony Tarwater’s address is.  I will look him up when I find out.  He will have an address something like mine.  Is he the young Tarwater that worked for Charlie Cahple?  I got your papers, they were interesting.  Haven’t had much time to read them yet.

Well I guess I will close for now.  It is about time for the lights to go out.  Let me know the news and what Jan does.
Love, Ted

Friday, June 16, 2017

Korea Letter March 14, 1853

Saturday.  March 14, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

How is everything at home?  I got off about 1200 today.  I went to the PX this afternoon and bought some things.  This morn we double timed across the Parade Grounds at an angle and had a class.  Then we came back the same way.  We changed into our class A uniform and helmet liners and marched out on the parade ground to see a parade.  There must have been 50,000 marching.  Sure was a sight to see.  They were taking moving pictures and there were some generals here.  Don’t know what it was about.  They decorated some one for something.  We just watched.

I went out on the firing line yesterday and the day before and shot.  Worked a ½ day in the target pits and the rest of the day firing.  We go out Monday and fire for record and our qualifying as an expert, sharpshooter, or marksman.  I am going to try for expert.  It is interesting out there to see how everything works.  Everything is done just first class and neat. 

We get up about and march out about 4 miles over the hills etc.  We leave camp about , we get back to camp about   We eat our meal on the range.  Taste good out there like that.

My face and hands are getting tan from the sun and wind.  Everyone is that way.  I weighed today and am 162.  I am just about over my cold.  Still have it a little.

I have to go on KP in the morning, Sunday.  I hate to because I was going to catch up on some sleep and writing.  I got a letter from Daisy and 12 3 cent stamps.  I will try to write her a letter when I can.

Our squad and 3rd squad changed floors with the 1st and 2nd squads today.  I am upstairs and have a single bunk.  I like it upstairs but it is wormer in the day time.

I took my shirts and one Ike Jacket to the cleaners the other day.  I am going to have my Ike Jacket worked on so it will fit me better.  I had a 38S at first but it was to little so I traded with a guy who had a 40R.  It was better but still too big.  If they do a good job I will send my other one.

How is Snapper?  I would like to call you sometimes.  I thought about a week from tomorrow.  I should be able to talk then.  I got a call last night, I guess it was Margie.  I didn’t take the call because I couldn’t talk good enough and besides it was from the orderly room.

Some nights when we get in late they won’t let us go any place.  Fri night is hard to get away also because that is when the army has their GI parties all over the country.  They always have inspections the next morning. 

I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.  I had another shot for something the other day.  I went on sick call again one day.  Didn’t do me any good.  They just gave me some aspirin and cough syrup.  I have slept good for the last two nights so I feel better.

I have some pictures in the PX being developed, will send them when I can.  I hope you come out to Calif on your vacation.  I guess I could see your part of the time Sat and Sunday.  There sure isn’t much here, just barracks all around a parade ground a mile long on both sides and at both ends and around the barracks there are mountains and hills.  Some what like the mountains in Arkansas. 

I am on my third week of basic now as of yesterday.  Not sure what we will do next week after we spend Monday and Tuesday on the range.  Will try and let you know.

There is a boy from Oklahoma who bunks on my right and a couple of farmers who bunk on my left in a double bunk, just thought I would tell you.  Well that about all I can think of now, oh by the way I haven’t seen any C.S. workers yet.  They may have come here before we got back at night or something.  I doubt if I can go to church Monday night either, won’t get back from the range till and church is .  I am going the first chance I get though.  I didn’t know C.S. had medals for dog tags.  The card was interesting to read..

Well I sent my clothes to laundry the other day.  Sent 25 pieces for a dollar, not to bad.  Saved me a lot of time and they get pressed too..  I have two extra pairs of dungarees and bought a pair of socks today.  I have needed more of them.  The wool one we wear with our boots cost 55 cents at the PX.  I seat a lot and all over smell rotten and dirty.  Everyone else don’t get to take a shower but once or twice a week.  Too tired and don’t have time.  If it gets hotter here we will have to.  Do you think you could send me a small box of cookies and candy that would keep.  Well not much more.
Love, Ted

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Korea Letters - March 2 to March 10, 1953

Monday March 2, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well how is everything?  I got your letters you mailed Fri and Sat and the news paper.  Did they ever put anything in there about me?
I never put oil in my car yet.  Might as well put 10 weight Pennzoil in it.  You might as well plan on letting it go in a month or two.  Did you make a payment on my car, income tax and insurance?  Let me know and let me know how much I have left.  Take out the 40 dollars I owe you for Snapper too. 
We had classes on different things this morning.  It wasn’t bad but this afternoon we double timed to the other end of the parade ground (one mile) for a map reading class.  It is sure hard for me because my feet hurt me quiet a bit.  I can hardly stand to walk on them.  I still have a cold I can’t seem to shake.  If you go on sick call you have to have to leave from the orderly room and then they might keep you at the hospital.  If you stay more than three nights they put you back a week in your basic training.  That makes it much longer before you can get home. 
I am to be barracks orderly tomorrow.  That will give me a chance to rest a little.  I cough at night so much I can't get any sleep. 
We are getting up at 4 A.M. and fall out at 4:15 and then go back and clean the barracks till we eat and then go back till 7:00 or later and then we start out classes.  Don’t get to bed before .
I might fall out on sick call Wed if I don’t feel better.
Thanks for the stamps.  I am sending you four special del stamps back, how about some more air mail and 3 cent stamps?
Well it is about .  I have to close for now and try to get my boots shined and shave.
All my love,  Ted

Tues March 3, 1953

Dear Folks

Just have time for a short letter.  How is everything?  So you had quite a snow in K.C.?  Weather here is good.  Cold at night hot in the day time. 
I got your package.  Thanks a lot.  I can use the cigs and gum too.  I might not use the soles if I get refit on my boots.  I have two pair in the ones I wear to work in.  My feet are about the same.  I didn’t sleep last night because I coughed so much.  We got up at   I stayed in to be barracks orderly today, got to rest my feet but had to clean up around here all day, had to stay busy.  I may fall out in the morning on sick call if I don’t feel better.  I hate to do it.
They had classes today on how to pack your field pack and equipment.  I have to find out from the boys.  Keith got a pair of barber clippers from home today.  I let some of the boys cut my hair.  Looks fare for the army.
I got a letter form Carl Huff.  I am going to write him when I get more time. 
Well write me and give me the news.  Don’t send me any of the pictures I send home, want to keep them there.
I heard that Archie is home on leave but will be going to Korea.  Have you seen him?
Well I will write again tomorrow or sometime.
Love, Ted

Saturday Afternoon March 7, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I guess you wonder what happened to me.  I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write at all.  I have been getting your letters, OK. 
I guess it really snowed in K.C.  It has all most been hot here.  Nights are still cool.
We have been getting up a every morning.  This morning we got up at   We clean our barracks and then go to classes.  We don’t get to bed before .  Last night it was , we had so much to do. 
I haven’t been sleeping very good because I cough a lot.  I wake up all the time.  I can hardly talk.  About all I can do is whisper.  I was barracks orderly for one day and fell out for sick call on Thursday.  I went to the medic and tried to get something for my cold.  All they gave me was a small bottle of cough syrup.  I told them about my feet. They said they couldn’t do anything for me.  They did give a slip for new boots.  So I can go to the quartermaster and get all my clothes changed that don’t fit.  My Ike Jackets didn’t fit and they did not have any so I am going to have the ones I have altered.  My boots are 8 ½ EE.  Still feel wide and big, but 81/2 D was too tight.  My feet have straightened out quiet a bit.  Still bother me a little.  My cold is the worse thing. 
We had classes yesterday on the M1 rifle all day.  We got restricted this afternoon about .  I am too tired to go anywhere anyway.  Only slept about 2 hrs.  A fellow is going to the post office here.  I am going to send this letter with him, may be you will get it sooner.  Will write tomorrow.
Love, Ted

Sunday March 8, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper

Well I got up this morning about and ate breakfast.  I went to the PX yesterday and drank a beer.  Didn’t taste too good because I was so tired.  Keith and I started back and stopped at a tree way out in a field.  We lay under it and took nap.  It was the first time we had been alone sincse I had been in the army.  We came back had dinner and then went to the barracks.  I lay down and slept.  We were off restriction but I didn’t go any place.  I slept till about 10 and then I went to bed.  I still don’t sleep good because I cough.
This morning I have been sewing patches on my clothes.  I don’t think I can get them on neat.  I am just going to put them on a few and then let the cleaners do the rest.
I have so much to do I don’t know where to start.  Line my clothes in my locker, sew patches, dye a pair of boots, shine my mess kit, etc.  I sure wish I was close to home so I could see you once in a while.  It wouldn’t be so bad then.
I heard this morning that Donald Underwood went home.  I guess he is already home now.  I had not seen him for a day or two but didn’t think anything about it.  His father in law died.  When he gets back he will be put in another out fit.  Probably start his basic over. 
I bought 2 shirts and 2 pants, they cost $10.  I can send part of them to the laundry now.  I can wash my white things. 
I feel a little better except for my cold.  I read the Sentinel once in a while.  Have the bible the Chaplain gave us but I haven’t read it.  Christian Science services are on Monday nights.  One week they are at one end of the camp and the next week at the other.  I am going if I can get away.  I keep the little slips you send me in my billfold and read them every time I get a chance.
They paid me the allotment for Snapper.  It was a little less than a month, next month they will mail a check.  It should be for $51.30 I think.  You won’t get it for about a week or two after the first of April.  It is made out to Jan but I should be mailed at your address.  They will come regular after the first one.  They always give the first check to me, after that I won’t see them again. (I have it already) 
Glad to hear you are saving your money for a trip to Calif.  When do you think you are going to come out?  Better let me know a while a head of time.  Don’t plan to come out now.
Thanks for the air mail stamps.  I mail them air mail.  I mailed one yesterday from the Post Office.  You should get it sooner. 
Don’t know what I will do today.  Work mostly on my clothes and rest.  Will write again the first chance I get.
I forgot to tell you I slipped off with our corporal and Keith and went to the show Thursday night.  We got out of work.  We had to pay his way and buy him cokes.  The picture was good.  Bob Hope and Mickey Rooney played in it., they were MP’s.  I forgot the name of it.  We saw it once and wanted to go, the corporal wanted to stay and see it again.  We slept through it the second time.
Love,  Ted

March 10, 1953

Dear Dad

Just received your letter.  Didn’t get here any faster than regular air mail, don’t know why.  I have been busy and can’t find much time to write.
Our barracks hasn’t been clean enough (the whole Btry) to satisfy out 1st Sergeant.  So we get up at now instead of   I don’t get much sleep coughing and everything.  I am dead tired at night.  I was bad last night and went on sick call this morning.  They gave me more cough syrup, aspirin, and gargle stuff and sent me back.
Margie wanted me to call her last night but I couldn’t have talked to her.  I haven’t written her either.  I wish you would tell her they are really pouring it on us now.  Our CO is tired of everyone having colds so he is sending us to bed at .  He gave everyone sulphur tablets too.  My feet are in good shape now.  I double time 1 ½  miles and they hold up.  I get a little short wended because of my cold.  Basic is just about what you said.
Well I just have a little while till I have to be in bed.  I will try and write you more when I get time. 
We have been having classes on our M1 rifle (loading and aiming etc.)  We will be on the firing range starting Thursday for a whole week. 
Call Margie and tell her why I haven’t written more.
Love, Ted

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Korea four letters from Feb 27 to March 1, 1953

Friday, Feb 27

Dear Mom and Dad
Well I thought I would start a letter.  I won’t have time to finish it.  We just had our first day of basic.  Most of it was class lectures on most everything - tradition, military justice, courtesy, etc.  We had 3 shots today.  Didn’t bother me a bit.  We will take some more later.  My feet were sore this morning.  Couldn’t hardly  move.  I haven’t got the mail yet.  The mail call is about 6:30.  Hope to hear from you.  They are starting to get rough on us over the barracks.  We have to GI them tonight.  Move everything out and clean them from top to bottom.  Wax the floors etc.  Our clothes and field equipment has to be in order and in the right position. Won’t get to bed to early tonight.  We are still restricted to the Btry.  area.  Probably will be for another week.  Well we just had mail call.  I got two letters from you and one from Margie.  That was a nice check from Westinghouse, didn’t take to long to get it.  Pay my bills with it and make a payment on the car.  If I need any money I will write you for it.  Use what you want too.  You asked if I see the boys.  Underwood and Keith and I are in the same Btry which is 4 platoons.  Keith and I are in the 2nd platoon and sleep right across from the isle from each other.  We are always together.  Charles Kurt was separated form us when we first got here.  Haven’t seen him sense.  He was next to me on the end of the picture you got.  Keith was on the back row.  Underwood wasn’t in it.  Underwood is in the fourth platoon.  We see him in the day and at night.  But we are right together.  All 4 platoons go everywhere together – 212 men altogether.  Well I feel good except for my feet and my cold.  If I could straighten them up I would be all right.  I could take what they dish out easy..  I am doing it good now.  Well will try to write you Sat and Sun.  I get your airmail the next day after they are postmarked.  I mail a letter at night here.  It probably doesn’t leave here till the next day sometimes.  Let me know how log it takes you to get them.  I am just going to put 3 cents stamps on the letters.  You probably couldn’t get it before Monday.  If I am in a hurry for something I will send a wire or air mail.
Lots of love Ted
How is Snapper?  Hope he gets over the measles ok and gets back to school.
I appreciate you doing work for me mom.  I feel a lots better.  I am going to church as soon as I can go.  They have services on Monday night.  Yesterday when we were marching and double timing I thought I was going to fall out once.  I repeated to  myself what I knew and made it all the way back with less trouble even though my feet hurt.
Love Ted
P.S.  Margie just called me again.  She wants to come out here.  I can’t make her understand that I can’t find out anything and there is nothing out here.  Explain that I am restricted and in the army I can’t  do what I want to do.  They won’t let me make a phone call or go anyplace just because I want to.  She calls me, I have to go the C.O.’s office and use his phone.

Sat Feb 28, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad
Have some time tonight so I thought I would write you a line and send you a set of pictures I took.  I was paid today, $70.  I didn’t get paid for a full month for my pay or my allotment.  Why don’t you take the 40 dollars out of the bank.  I will put this in the bank here when I get a chance.  I want to have money here so I can have it in case I get a chance to get home etc.  You should get a check from them after the 1st of April.  Still have a cold and my feet hurt me.  We had an inspection today and I told them about my misfit clothing and I will get to change them this next week.  Have some more mail to send so will close and try to write later.
Love  Ted

Sat Feb  28, 1953

Dear Snapper
I thought I would send you a letter and let you know how I am.  Hope you get over the measles ok.  How are you doing in school?  I hope you do good and learn something.  I have been training and learning to be a soldier.  I am sending you a shoulder patch like I ware on my uniform.  You can have grandma put it on one of your coats and you can ware it.  I got this one just for you.  Write me a letter and let me hear from you.
Love  Daddy

Sunday March 1, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad
How is everything at home?  I wrote you a letter last night but guess you will enjoy getting this one too.  I didn’t do anything last night to speak of.  Wrote letters and played Black Jack.  I won $2.  Everybody had money because they just got paid.  Some colored boys took a young kid from the farm for all his money with dice.  He didn’t know anything about them.  He will be broke till the end of the month now.  I won about $1.50 at craps in Camp Crowder the day we left.  I lost about a dollar at black jack last Sat night.  Donald Underwood won about 12 dollars last night and Keith lost 6.  If I start to loose I get out.  I have won more than I have lost.  We played till 10:30 last night, the lights went out then.  Our corporal played with us.  I went to the PX a little earlier in the evening.  I bought things I needed to put in my foot locker for display when we have inspections.  I am not going to use that.  I spent 5 dollars and didn’t get all I needed.  I couldn’t hardly go to sleep last night because I coughed for a long time.  I hope I can get over it before to long.  I use to have a single bunk but I had to double up because some more boys came into our squad.  Martin the boy I sent a picture of and I bunk together.  I took a upper bunk.  I like it better than a lower.  It’s wormer higher up too.  Martin kind of sticks by me.  We got up at 6:30 this morning.  Had 2 eggs and bread for breakfast (and coffee)  That is all I felt like eating.  I went to the church today again.  The service is different than you would find in a regular church.  The Chaplain talked and had hymns and a collection.  There is no one faith, all are present.  The Chaplain is a Southern Baptist but the service is just a regular service.  I came back and washed my clothes, some underwear and two pairs of dungarees and socks.  I put my name in about 8:00 and got to it around noon.  I hung them up over my bunk and layed my dungarees out on the foot locker and used my comb to press the wrinkles out and then hung them on coat hangers.  It is about 4:00 now.  I may go to the show tonight if they have a formation.  It gets lonesome  here on Sunday and Sat night.  I felt a little home sick today.  It rained a little this afternoon but cleared up now.  We are going to eat about 4:30.  Wish I could see you once in a while but I guess it will have to wait.  Hope I get some letters tomorrow from you.  I didn’t get any Sat.
All my love  Ted

Monday, June 12, 2017

Korea...two letters

Tuesday Feb 24, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper
Well we had mail call tonight.  I got 2 spc.Del. you mailed the 21 and 2, Margie mailed the 22 and one air mail dad sent on the 23.  Funny they all got here the same day.  They might have been holding them here.  It only took a day for the one you sent the 23 to get here.  Sure was glad to hear from you.  The pictures of me weren’t very good.  I got your stamps.  That sure was nice of you to send them.  
I have felt better this week except I have a cold and it seems to get worse.  My feet hurt and my knees are a little better but it doesn’t hurt too much but when we double time or run I can hardly make it.  We doubled timed for a mile today, the whole Battery, to a class.  
I have been taking pictures now and then of this place; will send them when I can.  I ain’t got use to this weather here.  Glad to hear everything is ok at the plant.  
Donald Underwood is in another platoon from me but still in my Battery.  We got too go to the show last night.  Don and I were together.  I see him all the time.  His mother seems nice.  We saw The Apache at the show.  I saw it once before.  The shows they get at this camp are old.  They are usually new around the other camps I hear.  They were at Crowder.  Some of the boys were going tonight but I am going to stay in and write some letters and take care of my cold.  
We haven’t done much here except dismounted drill and manual of arms and so forth.  They took our pictures today.  It will cost us 3 dollars.  They give us a book of pictures on our training with it.  You would probably like it.  
We are going to start Basic Thurs. or Weds.  It will get rough then.  Guys that mess up now for something or another have to dig 6x6 holes all night or till they tell them to stop, 10 to 25 push ups, run around the company area or buildings.  March around a tree and guard it.  I have been lucky so far.  
Our cadre leader is a Negro.  We were laughing at a guy marching around a building, changing steps.  He saw me smiling at him and he made me do it.  I did it for a ½ hour.  He forgot I was doing it.  Some one else made me stop and go with the rest.  You can’t argue about anything.  The army isn’t too bad except for not doing what you want.  You never have any privacy or anything.
The food is good usually.  Not as good as Camp Crowder though.  I have had one meal here I wouldn’t eat – rice and meat.  They are kind of tight with the food here.  They won’t make you eat what you take so far.  
They have different training periods.  Some training takes 8 weeks and some times for 16 weeks.  If you go for 8 weeks you usually go 8 more weeks in some other branch of the army.  Like the engineers or quartermasters, truck drivers, etc.  The 16 week cycle is usually men with 1A physical profile.  That means 1 class shape.  They all are put in the Infantry.  That is the 16 week training.  They are always physically fit and have a good IQ.  I don’t know what I am going to be in.  Some of us will be taken out at the end of our 8 weeks and go in for something else.  Some of us will stay here and be in the infantry.  The guys around here that are finishing the training are getting a 10 day leave and then going overseas.  Half are going to the Far East and the other half to Europe.  Maybe the war in Korea will be over before long.  
Well sure do miss you and love you.  Glad to get the letters and hope you keep it up.  Won’t do much good to send any Spec. Del.
All my love Ted

Thurs Feb. 26, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad
I got your letter tonight that you wrote Monday.  I start my basic tomorrow.  
Today we marched out to the Range Station and worked a detail.  I got to ride around in a jeep with a corporal.  We checked telephones.  In the afternoon we nailed targets together.  We marched all the way back.  I didn’t think I was going to make it.  We doubled timed over part of the way and back the same way.  The hills and double time was the hardest.  My knees and my ankles get weak, they are hurting tonight.  I think it is because my boots are big.  No one else’s seems to hurt them.  
I didn’t want to sell my tool box.  They cost 35.00 now.  I won’t be able to buy another one like it for as cheap as I got that one.  I told you I wanted to keep it.  You keep the 15.00.  I can’t cash it any where out here now.  I don’t need anything anyway.  I should have got more for that box anyway.  Well not much more to write.  I think I will go to bed in a little while.  Will write again.
Love Ted

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Letters from Korea, A World Away

The following are letters now archived at the Missouri Historical Society.  They are letters from my Dad, Teddy Stone McAnally that he sent home from basic training and Korea.

Feb 10, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,
I ended up leaving KC about 4 P.M on the KC Southern.  Arrived at Camp Crowder about 8:00.  Had dinner on the train.  Good food.  It was raining here when we got off the train.  They gave us blankets (3,) two sheets and a pillow.  That is about all so far, nothing to do but go to bed and sleep, it’s about 9:00 now.  
I forgot to tell you to change my insurance on the car.  Change it to the Chevy.  It wont cost as much either.  
I guess I’ll write tomorrow or the next day when I know something new.  Tell Snapper hello. 
Love Ted

(post card)
Feb 12, 1953.  Thursday morning.

Dear Folks,
Everything OK so far.  They feed us good and gave us plenty of clothes yesterday.  
I talked to Margie.  I plan to call you tonight.  
I got up at 4 A.M. this morning.  No reason for it.  We had to wait till 6 A.M. to eat and fall out at 7:00 again and go to different places for processing.  
My boots are 9 ½ D.  I dyed them brown last night and polished them.  
The lights go out at 9:00 in the barracks.  
I went to the show Tuesday night, felt a little homesick this morning.  
I don’t know where I will go from here.  I hope I go to Ft. Riley from here so I can see you once in awhile.  
All my love   Ted
P.S.  Don’t write me here.

Feb 13, 1953

Dear Mom, Dad, and Snapper
Had a little time this morning so I thought I would write you a letter.  
We haven’t been doing anything much except process ect.  We got up at 4:00 this morning and I am waiting to go to breakfast.  I don’t know whether I can get home Sat or not.  I haven’t got my uniform yet, it is at the cleaners.  
I sure do miss you.  I hope I get sent close to home so I can see you once in awhile.  Ft. Riley or Ft. Leonard Wood would be good.  If I can’t get there I probably won’t see you for a while.  
I tried to get some Valentines but they were sold out.  So I guess I can’t send one home to you.  
The army isn’t so bad itself it is just the idea that you can’t go home or do what you want.  Well not much more to say now.  
Margie may be down tonight and if I can get a ride to KC I will come up.  I will write you again later on.  You had better not write me any more letters here because I will be leaving here most likely the first of next week.  Some of the guys get sent all over the U.S.  
Lots of love   Ted
How is my boy Snapper 

Monday Feb 16, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad and Snapper
I have some time this morning so I will write you.  
We got up at 5:00 this morning, had breakfast and mopped the floors.  The boys that are shipping out are not doing anything but playing cars, sleeping, etc.  
I wrote Margie a letter and sent Jimmie Miller a card.  I feel a little better today.  It was harder to say goody by this time than last time.  It was the best two days I have had.  I really enjoyed being with you.  Why don’t you have Margie come out once in awhile?  We got to camp last night about 9:30.  
Had a good trip.  Ate at Boot’s Drive-In in Carthage.  I went to bed as soon as I got here. (at 10:00 that is)  You might send me another book of stamps when you write.  They buy them in a machine here at Crowder.  
I don’t know what it will be when I get to Roberts.  I will write you as soon as I get there.  I will write along the way if I can..  
We are going to fall out at 3:30 P.M. and take a bus to Springfield and get our plane.  I am not sure of that yet.  I will let you know.  
Well not much more to say now.  I will write again later.  
All my love Ted

(post card)  16 Feb. 53
Dear Mom and Dad
I left Camp Crowder about 5:00 and rode to Springfield Airport on a charted bus.  I was supposed to leave there at 10:00 on Continental Airlines but they changed our flight and I boarded about 8:30.  I called Dad and I could not get Margie.  
The engines on the plane would not start so I got off and called Margie again.  I am sorry Mom I didn’t talk to you.  I will write you again in the air and have it mailed. 
Love Ted

(post card) Feb 17, 1953

Left Springfield at 9:45.  Stopped in Tulsa for about 30 min.  We are now flying straight through to LA, non stop and should arrive in LA at 4:30 A.M.  It is just now midnight .  Going over New Mexico, can’t see a thing but lights.  Just ate another steak, Pepsi, roll, milk and coffee. 
 Don Charles and myself are sitting together, Bill Keith is in the plane to follow.  I will mail this on the plane.  You will probably get it from LA.  Write later 
Love Ted